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Disc Diver Finds Orc In Oregon - Is It Nate Sexton's?

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Originally published at: https://discgolf.ultiworld.com/livewire/disc-diver-finds-orc-oregon-nate-sextons/

Jared Leisek of Adventures with Purpose is a scuba diver who chronicles his river and lake “treasure” hunting excursions on his YouTube channel.

Recently, he merged a couple of his hobbies by diving in a pond at the Hyzer Pines disc golf course in Sisters, Oregon to search for abandoned discs before throwing some holes himself.

Of the 11 or so discs he found in the pond, the most interesting was a pre-flight number pearly white Innova Champion Orc with the name “Nate” scribbled on the back. You know what pro has deep Oregon roots, likes to throw old champ Orcs and has the same name? Yes, it’s obviously Nate Sexton we’re talking about.

Disc Diver Nate Sexton Disc

Now before you jump to conclusions about what this guy does with the discs, his next step is to call any number on the discs, then he will take a pick through, but anything he doesn’t want or doesn’t get claimed he donates back to Sisters Sports and Recreation District who runs programs for kids. So back to the story.

“Nate” of the Orc did leave a number, and we watch as Leisek leaves a message for the golfer. The viewer is not treated to a reunion on the video with the person called but because we’re curious and needed to know we reached out to Nate Sexton ourselves to see if he got the call.

“Nope, not mine!” Sexton texted us.

Welp, the conjecture was fun while it lasted. Let’s hope “Nate” got his disc back – those old Orcs not only look great but fly like beautes too. You can see the camera girl getting some throws in with it.

(MrLeisek) #2

Thanks for the write up.

Nate Wagner is the name on the disc.

Still have it should he ever call me. :grin: