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Youth Club Championships Preview, Presented By CUT Camps

Originally published at: https://ultiworld.com/2016/08/11/youth-club-championships-preview-presented-cut-camps/

With 76 teams headed to Blaine, this could be the biggest, most exciting edition of YCC yet.

Just wondering at the lack of coverage with the Girls and Mixed Division in comparison to the Boys? I coach a mixed team and I had to send them without me to the tournament and I was hoping for something more in this article but instead it focused severely on the Boy’s teams…can we have some equal coverage going forward??

As someone who competed in this tournament for three years I am disappointed by the lack of coverage of the women’s and mixed divisions. Gender equity in the sport needs to be a larger part of this sport and it can’t just come from movements like GUM. Ultiworld is the main source of news for many new ultimate players and stuff like this gives the undertones that males are more important than females in this sport

The 2015 Mixed Division Final was one of the greatest finals in recent years which DC SwingVote won despite being down two points. So yes, maybe the next time around we can dedicate a few more paragraphs to the Women and the Mixed Divisions. At WJUC Worlds Scott Dunham went to video the USA Women’s U20 games to ensure that all young women would have access and be able to witness top level play from teams around the globe. In order for these movements to thrive and grow we should consider having three different individuals who are the most qualified to each submit a analysis of each division.

If you’re concerned about mixed and girls coverage, stop blaming other people and step up and do it!

I did a write-up on the U16 girls last year and Charlie was happy to have the coverage, Ultiworld tried to get someone to write up an article on the U19 girls last year but couldn’t find someone. This year I’ll be trying to livestream the U16 girls instead of writing, but if someone reading this wants to see some girls/mixed coverage, email Charlie and write it yourself! Ultiworld has contact info for people like Hallies_Dad and myself who would be willing to edit and suggest background info if you’re unsure whether you can by yourself.

Can you post the livestream links / your Periscope or other account username here so we can follow along?

For now, if you go to livestream.com and search for YCC 2016, we have one game of U19G and one game of U16G available. I have another U16G game recorded on livestream, but I’m still trying to figure out how to “publish” it to the public. This is all new to me. :slight_smile:

[Added Later] The U16 girls videos are at:

The U19 girls videos (and a few of Team Japan at WJUC) are at:

One of the games got chopped into 4 parts, btw.

They’re not the greatest quality, but they’re watchable, so enjoy. :smiley:

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The problem with this is that it puts the responsibility on the groups that are being shut out, when it really should be on Ultiworld to demand equal coverage from its correspondents. I do understand the frustration with the lack of people stepping up to provide the content, but when an article is titled “Youth Club Championships Preview”, I expect equal coverage of all divisions. If there can’t do a pool by pool breakdown for every division, then there shouldn’t be that kind of breakdown for just one.

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