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What are the best gloves?

I was wondering what gloves you guys prefer to use and why. I’ve been using friction gloves for a little over a year now and I’ve noticed the grip is starting to wear. I’m not sure if this is normal but I’m planning on getting another pair.

So I was wondering what gloves you guys use and what are the pros and cons.

What I’ve used so far:

  • Friction Gloves 1.0
  • Mint Gloves 1.0
  • Layout Gloves

So far, I like my Layouts the most. The differences between them all are pretty minimal, save the Mint’s that use a pretty different leather type of material, but their affect on my throwing has been pretty similar. The Layouts, however, just feel the best with a combination of sizing, shape, and material use. If (and when) I lose them, I’ll likely buy them again instead of trying out something new, which is what I’ve done after losing my Frictions and Mints.

I wouldn’t mind using/having any of them, though.

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How is the breathable are the Layouts? My hands always get super sweaty wearing my friction gloves.

Not entirely sure yet. I’ve only used them in chilly Portland weather so far. They seem similarly breathable compared to Frictions. Maybe I’ll wear them today at goaltimate when it’s ~68 degrees and get back to you?

Thanks for your input, I’ve been waiting for more reviews on the Mint and Layout. After ripping through countless pairs of frictions, maybe it’s time to change!

How does the sizing compare? I use XL Frictions and I think I would even go a little bigger if they had it…

I have big hands as well. The new friction gloves have a 2xl, I believe, but I haven’t tried those.

Those Mint gloves run the same sizes that Under Armour football gloves do, so I simply went to a local sports store and tried on pairs until I found something that felt right, and the Mint gloves ended up being well-fitting.

I ordered the Large Layout gloves as sort of a test. I’m not sure that it’s a 100% perfect fit, but it’s good enough for me to use comfortably, so I’ll stick it out.


Thanks, that’s helpful. Where did you see Friction 2XL? I can only see XL on their store, which is what I’ve been using. Were you refering to the Layout Gloves? They do have 2XL, and I’ll try them.

Hey Colin, the gloves will add a layer of warmth (as any glove would), however we use a very breathable mesh backing material to help keep your hands from overheating! Check us out! www.LayoutUltimate.com. Use code ‘Ulti10’ to save 10% off your order.

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Thanks @ga325! Check us our at www.LayoutUltimate.com. Use code ‘Ulti10’ to save 10% off your order.

I’ve used Friction Gloves for a year now, Home Depot Gorilla Gloves before that. I like the Frictions, they’ve held up pretty well. I would recommend them.

Awesome thanks! I’ll look into it!

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You prefer the Friction Gloves over the Gorilla Gloves? I’ve only used Gorilla Gloves, and I think they’re pretty good.

Now that I’ve had the Layout gloves for a few months, here’s a brief review:
They are thick. To elaborate, they are sturdier than Frictions, which is good because I tend to rip Frictions after a few layouts. But it’s also somewhat negative because they affect your throwing more than Frictions (but that’s only my opinion, people disagree here)
The velcro is a bit stronger than Frictions.
They are grippier than Frictions, at least in dry conditions.

I’m a big fan of UltiPro gloves. Extremely comfortable and all around a good buy. Sizing is good. I have had mine for about six months and never look back. Here’s where I bought my pair:


I just got an email that they are doing a sale at the moment with the discount code “20OFF” for 20% off any purchase. Hope this helps everyone!

I have a review up about the Layout and Friction gloves. Never used the Ultipro gloves but will check them out. Mostly looking for gloves related to discgolf but typically find what works for ultimate works for DG. Check it out here: Best Disc Golf Gloves -PDGA Approved

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