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Announcing The 2016 URCA Conference

URCAThis post is sponsored by the 2016 URCA Conference. Thank you for supporting the brands that help make Ultiworld possible!

Learning from the best minds in ultimate used to require good fortune or many years of ultimate experience. But the Ultimate Results Coaching Academy Conference is making it possible for anyone to learn to be a better leader and coach.

Led by Melissa Witmer and Ultimate Results, the third annual URCA Conference is set to begin on Monday, August 29th, and continue throughout next week. You can sign up to learn from top coaches like Mario O’Brien, Ren Caldwell, Ben van Heuvelen, Manisha Daryani, and Ultiworld’s own Keith Raynor. Talk topics include “Stack Talk: Understanding Three Common Offensive Sets,” “How To Generate Buy-in And Commitment,” and “Simple Ways to Create an Athletic Team Culture.”

You can sign up for free and watch talks live or buy a VIP pass to gain access to the talks anytime and get tons of extras like presentation notes and bonus downloads.

For more information, read our URCA Conference article from last year. This year’s URCA Conference is sponsored by Savage Ultimate.

And sign up below for a chance to win a VIP pass for FREE!

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Woot! Commenting to increase my VIP pass odds. Also, apparently I’ve missed this happening the last 2 years, but very cool. I attended the USAU Players & Coaches conferences in Boston several years ago, and am still reaping the benefits from that experience. Intrigued by the online format.

Also commenting to increase chances of VIP, but I plan on attending anyway! I’ll be going into my first coaching gig, so I look forward to learning as much as I can.