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All-Region 2018: Ohio Valley (D-III Men’s)

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Rye here from the earthworms.

Ryan “Vernon” Bukovsky from Jefferson is a fierce offensive talent who can beat you with his throws, his handler cuts, or by taking you upfield and beating you deep. If you figure out how to limit him in one way he just switches modes and starts beating you some other way. Very talented player and the go to guy for Jefferson at sectionals.

Lucas Richie From Haverford is a constant presence on the field always applying pressure to just the right places in defenses to make them break. He combines impressive athleticism with perfect throws and the kind of safe but creative decision making every player strives for.

Jordan Acker from Haverford is also a nearly uncoverable presence. with lightening fast and clever cuts he’s a nightmare up field. He’s also very savvy with the disc, creating very few turnovers and opening up space.

Alden Daniel is the rock of Haverford’s offense. If you’re looking to disrupt them he’s the player you have to pressure on. He has the throws and the cuts to make big plays but more often then not was happy to just keep the offense flowing, getting open, hitting his open guy, and then getting the disc back again.

Now for some Swatties.
Alex “Badger” Jin Is an awesome offensive threat. He will reluctantly make the perfect decision every time he receives the disc but will make sure you know he saw that hammer look and wanted to throw it. He has almost unstoppable breaks and knows when to use them as well as a very creamy flick huck. He’s the kind of handler that any cutter wants throwing to them and every defender hopes won’t throw to the person they’re defending.

Sam “Waterbear” Gardener May have never been covered on a single undercut his whole playing career. I can know exactly where he’s going and it does absolutely nothing to help me stop him from getting there. He combines his effortless and incredibly consistent undercutting with a zero turnover decision making. He can also get it done on D with a fierce mark and a terrifying presence in the air.

Max Franklin Where do I even start with this guy. He is the anchor of everyone of our best offensive points and the heart of every one of our best defensive points. Any throw to a player he’s covering is never as open as it seems. He leads our team in layout blocks and forced turnovers, also probably hand blocks. On offense his around backhand is literally unstoppable and his hucks can make anyone open. I’ve played with him for two years and he can still do things that make me think “wow, how did he do that.”

Vinay Keefe With the best flick hucks in all the land this dude is a no brainer for the all freshman team. His handler cuts are so quick there might not be a single person who can cover him except maybe himself. He can light up an offensive possession with his cuts or his throws and take the steam out of any opponents offense with his lock down handler D.

Kastan “Senco” Day We’re officially not aloud to play in DC because this dude can jump so high he ends up in the protected airspace. Whether he’s flexing his textbook cuts, his pinpoint flick hucks, or his uncanny airbouce backhand to space, this dude will fill the heart of any defender with despair.

Muha Haque As our savvy veteran handler this guy is always getting it done. Whether he’s throwing pinpoint blades that fill both teams with fear, using his sneaky inside flick, or roasting defenders with cuts any defense is happier when he’s not on the field.