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All-Region 2019: North Central (D-I Men's)

Who are the best players in the North Central region? This is an open thread to discuss All-Region nominations, All-Freshman nominations, coaching awards, and more. Stay positive and keep it civil.


You already know what time it is…








If Grand Maester Eisenhood tries to shut down our North Central uprising, we infiltrate the South Central Men’s D1 board. The North remembers!
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The big three right now


I will speak only for Lake Superior D1 as Wisconsin is superior…and I dont know that many players from other conferences. I am not giving out numbers, because I am rooting for all these players to destroy everyone(but blackcat) and dont want any secrets to be revealed. If you want to learn more find me on blackcat’s sidelines at regionals.
All-Regional Team:
Nick Vogt(Hodags)-Hate to see him on the field when we are playing against him. Smart, athletic cutter that manages to get so open you don’t even notice he has a defender. Will lead the Hodags to the success they earn.
Jeff Maskalunas(Hodags)- Dominant presence on the field. A 6’4" athlete that has the ability to throw around players. His experience and well rounded talent makes it hard to shut him down.
Eric Blais(Birdhouse)- This man literally took a damaged, sick team
of almost savage 9 Marquette players and dragged them to their bid to regionals. He plays through injury, tiredness, and a literal brick wall to win. Layout ds, lockdown handler defense, commander of their offense, ruler of their sky, the one that makes the other team yell shooter. He is the reason birdhouse is in the top 100. If anyone deserves an all-regionals spot, it is this machine. Watch out for him in club.
Dylan Power(Subpar)- Only in his second year, he is already running the team at whitewater. You saw him play wildfire last year, playing radicals this year. He breaks zone apart with quick movement, excellent in the air, and looking to be a good team leader for a team that is very much so in a rebuilding year.
Will Casperson(Blackcat)- He will scare the poop out of your body, into your pants. Just wait to see him fly at regionals. Proud of my player, if you want to see his strengths, watch him at regionals.
Pip Johnson(Blackcat)- One of the smartest players in the college game right now. He can break down what needs to be exposed and totally annihilate your team. Proud of my player, if you want to see his strengths, watch him at regionals.
John Tan(Hodags)- Highlight reel after highlight reel. Sometimes I get bored of playing against him and watching him go deep. From club to college, this is the most true deep-deep I have ever played against.

Freshman All-Regional Team
Jackson McCausland(Blackcat)- Don’t forget this name. He has already been in love with the game for years. Has beautiful throws and is faster than every single person who guards him. Pulled a chest high bids out of nowhere on more than one occasion. If you play him you will see him. If he does not make the all-regional freshman team I will know for a fact your system is flawed. He would be playing an active role for any team in the nation.
Charlie Benforado(Blackcat)- Already one of the leading deep threats for this team. Madison West alumni that is a very intelligent, athletic cutter. He will sky you. He will be one of the best. You don’t want the disc in his hands either. WHATCHOUT.
Andrew Erickson(BadLUC)- An incredible hander coming into a team that is looking to grow. Continue to keep an eye on him. He has incredible throws and is already stepping into a leading handler role for this team. Has some learning to do to be the guy, but he is already breaking zones and taking names.

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…is this a joke???


Today We’re asking players to decline the all-region honors earned in the absence of Michael ‘The Worminator’ Wormley. Please see the attached letter.

as it became clear The Worms graduation bars him from considerations for all region, we attempted to slide into the DM’s of likely All-Region nominees and commit now to not taking The worms spot.

we await the day where these players have the chance to beat worm on the field but until he has a chance to defend his spot, others should not take it.

as we await each players response we share the letter with the greater community.

We hope every player in the North Central region and college ultimate in general will commit to not accepting Wormley’s spot.

Questions, concerns? let us know. please feel free to reply to this comment and me or my associates will try to respond when we can.


Andrew Erickson *ericson

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