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All-Region 2018: Metro East (D-I Men's)

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(eyoon13) #21

I agree with everything said here so far. I’d like to highlight my teammate from RIT, then others from the region. This is Eric from RIT.

Bryan Bausinger: Definitely one of the fastest kids in the region. Always takes the other teams fastest player and makes their life hell with close bids all over the field. I’m probably a little biased since I play with him but I think he’s one of the best defenders in the region.

Rest of the Region:

Brendan Chin - Where would UofR be this year without Brendan? Someone has to be able to throw it to Pat and that someone is usually Brendan. In all seriousness, Brendan probably one of the best pure handlers in the region.

Michael Harley - Quarters of regionals against Cornell, he was dropping dimes.

Lito - His absence is felt when he is not on the Cornell D line. He is big in the air, and plays tight on the unders.

Stony Brook
Ben Sokolowsky - The most fun match up at regionals I had. He is a consistent thrower. Quaterbacked the Stony Brook offense, distributing the disc to his cutters and then usually getting it back.

Sadly I didn’t get to see any of both Rutgers or UConn this year.

(noahigra) #22

(DISC)LAIMER: I am a player on Columbia’s Ultimate team (AKA Uplo).

Our team isn’t at our best, but I didn’t want that to cost some of our better players the recognition they deserve:

Danny Siegal #51
While Danny looks like the least threatening matchup on the team, he constantly destroys people deep and on defence. A reliable deep cutter and our go-to guy when the team needs a hero, definitely one of the better players in the region.

Oscar Kohut #2
Our main handler. Honestly our cleanest offensive points are just Oscar full-field hucks to Danny (above) deep. Knows ultimate, and is known for setting the teams pace throughout the day.

Jimin Ko #7
Jimin will always say that he’s a cutter, and then will handle for the rest of the season. He’s one of our best players and as captain really showed his skill carrying the team.

It’s hard to be more specific about these three players’ specific qualities because they really did it all for Uplo this season. They played almost every single point of every game out of necessity, and carried us when it was needed.

Added a photo because no one knows who we are.
From left to right: Jimin, Oscar and Danny

(dean_kli) #23

I’m Dean, one of the Captains from Rutgers Machine, you’ll probably remember me as that idiot who doesn’t shut up on the sidelines for cheers. Anyways I’d like to give my take on the best players in the Region.

#23 - Uconn (Initiation cutter)
#14 - Uconn (Center O line handler)

Stony Brook
Benjamin Sokolowsky: He ran the offense for this team. Playing against him at both Sectionals and Regionals provided a challenge for us because he was so efficient with the disc. He’s got great hucks and has the ability to break the mark with ease.

Jojo: This man is a force to be reckoned with, he will make play after play and will never get tired. He also has the ability to go in the back field and take over points as well.

Victor Kao: He has such great break throws and vision that is super hard to even put pressure on him. When called upon, NYU relied a lot of Victor to get their offense moving.

And now for my teammates:

Dyllon Jeng: Matching up against Dyllon is so frustrating, he is the fastest player on our team and will take off deep at any moment. He is also so protective with the disc that he hardly ever turns it over. You can see Dyllon boxing out guys who are a foot taller taller than them or even skying them too. He is our D-Line machine, he will bid for anything and has picture perfect layouts.

Bobby Puhak:
Plays with so much passion and intensity that he will get what he wants on the field. This year he took a step in the right direction by completing hucks down field. One can only imagine what Bobby will add to his arsenal in the next year.

All-Freshman Nominations:
Kalman Carmel: Coming in with experience from CHS, Kalman adapted to our system quite nicely. He often took some of our hardest match-ups only as a freshman on defense. Kalman also has some of the nicest layouts I have ever seen.

William Disturco: Also coming in with experience from Watchung, was Will, who became a play maker for our D-Line. Taking hard match-ups and then skying everyone, Will has a bright future.

Brian DiNicola: Coming in with no previous Ultimate experience is Brian. He showed up to one of early pickups and then skied everyone in only sneakers. Brian has come a long way since the Fall and I haven’t seen a transition like this happen so fast. He dominated the skies for our O-Line.

(zane) #24

Hey what’s good. I shouldn’t have won POTY last year—I’m not very good. It goes without saying that this year I shouldn’t be on an all region team, since we finished last in our section. Give votes to the Wally guy on UConn and something Murray who lays out well.

S/o to my babies, the actual best players in the region, Oakley Richins, Charlie Coburn, Andrew Huang, Kavin Sivakumar, Victor Zhou, Dylan Baroody and Matt Lefebvre.

(nascoober) #25

Hi all, Nadeem here, junior on Princeton Clockwork. Although we did place last in our section, it is important to note that the majority of our starters were injured or unable to make sectionals. As such, I would like to emphasize several players that have driven our team to success in recent years, save this year’s sectionals meltdown.

  1. Zane Friedkin - Zane won POTY last year for the Metro East, and although he claims this to be undeserved, I would argue Zane is one of the most technically sound players in the region. He won FOTY several years ago, and has been first team every year since, and this year should not be an exception. Our team’s performance does not adequately reflect his capabilities as an ultimate player, as others in this thread have already mentioned. Zane is still one of the best players in the region, and I hope the awards show that.

  2. Charlie Coburn - Charlie is our most well rounded player. He is a force to be reckoned with in the backfield on both offense and defense, has huge pulls, and above all else his spirit and good sportsmanship are unmatched. Charlie also won FOTY, and although he has not received all-region recognition, I believe his consistency and good spirit should not go unnoticed.

As for other players in the region:

Stony Brook - Jojo and Ben Sokolowsky should receive some recognition. They are versatile players that make the most impact on the field for their team.

Rutgers - Dean and Bobby are two guys who just won’t quit on any point. They are superb athletes and should be recognized. Dean in particular is a very spirited player, and a pleasure to play against.

Cornell - Didn’t see him play this year, but played against him last year/in highschool: Spencer De Roos is a stud on the field, making his presence known on a team filled with fundamentally sound players. Shank said it best, dude’s got a “kill mode.”

UConn - Best team in the region by far. Take your pick with these guys, no doubt they will make up a significant portion of the all-region list.