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Deep Look: Bad Bids, New Rules, AUDL Champs, Pro-Elite [Presented By Layout Ultimate]

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Charlie Eisenhood discusses the Laurel Oldershaw injury, the need for better enforcement of bad bids, the upcoming USA Ultimate rules update, the AUDL Championship weekend, the Pro-Elite Challenge, and the All-Star Ultimate Tour.

Deep Look Bad Bids

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Here’s my article about the “best ruleset” for ultimate.

Originally published at: http://ultiworld.com/2016/08/03/deep-look-bad-bids-new-rules-audl-champs-pro-elite-presented-layout-ultimate/

Didn’t a Pitt player get red-carded (2x yellow) in 2015 Nationals? I vaguely remember Bama Secs posting a video clip of it happening. I think it was in the game that they were eliminated from contention. Other than that and the one Charlie mentioned, I can only think of hearing about 1 other USAU ejection, but not sure who/when it was.

Tyler Kunsa against UCF in 2015. and yes, you’re correct, that game did send them home. That is the only time ive seen an ejection in person. I’ve heard of observers ejecting 2 or 3 others but I wasnt there.

@ceisenhood Some of the rule changes you suggest seem like they would require a change to the preface of the rules, which seems like a much bigger ask than merely changing the mechanics of the rules.

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