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All-Region 2018: North Central (D-III Men’s)

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(trms7) #22

I’m back again to try to say a bit more after conferences/regionals. I still suffer from a less than stellar memory of specific players, but here’s what I got-

Michigan Tech- McCann. Yeah. I’ll also say that #6 for them played well. Not sure about all region, but he was athletic and on the receiving end of stuff from McCann a lot.

GOP- Hard for me to say much about them due to the jersey situation, but they were just an all around great team. I’m sure they have a few deserving all region guys, but I don’t know who they are because they all end up looking the same in those shirts. The only guys that stick out in my mind are a guy with a mini Bob Ross haircut who had great throws but traveled just about every time he moved, as well as someone with dreds that made some big plays. Again I’m sure there’s more, but those jerseys plus my subpar memory of guys from other teams isn’t a great combo. Gotta give a shoutout to them for being one of the most spirited teams in the country too. Always fun to play against them.

St Johns- We didn’t end up playing them this year, but I know from past years and from seeing them play here and there throughout this year that Tyler Meyer is still an awesome player. I think their results this year hid his talents a bit, but it’s definitely worth mentioning that he’s still one of the better players in this region.

St Olaf- They had a couple guys with good deep throws. Don’t remember numbers, but I’m guessing some of them have been mentioned here already. I heard they don’t have any seniors this year? It’ll definitely be worth watching them over the next few years, they were a better team than their 8th place finish would suggest.

Lastly, coming back to my Luther squad quickly. We have a handful of guys that should be in all-region discussion, but #27 Owen Schleif and #44 Jon Lovagnini cemented their honors this weekend. #20 Chad Messerich is one of the guys that should be in the discussion, but I have to highlight again that he’s only a freshman- Get him on your ballots for FOTY.

(aidanclem) #23

Player for St. Olaf here- I think you’re probably thinking of Drew Otterlei, #81, and Grant Marolf, #5. We had a tough regionals, which was a disappointing end to our season, but you are correct in saying we have no seniors on the team this year, so we’re really excited for next year, especially with a strong freshman class (including a U-20 worlds tryout invitee) coming in for 2019.

(john112) #24

If you want to compare notes I’d be willing to and hopefully, that will help me put a name to a player. Love hearing different opinions on players from the region

(mmassad) #25

Is there a way to DM on this forum? I’d be happy to send you my email or cell number

(john112) #26

can’t find any way to DM on here so I’m not sure if that’s possible

(mmassad) #27

Bummer… Well just email me and I can hopefully identify people: mmassad@carleton.edu

(mcreech6) #28

After playing in both conferences and regionals this year and getting a good look at the teams I feel I can now confidently nominate some fellow lufda players.

#27, Owen Schleif: He runs the show with incredible patience, throws, and playmaking ability. For how much he had the disc in his hands this season it would be very easy for him to turn it however he had the ability to stay cool and take the shots that the team needed and the ones that were open. If it was not for him our team would not have been what it was.

#24, Henry Craig: He is easily one of the best defensive cutters in our region. Any assignment you give him whether it be a quicker, smaller cutter or a guy you just throw it up to he can slow down and stop them. Then on a turn he still has the energy and ability to get open consistently and make solid throws with the disc in his hands. He is one of the most complete cutters I have seen in our region.

#20, Chad Messerich: He should be a lock for freshman of the year the guy stepped in and against even our toughest match ups could get open under even if that is what the defender was trying to take away. He has great quickness and hands and is already one of our most dependable cutters and along with that is very composed with the disc in his hands once he gets it. One of the best freshman I have seen all year.

Finally I just wanted to say this region has a bunch of great players and teams and even in the more heated moments everyone was able to stay cool. Next year we gotta get this region the amount of bids it deserves because we have more talent than just 1.


(BigNeebs) #29

Just a quick breakdown of the best players on the teams we have played at regionals this year and my thoughts on potential all-region players

-Tall guy nicknamed “Rook” was a tough matchup and pretty scary in the air. If his nickname rings true and he is a freshman, then he has a promising career ahead of him

-It has already been said, but due to the whole lack of numbers situation thing it is difficult to remember players. The guy with dreads was a beast and even after watching him the whole game I couldn’t tell if he was a handler or a cutter. They also had a rather tall man who was wearing a GOP hat and caught at least 3 or 4 deep bombs on us. Trucked a guy too. Big fan.

St. Olaf:
-#81 Drew Otterlei, dude was crazy fast and crafty with super solid throws and decision making. Their best player in my opinion
-#3 Austin Brown, tall guy that was shifty asl and caused us some issues deep. Dangerous cutter and hard to matchup against.

Michigan Tech:
-McCann. Is. Pretty. Alright. He is a lock for all region team and if you disagree you need to watch the dude play again.
-#6 Franklin Uganski. Ultra fast. Gave me the most trouble out of any cutter at the tournament. Bailed out McCann countless times. Dude was a beast.

I am sure they are other solid players but these were just the guys I noticed that we played against. Excited to see what this region holds for next year :slight_smile:

Luther: (Bias)

#44 Jonathan Lovagnini or JLO, should be a lock for all-region. Great throws, layouts, cuts, bone-structure… he has it all.

#27 Owen Schleif, once again should make the all-region team. Plays and acts like a salamander that just happens to have crazy nice throws and shutdown handler defense.

#24 LUFDA <3

(loftygiraffe) #30

After watching West Plains Conferences and Regionals I feel I can now offer some insight on some of the many great players in this region.

Not quite sure on names so I’m referencing the ones identified in here

Tech #17 Brendan McCann: A lot has been said already so to not be repetitive I will keep it short. Player of the year for this region, seriously there is nobody better. Have yet to see anybody stop him. Heard he is coming back next year, which means that the competition in this region is going to be incredible.

Olaf: #81 Drew Otterlei: Has great cuts and throws, St. Olaf would not be the same without him. He is a freak athlete and should be getting your all-region votes. He carried Olaf all year with his high IQ and ability to run his defender all over the field. He is a top 5 player in the region hands down. On a team with no seniors, he is going to lead Olaf and a strong supporting cast back to another strong season and hopefully a strong regional tournament.

LUFDA: #20 Chad Messerich: This kid is only a freshman and is already worthy of all-region consideration and at the very least a lock for FOTY. Having watched him at two tournaments now I can confidently say this. He works his defender all game getting open whenever he wants, not many players in the region were able to stop him from doing what he wants as a cutter.
LUFDA: #44: JLO Best player on this team by far. Was a force that nobody could stop on the O-line putting the team on his back at times. Big throws and big bids. He was electric all weekend and the second best player in this region. He could easily go both ways for his team as he is an excellent defender. He is very deserving of all-region and look out for JLO and Chad Messerich to be giving teams a huge problem next year and making this region the strongest one.

All Region:
Brendan McCann(POTY)
Drew Otterlei
Owen Schleif
Abe Eichner
Chad Messerich
Alex Stumphauzer

FOTY: Chad Messerich