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All-Region 2017: Ohio Valley (D-I Men's)

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Post-Regionals Thoughts:

1st team

#21 Codi Wood (PSU) - …POTY?

#41 Marc Sands (PSU) - Marc really deserves this. He played out of his mind at regionals & left it all on the field despite his injuries. Peep the regionals highlight video when it comes out, it’s probably all the convincing you’ll need.

Michael Ing (Pitt) - by far and wide the most dominant player on Pitt at sectionals & regionals. He’s the new face of this Pitt team.

Jonah Wisch (Pitt) - watching from the sideline, you can just feel how much energy and emotion Jonah brings to his team.

Carl Morgenstern (Pitt) - I’ve watched Carl play for a long time now & he’s improved so much in such a short period of time. He’s the kind of player who can get lost in the recognition because he just does everything fundamentally sound. 100% deserves their callahan nomination.

up for grabs - pick from below

up for grabs - pick from below

2nd team

#20 Graham Walker (PSU) - Graham was instrumental to all of our key breaks in tight games this weekend. He’s got the pedigree. It’s his final year. Give the man some love.

Ethan Fortin (Villanova) - regionals was the 1st time I had ever seen him play - all the hype in these threads is real. He made some unbelievable plays in our pool play game vs Nova. Despite their low finish at regionals, this guy deserves some recognition.

Keegan North (Cincinnati) - I have played against North on High Five in the past but he truly shines on the field for Cinci. Really crisp throws, handler movement & defense in our quarters match up.

Tarik Akyuz (Case Western)

Jack Slevin / Saul Graves (Pitt) - pick one

Dude they call pockets (OSU) - what’s his real name? Also played on High Five

up for grabs - pick from below

Other players to consider:

#17 Alex Liu (PSU)

Jack Slevin / Saul Graves (Pitt) - whoever you didn’t pick
Jake Rovner (Case Western)
Kyle Fischer (Lehigh)
Jacob Turner (Cincinnati)
Max Shepard (Edinboro)

Note: I don’t know much about the players on Lehigh or WCU but they should get 1-2 spots above.
Players from Akron? - pulled off some crazy upsets this weekend.


FOTY - #28 Colby Gordon (PSU) - Watch the film. Watch the highlights. The hype is real. As someone who’s been in the region for 6 years now, I would be very surprised if another freshman made a larger impact on their team this season.

#18 Christian Pilla (PSU)
#10 Travis Terrell (PSU)

Hey Glen Smithberger, Coach of West Virginia here.

I know that the spots of all region may be generally reserved for teams who make Regionals but I wanted to advocate for a few of my players.
For starters, our Rookie of the Year and defensive MVP was Dom Ross who should be considered for the freshmen team. He started all year adding his speed and intensity to a very young line. He matched up against some of the better members of other teams and frustrated them to play differently. Normally seen not wearing our teams jersey but a huge reason our defense did so well.
The second mention goes to Dan Fisher or “Fish” who is graduating this year. His ability to be a handler and captain the team this year helped bolster our O line when we lost some guys unexpectedly. He’s unbelievably consistent and helps the team stay level headed. He unfortunately missed the game to go at sectionals due to work but his presence was felt all weekend.
Lastly I’d like to mention Matt Sabato or “Wheels”. Normally found in a handler position striking up field on offense but at times also switched to give our dline the extra set of hands to help break to get back into a game. He complimented our team well and his field awareness is incredible. He had a stellar season but look for him to be even better next year.

Good luck to all those mentioned.