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2017 Cal Poly SLO Roster

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Cal Poly SLO’s Nate Pettyjohn. Photo: Kevin Leclaire – UltiPhotos.com[/caption]

Here is the 2017 roster for Cal Poly SLO.

Bold indicates captains. Italics indicate rookies.

Aaron Shi
Ian Sweeney
Brennan Bryant
Caleb Merriam
Camden Reynolds
Cameron Wariner
Dillon Whited
Alec Bandler
Matt Ferrari
Joe Gagliano
Jeremy Dolezal-Ng
Justin Ting
Andrew Lam
Nate Pettyjohn
Sean Liston
Slater Levy
Sunghoon Chung
Aidan McCoy
Hudson Stuck
Conor Schofield
Jake Biancur
Matt Ryan
Gabe Ghirrann
Theo Watkins

Coach: Peter Raines


Simon Krauter
Daniel Hoffman
Chris Cogswell
Thomas Konogeris
David Hirschey
Jonathan Chianglin
Tim Okita
Joel Anton

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As far as club players go your main ones from SLOCORE are

Ian Sweeney (Polar Bears)
Caleb Merriam (Runtime)
Dillon Whited (Inception)

As for rookies their accolades are
Conor Schofield (Red Dawn YCC)
Jeremy Dolezal-Ng (Happy Cows YCC & U20)
Justin Ting (Seattle Mixed & U20)

Also worth noting is that a lot of the SLOCORE vets(like 5 or 6) played for a club team called Dauntless last summer, I couldn’t find any team like that searching but I wouldn’t be surprised if they existed.