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PDGA, Dynamic Discs Announce Largest Worlds Payout Ever

The PDGA and Dynamic Discs announced that, thanks to donations from the governing body and the tournament host, the payout for this week’s Professional Disc Golf World Championships will be the largest ever in the history of the event.

The total purse will come in at $130,000, with $10,000 going to the Open division winner and $5,000 allotted to the Open Women’s champion. For comparison, the 2015 winners of each division pocketed $6,000 and $2,500, respectively.

Pro Worlds kick off tomorrow in Emporia, Kansas.

Originally published at: http://discgolf.ultiworld.com/livewire/pdga-dynamic-discs-announce-largest-worlds-payout-ever/

How are the Open vs Open Women’s divisions structured? Can women compete in the Open division? Either way, why the prize disparity between divisions?

Looks like the PDGA announcement via photo posted to Facebook has a bit of conversation (including trolls) about the inequality. https://www.facebook.com/pdga/photos/a.183433388317.127356.5913668317/10154014473378318/?type=3&theater

I don’t see any official response/explanation, but the prevailing commenter thinking is that more men are paying tourney registration/entrance fees so the pool of available money for prizes is higher. The interesting thing about that hunch is that the announcement clearly states the source of funds are “donations from the PDGA and Dynamic Discs” so unless the PDGA donations are directly funded by the event’s own entrance fees, the ideas don’t quite match.