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All Region 2016: Atlantic Coast (D-I Men's)

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Who are the best players in the Atlantic Coast region? This is an open thread to discuss All-Region nominations, All-Freshman nominations, coaching awards, and more. Stay positive and keep it civil.

Aleck Zhao, a rookie at Johns Hopkins should certainly be considered for All Freshman. He is one of the most consistent handlers in the region as a rookie and is a sick defender to boot. He consistently makes highlights plays and also can throw it out of the park when needed. Plus he has a positive attitude (as seen here!


Matt Carter from George Mason is definitely worthy of All-Region. He really started to burst on this scene this year with epic layouts and huge hucks. Last summer he played on AMP and now he’s heading to the AUDL. This kid is the real deal and anyone who has played GMU probably feels the same. Check out this play from our trip down to Southerns.

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Zach Sabin, in his final year at Johns Hopkins, is affectionately known by crosstown rivals, UMaryland, as “the freak”. Most teams have a tall, athletic player they like to stick deep for help, and Zach has never failed to consistently sky that player in game. With the most Ds, scores, and assists on the team, Zach has shown an overall effectiveness everywhere on the field. He is extremely agile for his size (6’5) and his disc skills are incredible despite the fact that he could probably thrive on athleticism alone. Zach, by all means, is a game changer in every game he plays.

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Colonial section thoughts

1st team candidates
Nico Lake- Runs the offense extremely well for Georgetown, has all the breaks, chooses his hucks well, takes a lot of tough matchups on defense as well. Composed leader with great spirit on the section champs. Played for AMP and currently on the Breeze.
Max Cassell- Shoulders a heavy load for Maryland, can initiate the offense from either downfield or the handler position, often takes the toughest matchup on the other team for defense. Very aggressive thrower with massive flick, can sometimes maybe overshoot which leads to problems at times. Great spirit and good leader.
Kyle Johnson-Jonathan Neeley put him on b team two years ago. Basically unguardable as a cutter, has gotten dangerous in the air and never stops running. Gets blocks for us as well, uses his big flick to throw goals after the catch. Definitely the nicest guy on the field at all times as well.

2nd team
Langley from American is super talented, heard he was hurt but can really put that team on his back at times asked to do a whole lot for them.
Troy Holland- really good in gtowns offense, super fast and from what I saw took really good smart shots.

Honorable mention/for the future
Small handler on American is really hard to guard, good breaks and really moves the offense well. Basically acted as an every other guy.
Number 7 and 30 (box?) on Georgetown. Both really great athletes who gave our team a lot of trouble. Know how to use their athleticism really well, do good work on the turn. Box catches a lot of filthy goals.
Josh Weinstock GWU- only a sophomore he will be the future of this team. Caught a lot of goals in big games throughout the season. Really fast and improving technically as a cutter very fast, solid throws as well.

Matt Scallet from GWU really improved our team, Georgetown seems like they have 5 coaches so I don’t know who to give credit to.

Joe Freund from V-tech. Key player on an almost bid earning (come on guys) team. Really good combo of speed and size, and frisbee knowledge and skills, I would say head and shoulders above everyone else in the region most likely. I don’t really know who’s a freshman in my section.

Jack Williams seems like a lock to me, big time player on the best team in the section. Looks to have expanded his role in the UNCW offense.

My top 14 in no particular order from AC

Aaron Warshauer (UNC)
Matt Gouchoe-Hanas (UNC)
Vikram Sethuraman (UNC)
Xavier Maxstadt (UNCW)
Jack Williams (UNCW)
Matt Mason (UNCW)
Charlie Lian (UNCW)
Max Cassell (UMD)
Dom Gibson (VCU)
Tyler Monroe (GWU)
Jake McGoogan (NC STATE)
Niko Lake (Georgetown)
Antoine Davis (VT)
Zach Sabin (JHU)

Disclaimer, I know very little about JMU, and to an extent, VCU and William and Mary.

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Tyler Monroe from GW has to be considered for all region. Simply put, we go as Tyler goes. He has worked tremendously hard to get into better shape and has sharpened his decision making. His defense is underrated and I have yet to see a college player shut him down.

The conversation for All-Region starts and ends with UVA Night Train’s Evan Kerwood Hurley. To say that Hurley has been instrumental to Night Train’s success this season would be a colossal understatement. Hurley loves the Night Train system even more than George R.R. Martin loves killing off characters. His two career layout D’s show just how willing he is to sacrifice his body for the good of the team. If you doubt his throwing prowess or his ability to catch pulls, look no further than his Callahan video.


from the colonial conference at least

GWU-Tyler Monroe–throws 10/10 dime pieces
GWU-Kyle Johnson–never stops running–telepathic connection with handler Tyler Monroe

UMD- Cassel–bomb throws, plays great d as well
VCU-Dom Gibson–shutdown defense

Honorable Mention:
GWU-Andrew Lennon–one of the best huckers on the team

William & Mary made a point of trying to play out of region teams this year, so I am going to throw in a word about some of our players who really deserve some recognition, and then mention some others who I’ve seen this year.

Josh Armitage, 10 - a senior and a multi-year captain. He looks like one of the most unassuming players on the field but is an absolutely versatile threat on the field. He is the kind of player that can not only play offense, defense, downfield or behind the disc, but excel in filling those roles. He is obviously talented, just as many players in the region are, but what sets him apart and is his best quality, is that he makes the players around him better (which I think is the greatest compliment you can give a player) by putting them in a position to succeed and making the plays needed to bail them out. He’s an underappreciated leader who has quietly been one of the better players in the Atlantic Coast for a few years.

Pat So, 16 - Pat just makes plays. A dynamic thrower (https://youtu.be/K1dysDYRgDs?t=337) and an athletic defender. When he is on, he can dominate points at a time and take over a game. As a club player, I have had to start bringing my cleats to practice to guard him at practice to really try to test him.

Henry Trotter, 57 - A downfield threat because he can flat out sky. A more recent convert to playing ultimate, after being a soccer player for far too long, Henry has improved as a thrower quicker than anyone I have ever seen. He’s a dedicated player that can be as unguardable as anyone.

A quick note on some other players -
VCU - Dom Gibson. He’s been mentioned a few other times but is so much more than just a shutdown defender. He can really do it all and deserves more recognition than he gets for turning VCU into one of the biggest threats in the region to make some noise.

NCSU - Jake McGoogan. He projects confidence on the field and directs everyone very well. Obviously a great thrower, he is a player you have to gameplan around.

Wake Forest is a new addition to D1 scene this year, having moved up from D3 in the off season. That being said, as a team that just qualified for regionals, Wake would not have had the success and season that they did without Ismael Salgado. Ish is the heart and soul of the team and is by far the most influential player on the field, for either team, in many of the games we play.

Offensively, Ish has a reputation as a dangerous deep threat, frequently skying the pants off of people several inches taller than himself. Consequently he has developed a knack for burning kids under for big gains when they try to take away his deep look. He is a confident thrower and often moves back into the handler set off of an under. Overall, an unstoppable force. (Nothing better than hearing the other team’s D-line pause for forever waiting for someone to say Ish’s number when choosing matchups.)

Defensively, Ish is a lockdown defender capable of neutralizing deep threats, cutting off central cutters from getting unders, and stymieing handler movement, throwing in the cheeky handblock every few points for good measure.

As a Senior, Ish has led the Wake Forest Men’s team to regionals as a Captain and as a player. I believe an All-Region nod would be fitting accolade for Ish’s last campaign.

Zach “Wonderbread” Sabin has worked wonders for an up-and-coming JHU team for four years. Give him the farewell he deserves.

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I’m interested to hear if any UNC or UNCW guys have any input.

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This list is comprised of individuals I have played against over this season- so it excludes quite a bit of people. Consider these guys when filling out your ballots. Does not include UNC guys.

Max Cassel (?)
Johnny Frisbee- no idea what his last name is.
Cam Barnhardt
UNCW Could’ve listed several younger guys, but these five deserve it the most.
Jack Williams (POTY)- you’re crazy if you think otherwise
Xavier Maxstadt
Jake Gallagher
Matt Mason
Erik Esposto
NC State
Jake McGoogan
Danny Schmidt
Dom Gibson
Jack Field
Nate Goff
Wake Forest
Ish Salgado- seriously give this kid a look.

-JD Hastings (UNC)

As a player in the Virginia section (or conference), I believe the talent there is largely overlooked. Of course there are some great players, but I wanted to shed some light onto a few guys in the Virginia Conference who I believe are among the best in the region.

-Nazz Spurio: Seriously such a competitor, VERY fast, and the heart of the Night Train offense
-Emilio Craddock: Tremendous throws, incredible layouts, and one of the smartest players I know
If you don’t believe me, check out our team highlights: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6xF6IGNZQZw
Nazz is the one in the first clip, who also burns endless defenders running down hucks, Emilio is the guy with the bushy hair and dope layouts.

-Dom Gibson: Athletically a freak, would undoubtedly be considered for POTY if he played for a higher profile team

-Cam Barnhardt: A mismatch for just about anyone he plays against. He is huge and has insanely good throws.

Virginia Tech
-Joe Freund (FOTY): He is going to be very good. I believe I speak on behalf of all AC players when I say it is going to be a LONG 3-4 more years of having this guy in the Virginia section.

Like I said, of course there are great players in the Colonial and Carolina Conferences, respectively. But I honestly believe that Virginia ultimate has a LOT of talent that sometimes flies under the radar. I have had the pleasure of playing with most of these guys on college or club stages (with the exception of Joe), and they are all great guys, too. Highly spirited and great knowledge of the game. Good luck voting!


Johnny Frisbee is John Lee Walden

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My list is also made up of players whom I have played against, so it excludes many people.

Maryland - Max Cassel
VCU - Dom Gibson
JMU - Cam Barnhardt
NC State - Jake McGoogan, Danny Schmidt
USC - Nate Goff
UNCW - Jack Williams, Xavier Maxstadt, Matt Mason, Erik Esposto, Jake Gallagher
UNC - Aaron Warshauer, JD Hastings, Vikram Sethuraman