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Freshly Minted Dime: Heist's Georgia Bosscher Won't Be Denied By A Handblock

A handblock is no deterrent for a big backhand assist from Madison Heist’s Georgia Bosscher. Check out this amazing sequence from the Elite-Select Challenge.

It’s this week’s Freshly Minted Dime, brought to you by Mint Ultimate Gloves.

Freshly Minted Dime: Heist’s Georgia Bosscher

Originally published at: http://ultiworld.com/2016/08/19/freshly-minted-dime-heists-georgia-bosscher-wont-denied-handblock/

In the huddle
-Look, that’s breakside. You can’t let that off.
-Are you kidding me? Obviously, the Lord wanted that throw to happen.