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All Region 2016: Northwest (D-III Men's)

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Who are the best players in the Northwest region? This is an open thread to discuss All-Region nominations, All-Freshman nominations, coaching awards, and more. Stay positive and keep it civil.

Two Whitworth University players, Bryan Walsh and Matthew Goodale, head the conversation for top players in the northwest. As a senior captain, Walsh has been a consistent top handler since stepping on the field freshman year. Sidelined the first half of the year, he dedicated himself to developing the younger players. Healthy once again, he adds the needed throws in order to help lead the team to nationals out of one of the strongest divisions in the nation. He leads a huck-heavy offense with impressive breaks, strong upwind throws, and no fear in tough situations. His quick hands and quicker feet also provide a defensive edge, shutting down the regions top offensive players. Walsh isn’t afraid to lay his fingers on the line, averaging 4 hand blocks a tournament. This dual threat player deserves all-region honors, heading the offense of one of the top teams in the NW.

This is made possible by his top cutter, Matt Goodale. Goodale is the ideal player, smart with his throws, bid-ready, and a threat in all aspects of the game. Every player on the team lists Goodale as their favorite person to throw to, and the person they trust most with the disc. Goodale averages a +15 player efficiency with most hucks finding their way to his hands. Matt’s lanky build makes him one of the top defensive players in the region. He is able to get in the way of the cutter and the disc, playing for the layout D. Goodale leads the team in D’s, and is second in both scores and assists. Other teams have been known to have to attempt and fail to find ways to guard his throws and cuts, dedicating whole practices to stopping this offensive threat. His skill set makes him one of the most dangerous players I have ever seen, easily making him a top candidate for all region honors.

Lewis & Clark has been dominant all season for the NW. They are led by Ben Whitenack, Lucas Contino, Sam Gordon-Koven, Will Beck, and Leland Rege-Colt. From UP, Duncan McNally plays in the MLU for the Portland Stags and has been playing well all year in college. UPS has some good players, but I am unsure of their names. Whitworth had one or two players to consider, not sure of their names though.

For freshman, Azen Jaffe of Lewis & Clark has been one of the best and most consistent freshmen. He came in this year already having played for his high school team and for a Denver YCC team.

Whitworth cutter Matt Goodale has provided a consistent target all season for deep hucks and consistently wins his matchups in the air. He has been a constant and reliable threat that causes other teams to shift their defensive strategies just to focus on him. He was offered a contract to play for the AUDL’s Cincinnati Revolution last year but declined to pursue an internship over seas.

Portland’s Duncan McNally has led Portland to a phenomenal season and consistently anchors both their O line and D line. Very good player with superior athleticism.

UPS 5th year man C.B. is a constant leader on UPS and is very deserving of ALL-Region. Has led the Postmen all year and provides timely Blocks when UPS needs them.

Lewis and Clark took the bid to Nationals for three years running and it’s safe to say that Ben Whitenack has played with consistent dominance and leadership. He is a standout player with very good athleticism and great field awareness leading to poach blocks. Leland has also been an extremely smart and effective handler that leads the O-line.

Daniel Gimbel and James Robin from Whitworth University are both deserving of All-Freshman awards. They both played High School Ultimate for the same team and have provided an extreme level of maturity and field awareness as just freshmen. James has started on D line all year, fearlessly taking other team’s top players and doing well to limit their abilities. Daniel Gimbel has started on the O line all year and has proven to get break throws at will and his quickness is unmatched when needing resets. Daniel gets my vote for Freshman of the Year.

I’m Ben Whitenack from Lewis & Clark so take my opinions with a grain of salt :rice:. <- that’s rice but i kind of looks like a bowl of salt.

Duncan McNally is the most experienced and dominant player on the UP squad, dangerous in the air and with the disc and IMO deserving of the all region nod. Although they had a tough time at Conference’s he made big plays and contributions at D3 Warmup where they placed well. Most of all no one can refute he’s got the cutest butt in the NW.

CB Wolf - Great disc skills and able to makes plays down the stretch that keep UPS in the game. With CB’s experience and on field play UPS is a dangerous team in the Northwest. Friendly and fun to play against he will be missed as one of the premier handlers in D3 NW. Plus we just became friends on Facebook so vote for him!

Matt Goodale is Bangarang’s best all around player. he makes hard catches, great throws,and big D’s. Tough to guard and hard to beat. His college career has been hampered by injuries but still has helped make Whitworth a contender in the NW. One time he skied me really bad…that sucked.

Lewis & Clark - Yes I am biased (also based)
Leland Rege-Colt is a reliable cutter/handler hybrid equally dangerous downfield and behind the disc. He has the biggest layouts in the NW and will put you on a poster so make sure you’re not near a camera. A large amount of club and highschool experience has made his first 2 years at LC very productive and undoubtedly lead to more. Also nominated for classiest earring award.

Sam Gordon-Koven tall and fast, Sam has a big flick huck and plays great handler and downfield D. An all around threat on the field made a large impact this season in big games and tournaments. He’s got big hair and he’s going to make big plays.

Will Beck is primarily a cutter who you don’t want to guard. He runs hard and will stretch you deep. His disc skills and all around field knowledge has come into their own this season as he steps into a larger on-field role for Bacchus. I hate guarding him. He shreds.

Lucas Contino is our hub handler, he has nasty break throws and a solid back hand huck. After his summer with Italy’s U23 team he came back to co-captain Bacchus and has made a substantial impact on our offense and flow. Watch out for Italia.:flag_it:

Azen Jaffe is our most productive and involved freshman this year and has helped move some of our hybrid handlers downfield more and has opened up many break options with his solid disc skills. He has a great mentality, field awareness and plays insane handler D. Bringing together his experience with YCC team Colorado Cuthroat and a year with Bacchus he has upped his game this year to a threat behind the disc and when on D. He makes up with for his height with his heart.

Daniel Gimbel young freshman handler for Whitworth. He was thrust into a large handler role this year and performed well. In our 2 match-ups he was one of the people we talked about stopping. Quick with the disc and good fakes he will shred a zone and make you tired.

Best Discussion Layout
Myself, as I am the only one who bolded my nomination sections and this is the only kind of layout I know how to do.

Coaching Nomination
Sean Parker is the best coach in the Region. He is dedicated, driven and tall. Sean has entire seasons of practice outlined and ready to go. Constantly watching game film, comparing and analyzing he has been the key to making Bacchus the program it is right now. One of CUT Camp’s top coaches he is dedicated to furthering the sport at Lewis & Clark and in his greater community including a summer with Ultimate Peace. You won’t find a harder working and more dedicated coach anywhere. I firmly believe our coach SP, Nasty, Shark( :dolphin: + :crocodile: ), #88 , Sean Parker is the best in the region.

There’s a ton of other good players in the region but these guys are at the top.

For Freshmen, both Azen Jaffe (Lewis & Clark) and Philip Sanfilippo (University of Portland) have had solid seasons. Philip has been a dominant force in the air, and will be a dominant force in the Northwest for a while. Azen plays lock down handler defense, and has been a consistent D-line star for a stacked Lewis & Clark team.

For all-region, Ben Whitenack, Leland Rege-Colt, Will Beck and Sam Gordon-Koven lead the way for the Lewis and Clark team. All four members play massive minutes and are dominant defenders. Ben and Will are consistent cutters on the offensive end that can burn any defenders, skying them if need be. Leland and G-K, while excellent cutters in their own right, have taken on handling roles, and excelled; both have low turns, perfect hucks, and sick D’s.

For UP, Duncan McNally has had a terrific season, leading the team to a second place finish at D3 warmup. He is not fun to guard, but always fun to play against. Kim Doane played an excellent season and is a consistent handler with a great future ahead of him.

CB Wolf rounds out my ballot for UPS. A big player with a big heart, CB can play with the best of them. Making key blocks, skies, and hucks, CB generally just knows how to play. He’s a pleasure to play against and will be sorely missed in D3.

Sean Parker has led Bacchus to three straight Nationals bids, each time with different rosters and strategies. He does more homework to improve the team than his players do. He puts 110% effort and focus in each game and each practice. He is always there for his players when they need him, and the players know he has their back. He should with Coaching Honors.

I’ve seen a lot great talent from other teams but I can really only speak to Lewis and Clark. I’m a freshman on the team and new to this region. I’m also going to be reiterating what a lot of other commenters have already said.

Leland Rage-Colt - I think I’ve seen Leland four feet off the ground horizontal more times then I can remember him talking to me. Not to say he doesn’t communicate on the field – far from. Leland has great field awareness and will excel in any role he is put in. He might be a little quiet, but he’s a force of nature.

Will Beck - Will Beck owns the air. He’s an aggressive and tireless player who anyone should fear to guard. Will has great handler skills but he is most dangerous as a cutter. He’ll burn you deep. If he doesn’t feel like doing that, he’ll break your ankles on an under and then put a great huck up for anyone who wants it.

Sam Gordon-Koven - GK is our trash collector. Like Will Beck he’ll eat up any disc in the air. GK tricks his defenders into thinking he is just a handler, and then burns them with his cutting skills. He also flick pulls, which is pretty cool.

Ben Whitenack - Ben’s a hardo.

A good way to be taken seriously is to open up with “I’m a freshman and new to this region”

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