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All Region 2016: New England (D-III Men's)

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Who are the best players in the New England region? This is an open thread to discuss All-Region nominations, All-Freshman nominations, coaching awards, and more. Stay positive and keep it civil.

In no particular order, Emmett Blau (Williams), Hartley Greenwald (Williams), and Hansen Yang (Brandeis) stand head and shoulders above everyone else in the region. These three have played high level club within the region (Garuda and Big Wrench), and it shows when you watch Williams and Brandeis play. The disc is always going through those players’ hands, and they are always in a position to make a play, whether that’s a game changing D, a sensational sky, or pin point huck. It would be a disservice if even one of these players was left off the all-region team, considering that each has been so essential to each of their team’s bid-earning seasons so far.

As far as coaches, it has to be either the coaches of Brandeis or Williams, again because these two teams earned bids for the region. What Brandeis has done the past few years in terms of being in a position to contend at nationals year in and year out is nothing short of spectacular. On the flip side, in Williams first year with coaches, they earned a top 10 finish in DIII for the season and a bid for the region after a season where they didn’t earn one.

Disclosure: Amherst player

The following definitely deserve all-region nominations as either 1st team or 2nd team.



Noah Newberger (sp?)
Hansen Yang

Jacob Garfinkel
JP Saggal
Austin Kelson

Midd’s definitely got a couple dudes that deserve it but I don’t know their names… Probably one or both of the Sams. Tough.

Tom? #12 or 18 I forget. Handler / runs their offense.

Emmett Blau

Haven’t seen any of the other teams but I’m sure given the results
there are guys on Bates and Merrimack that deserve a mention too.

As for Amherst, I’d nominate any of

Borun Sun
Kevin Goldberg
Bob Neel
Zack Stern (out for the last month and some change on a broken rib sustained on first day of Haverford)
and definitely me

Williams: Emmett Blau
Bryant: Jacob Garfinkel, Austin Kelson
Wentworth: Zack Smith
Bentley: Ziti, Pistol
Brandeis: Hansen Yang, Elan Kane, Noah Newberger
Bowdoin: Bender

Disclosure: Bentley Alum and Garuda Player

If you are going to mention Bentley Players, excluding Kyle Saroka and Joe Kane from All-Region is a mistake. Both are the key players on D and O line Respectively. Joe is also a freshman and should be in the conversation for POTY, has a strong combination of athletic and skills for a freshman. Ziti (Andrew Zaccardi) and Pistol (Peter Jacobs) are both great players but I wouldn’t necessarily pick them on my team before Kyle or Joe.

I would also say that Emmett and Hartley are both very very solid players, although I have not seen them play any college games.

Disclosure: I play in the New England region but have not yet played every team this year so am going off of who I know as of now and who I remember from years past

Bryant: Jacob Garfinkel(He’s probably the best player in the region), JP Saggal, Austin Kelson
Brandeis: Hansen Yang
Williams: Emmett Blau
Bentley: Kyle Saroka, Liam Kilcoyne
Colby: Lucas Hickok

Disclosure: I am a current Bryant Player

I haven’t played and/or seen all the teams play yet, however this is solely from my personal experience.

Bryant: Jacob Garfinkel, JP Saggal, Austin Kelson, Alex Kenworthy, Cameron Jack
Williams: Emmett Blau, Hartley Greenwald
Brandeis: Hansen Yang, Elan Kane, Falco
Bowdoin: Bender
Bentley: Ziti
Middlebury: Sam Hage

Don’t sleep on the guy with the orange hat on Amherst. I think his name is Alex Titelbaum. Also Trevor Smith is pretty good.

For Amherst you forgot the 5 9 cutter on their O-line that runs the offense, and the 6 2 handler on D-line that gets all of their D’s

Yes - the player in the orange hat you must be talking about must be Bob Neel, actually. You can sleep on titties.

Trevor is undeniably deserving, though.

Top 7: JP Saggal (Bryant), Garfinkel (Bryant), Hansen Yang (Brandeis), Noah Newberger (Brandeis), Ditto (Brandeis), Emmett Blau (Williams), Andrew Zaccardi (Bentley).

Noah Newberger best player in the region, hands down

Amherst player.

I guess I’ll get the conversation started on all freshmen. Cole Steiger from Amherst. Kid gets D’s and puts up dimes, and generally convinces you he isn’t a freshman.

In terms of all-region, yeah, Emmett Blau, Jacob Garfinkel and Austin Kelson each earned spots on that list for dominating their respective fields. Personally, I think Andrew Chang and Bob Neel deserve recognition as well.

Merrimack - The Italian
Wentworth - Zack Smith (handler) & Boners (Cutter)
Stonehill - Connor Hilbie (handler and Deep/deep)
Emerson - Noah Wisch
Bentley - Andrew Zaccardi
Brandeis - Hansen Yang
Bryant - Jacob Garfinkel

Hansen is great, but Brandeis is good because they have a bunch of players almost as good as Hansen, and they’re all almost as good as Falco. He may be like 30 but he’s damn good.

Bates has a few guys deserving. Chris “Future” Fox, Colin Eimers, Ben Wilson, Matt Goldberg and Emmet Shipway are guys near the top of the region in their respective roles.

The one freshman who plays all the points for Midd is also pretty good.
Plank is pretty ok on Bowdoin.
Haven’t seen anybody else yet

Andrew Chang is a total stud.

Disclosure: Bates player

You absolutely cannot sleep on Chris “Future” Fox. The kid gets whatever he wants on the field. Randy also cannot be underestimated. He doesn’t see the field too much, but when he does, better watch out.

And how can I forget Warhorse. That kid is a one man wrecking ball. Really the heart and soul of the time.

Don’t be surprised when O-Whip punches their ticket to nationals.

Disclosure: Yet another Amherst player

Alex “Tim Duncan” “Knuckles III” “Tits McGrits” “Captain” Titelbaum has been aptly acclaimed by many current ultimate legends as “Mr. Fundamental”. His exactly average height/build and the ease with which he executes veteran plays on the field make him difficult to appreciate when you’ve only watched him for a single game. He rarely gets Ds because his matchup can never get open and he plays with a selflessness on offense that prevents him from racking up the lion’s share of goals or assists that he could otherwise achieve. Our team did lose to a high school this season but without our fearless leader we would probably be lucky to put up points against a middle school gym class.

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Sources say Alex Titelbaum performs at a 9/10. Keep an eye on him.

Watch out New England. Future all region player and Amherst Captain Andrew Chang ate his Wheaties tonight and is ready to ball out in the AM.