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All Region 2016: Atlantic Coast (D-I Women's)

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Who are the best players in the Atlantic Coast region? This is an open thread to discuss All-Region nominations, All-Freshman nominations, coaching awards, and more. Stay positive and keep it civil.

In no particular order:

Allie Wallace (JMU)
Lisa Kowalski (GW)
Rebecca Meeker (UVA)
Keila Strick (UVA)
Brogan Jones (UVA)
Gladys Balcarcel (VCU)
Skye Whitlow (VCU)
Melanie Felix (VCU)
Klara Calderon-Guthe (UNCW)
Caitlyn Torres (Clemson)
Jenny Wei (UNC)
Sarah Burden (GMU)
Ashley Condon (Liberty)
Ashley Powell (NC State)

Caveat is that I haven’t seen too many players outside the Colonial Conference this year, but here are a few (of the many amazing women in the region) that I would like to shout out to-

Sarah Lord (UMD)- Big hucks and impeccable O-line decision-making, very difficult to shut down.
Jackie Weiss (UMD)- Speedy uplines, makes the UMD offense tick both as a quick cutter and a smart handler!
Abby Wenck (Towson)- essential cutter, cleans up everyone’s garbage and controls midfield movement for Towson.
Shannon Pace (GMU)- Faster than a speeding bullet and with great spirit; you’ll know you’ve marked Shannon if you got burned deep but still walked back to the line with a smile on your face.
Michelle Carey (Georgetown)- Near unstoppable break throws, more than willing to put her body on the line for her team.

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Michelle Carey with a layout Callahan in pool play of conferences:


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Full disclosure- I go to UMD so I haven’t seen a ton of teams outside of the Colonial Conference, but these are just some players who have really stood out to me pre-regionals. I’m sure I’ll have more to add to this list when a bunch of people step up big for their teams next weekend at regionals!

In no particular order:
Lisa Kowalski (GW): baller handler who can take over points for GW and really is a two-way player taking hard matchups and commanding the offense. She is also one of the nicest and most spirited people i know.

JWei & Parker (UNC): great 1-2 punch with a JWei being a huge threat downfield and Parker having all the throws to get the disc to her.

Rebbecca Meeker (UVA): has been a lot of fun to watch her develop as a player over the past few years and really step up this year. Very good defender, can cut, can handle, and just an all around solid player and super nice person.

Klara Calderon-Guthe (UNCW): big time thrower who uses her length extremely well. She has also really impressed me this past year with her dedication to improving her team’s spirit.

Michelle Carey (Georgetown): great work ethic and has made herself into one of the top handlers in the region. Big breaks and really quarterbacks the Georgetown offense.

Kat Ritzmann (Del): big lefty throws and breaks, takes the hardest matchup on D for Del. Really good two-way player.

Ally Wallace (JMU): big time athlete who is super fast and long and can dominate downfield cutting, but can also come back behind the disc and handle.

Abby Wenck (Towson): great cutter who really initiates Towson’s offense and keeps it running smoothly both earning unders and coming back behind the disc to throw, also a very solid defender.

And now to shout out some of my awesome teammates who inspire me every day!
Anna Lieberman (UMD): one of the smartest cutters I know and super dominant dominant downfield for Maryland doing whatever the team needs from her.

Jackie Weiss (UMD): incredibly fast handler, open upline for days. Also a very good defender and is guaranteed to tire out her opponent.

Shannon Cooper (UMD): really elite handler defender who uses her length and speed to really limit the other teams top handler.

Maria Pascale (UMD): literally an energizer bunny. Crazy fast and can run all day, also a super positive teammate.

Amy Buck (UMD): super reliable cutter who has played big points for UMD all season. Super fast, always makes the right cuts, and never turns the disc over. Will be talked about as an all-region player in a couple of years.

Maeve McKinney (UMD): long and atheltic and makes great plays in the air and can take the other team’s most athletic cutter. So much up side and is gonna kill it at Maryland for the next 4 years.

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There are plenty of teams I didn’t see - especially the Colonial teams - but from what I saw, these players stood out from some of the region’s top teams:

Jenny Wei (UNC)
Elisabeth Parker (UNC)
Klara Calderon-Guthe (UNCW)
Emily Judd (UNCW)
Ally Wallace (JMU)
Sarah Lord (UMD)
Rebecca Meeker (UVA)
Keila Strick (UVA)
Amy Wedmore (UVA)

Jenny Wei (UNC)
Klara Calderon-Guthe (UNCW)
Elizabeth Parker (UNC)
Lyla Stanland (UNCW)
Emily Judd (UNCW)
Rebecca Meeker (UVA)
Keila Strick (UVA)
Ashely Powel (NC State)
Sarah Lord (UMD)
Maria Pascale (UMD)
Lindsey Soo (Wake Forest)
All Freshman
From the players I know that are freshmen here are some of the best
Abby Kent (UNCW)
Rachelle Xu (UNCW)
Katie Cubrilovic (NC State)
Danielle Sawyer (NC State)
Maeve Mc Kinney (UMD)

Katie Cubrilovic
Klara Calderon-Guthe

Jenna Weed (Clemson)
Allie Wallace (JMU)
Gladys Balcarcel (VCU)
Mary Helen Simpson (VCU)
Lindsay Soo (Wake Forest)
Jenny Wei (UNC)
Rebecca Meeker (UVA)
Lisa Kowalski (GW)

I think Ellie Wood (UVA) deserves serious consideration for Freshman of the Year.

I can only really speak to players in the Carolina conference since we traveled out of region for most of this season.

Jwei (UNC) Such a great player that is really developing a complete game. She’s in a whole other league when it comes to deep defense, shutting down any team’s deep game if she’s on the field.

Jocelyn Keung (UNC) very smart handler that knows how to make good use of that Jwei :wink: brings a lot of patience and structure to UNC’s efficient offense.

Ashely Powell (NC State) always impressive with her great throws and very mature in her decision making. Hard to believe she’s only a sophomore, she’s definitely someone to watch over the next few years.

Katie Cubrilovic (NC State) Another incredibly impressive and mature player, and a freshman?? Definitely should be considered for FOTY. On the very windy Sunday of Carolina Conferences, she and Ashely lead some of the best upwind offense I saw from the women’s side all weekend.

Klara Calderon-Guthe (UNCW) Didn’t get a chance to see her this season, but she is always a great player for seaweed. Also want to add that overall, their team spirit has improved so much. At conferences we had a great game with them that was competitive, very spirited and fun!

Georgia Tse (Duke) Kinda biased, but she is such an explosive and dynamic handler that runs Duke’s offense. On D she consistently generates turnovers against any team we play. Look for her next year to be dominate for Duke as a senior.

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After regionals I also want to add:

Jennifer Vachon (Liberty): squirely handler with good throws that really runs the Liberty offense and a very tenacious defender. She is also one the nicest and most spirited players I have matched up against this season.

Grace Champion (American): super athletic with huge bids, skies, and hucks. She is really going to dominate next year as a senior.

There are still a few teams I didn’t get to see or play this year tho, so I’m sure there are some ballers I’m missing!