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AUDL Food & Beverage

I’m curious to know what kind of food options exist at AUDL games around the country. Madison is famous for their list (which is even better this year). New York’s options tend to be strongly determined based on where they are playing and aren’t inspiring.

Do the teams near you offer good food? Beer?

Here was last years menu for the Jacksonville Cannons. Food was usually very good, some of the items would change in and out from game to game. The guy that owns this restaurant ran the food venue. I believe he’ll be doing it again this year but can’t confirm.

Whenever I go to Cascades games it tends to be different every time. Usually they have 1-2 food trucks come in to the stadium and just sell it like that. I’ve seen everything from Jamaican food to donuts.

MN Windchill usually plays games at High School or College stadiums, when at the Hopkins High School they just have the normal school concession stand open and sell that stuff. When they were at Concordia College last year I’m pretty sure they just had a shade tent set up with a grill and coolers slinging hot dogs and chips and pop. Pretty basic, and since they’re on dry campuses they can’t even sell beer. Food Rating: C