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All Region 2016: Metro East (D-I Men's)

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Who are the best players in the Metro East region? This is an open thread to discuss All-Region nominations, All-Freshman nominations, coaching awards, and more. Stay positive and keep it civil.

First Team All Region
Joe Thompson - Cornell (Metro East POTY race is between him and Wodatch. Overall great player)

_John Wodatc_h - UConn (See above)

Jaime Perez - NYU (This past weekend, had the opportunity to play against NYU twice, and both times he was major headache. Throwing flick hucks from all corners of the field and using his size to his advantage scoring multiple goals effortlessly in their endzone sets. Solid player all around.)

Andrew Auyeung - Rutgers (the last three years, seen his game evolve from being a gritty O line defender, to an reliable O line handler, to now the focal point of the Machine O line. Versatile player, when he had a handler defender on him, he would move downfield and make offense flow by cutting. When he had a cutter defender he would beat teams with his break throws. Teams this weekend had a very hard time stopping him)


Second Team All Region
Zane Friedkin - Princeton (Was the focal point of Princeton’s O line last year. Has shouldered more responsibility this year and looks even better than last year. Princeton goes as far as Zane takes them, probably one of the best handlers in our region)

Jesse Rice - NYU (Focal point of NYU’s D-line, when I was watching NYU as well as when they played against us, he was always on the other teams best defender and causing problems. Plays super physical, probably one of my favorite matchups from this weekend)

Alex Kong - Rutgers (You will probably underestimate him because of his size, but much like other small players, he plays huge. He’ll guard your best handler, constantly laying out on D. Key cog in the Rutgers D line )


I play for Rutgers Machine, and haven’t played against Uconn or Cornell this year, there are probably players on their team that warrant recognition and belong in either the first team or second team. I’m leaving the 3 spots on 1st team and 4 on 2nd team for players that I haven’t seen this year

FOTY nomination
Peter Jeng - Rutgers (#97, Peter came into Rutgers with already some very good disc skills and has seamlessly transitioned his game to the college level)

Tanner Yuhas - Rutgers (#36, New to the game but has picked it up very quickly and has been a very good defender for us)

Dean Klimek - Rutgers (#9, Another new player to the game, and has quietly been a very productive member of our O line)

Haven’t played enough teams to be able to know who I would nominate, but I can say who from teams in Western New York stood out (and I’ll plug my co-captain Binghamton, my own team, as well):

Joe Thompson (Cornell)
Connor Fortin (RIT)
Matt Sausner (Binghamton)
Dude from Toronto who was really good whose name I don’t know

Connor Fortin (RIT) - Definitely the best player for RIT. Runs the offense as their center handler and has great hucks and break throws. Will also go downfield and cut sometimes. On defense he’ll generate blocks against the other team’s best player. He’s the biggest reason RIT should come into Regionals as the third seed. Certainly deserving of all-region consideration.


Just a couple of nominations based off who I’ve played with/against so far this season.

Shashank (Shank) Alladi - Rutgers - As only a junior, has shown to be an incredible leader, both on the field and off. Shows great poise, energy and spirit which helps lift our team up when we are struggling. On the field, he is an incredble handler, with the best hucks on the team and the ability to work it down field on his own, he shines whenever he has the disk in his hands. As a starter on our D-line, he constantly shows up with intensity, skying everyone when possible and laying out whenever he has a play on the disk. Definitely someone to consider for first team.

Andrew (Crispy) Auyeung - Rutgers - One of the other captains on Machine and similar to Shank, his attitude, energy and spirit are key when considering him. A calming presence on the field at all times, Crispy leads by example and shows 110% effort when cutting, playing D, etc. Willing to layout at all times and play any role the team needs, he really does whatever it takes to put his team in a position to succeed. A gifted thrower and speedy cutter, Crispy deserves some recognition for his amazing senior season.

Jamie Perez - NYU - A leader for NYU on all levels, being loud on the sideline and a force to be reckoned with on the field. I’ve only had the pleasure of playing him twice this season (both at sectionals) and in both games he showed how important he was to the core of NYU. He scored at will and was a precise thrower in the most tense moments.

Alex Kong - Rutgers - The third captain for Machine and is the biggest example of how to lead by example. Not always the loudest voice on the field or in the huddle but always has high energy and shows it on the D-line. Lays out for anything and while he might be small, he always takes on the task on guarding your best player. He’s a workhorse who will do anything to make sure his team is on the winning side.

Note: I am a grad student who plays for Rutgers on the O-line. I’m sorry if I missed anyone in our conference as i forget names and this is the first year I am playing D1 haha. I haven’t played UConn or Cornell yet but I would’ve probably added Wodatch and Joe Thompson to this list as well.

RIT aren’t a traditional powerhouse, but Conor Fortin has become one of the best players in the region over the past few seasons and he belongs on any 1st team ballot. Simply put, he’s the best thrower and cutter on his team, has been captaining the squad for years now, and carries the offense every time he’s on the field.


I want to highlight some players that I think deserve to be considered that I have not seen yet. As a disclosure, I am an RIT captain.

Jordan Diamond (Cornell) - I matched up against him a few times for Cornell. He seems like their best pure handler. He has super solid throws, gets open for resets, and is a rock for their offense. He also played some of the best defense against me at Sectionals. I don’t know how the all-region teams will shake up, but he should be in the top 14.

Anthony “Sauce” Miuccio (RIT) - Captained RIT for two years with me. He is one of the best handler defenders in the region,…super quick, great fundamentals on defense, and has huge bids. We always put him on the other team’s quickest player whenever we want them shut down. He is a big mover for our offense as a cutter as well.

Louis Kline (RIT) - Louie stepped up huge as a leader for RIT this year, and is a big reason for our improvement this year. He is also one of RITs most talented players. He gets open all over the place as a cutter, and has great throws once he gets the disc. He is capable of guarding the other team’s best cutters as well.

Charlie Coburn (#11) is the best player on Princeton as a freshman.

Jesse Rice (NYU) is the best handler cover I’ve faced from a ME team.

Special (Steven Kahn) is a beast who plays for Buffalo. His has these gnarly hucks that he sends all the way down field- and could probably chase them down if he wanted to.

John Wodatch
Hard working player that has shown a lot of improvement. Usually draws the bottom tier defenders, and still struggles with downfield throws further than 10 yards. Made club team PoNY, simply because he kept showing up.

Mike Rice
Rice is a tall cutter who played sports in high school. Has a girlfriend

Corey Danko
Danko is good at defense, gets open with ease, and had an impressive tryout for Boston Brute Squad. He orders Chinese food every Sunday night, but most importantly, he loves his parents.

Joe Thompson
Thompson is literally the only choice. There is no one else that could possibly contest this beast for POTY. He plays on a top 100 team so that’s pretty cool.

Josh Klein
This O-Line Handler looks like an adorable teddy bear with great hair. Despite repeated rejection, he worked hard enough to finally earn a bid from a fraternity. He is a hard worker who has proved he deserves to be talked about, it’s just a shame he still turfs open side flicks.

Jaime Perez
Jamie Perez is an animal. He floats around the field waiting for a moment to strike. He is like a shark, but still a boy. He’s a shark boy. Won an oscar for best supporting actor in the Twilight Saga.

Jesse Rice
Jesse is a work horse with unreal bids and a haircut that says “I don’t care about anything”. Reminds me a lot of Eric Cartman. Jesse also has a girlfriend who’s a TA and is pretty hot.

Shashank Alladi
This kid found redemption for Rutgers this year. Shashank Redemption. But hey that was an easy joke to make. Almost as easy as it is to throw a break throw around this pile of sticks.

Andrew Auyeung
Auyeung had a scare in the early season. At a cold February tournament, Andrew played the entire tournament with no long sleeves or sweatpants running the risk of catching the flu. Thankfully the Rutgers coach assured Ultiworld that Auyeung can’t catch anything.

Alex Kong
Kong is a defensive machine. He gets D’s so much he’s got huge bag of D’s that he just carries around. His very own Dbag. Standing at 5’5” he doesn’t seem intimidating at first glance and that’s probably because he isn’t.

Connor Fortin
Where would RIT be without Connor Fortin? Seriously asking, I have no idea.

Zane Friedkin
Last year, Zayn was 30/30 on break throws into the endzone. This year he’s planning on talking to a girl. The kid just keeps rising. Zayn has been described by his high school math teacher as, “hard working” and by his mom as “a disappointment”.

No one, but their basketball team absolutely blew it in the Final Four


I play for SUNY Binghamton and only really know teams in the Western NY Conference

Tim Bobrowski (Binghamton): He is one of our captains and our best player. We went 4-0 in games he played and just 1-3 in games he didn’t as he is suffering from a knee injury. His impact for our team is huge, as he is our center O-Line handler and crosses over often to help anchor our D-Line. As a captain he has completely transformed the mentality of our team, taking us from a team that hadn’t qualified for Regionals in recent memory to a team that has qualified back to back years. He is a terrific player and an even better leader.

Nate Holahan (Binghamton): Initiates our offense every time and somehow gets open every time.

Connor Fortin (RIT): He runs that team. Solid Players around him, but he is clearly the heart of their team.

Joe Thompson (Cornell): Best player at our conferences, most of the cornell guys were very solid but he stood out.

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Hey I just wanna say I forgot to call out Tim B. as a great player. I did not get the chance to play against him this year because of his injury. I know he brought a serious attitude to Binghamton, and from what I can tell is a huge, if not the biggest reason they have been consistently at the top of our section for the last few years.

Plays with great fundamentals, and is one of the best players in the Western NY section. Maybe a better leader though, based on how I see Binghamton being run.

Tim really is an incredibly solid handler and a great guy.

Zane Friedkin - Has been bulking this year, now up to 135 lbs. Many would consider his throws Ashlin Joy-esque. Often likes to yell at himself or at teammates while on the field. Would be surprising not to see him on 1st or 2nd team all-region.

Charlie Coburn - A dynamic freshman with dope throws, dope cuts, dope ups, and dope d. Thoroughly deserving of FOTY, also perhaps spot on 1st or 2nd team. Friends with Tannor Johnson. He’s dope.

Kiffa Conroy - Kiffa is our dominant, physical, fast o-line cutter. If he’s streaking downfield, you should be worried. With great throws as well, he’s deserving of a spot on 2nd team. Once threw an absolutely lit 20 yard hammer dump. Current record holder on pton frolf course.

Nadeem Demian - Was hit by a car. All-region 1st team shoe-in (shoo-in?).

Ted Callon - Teds trill af and bids like a tree.

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Can’t argue with anything written here.

This is not funny at all

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