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All Region 2016: Ohio Valley (D-III Women's)

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Who are the best players in the Ohio Valley region? This is an open thread to discuss All-Region nominations, All-Freshman nominations, coaching awards, and more. Stay positive and keep it civil.

Wooster: Thea Kwan. She is an animal and runs the entire team. Is best handler, cutter, and defender.
I do not know any other names of players in the area but I’m sure some oberlin girls should get some nominations.

From Oberlin:
Allison Fulton: Cutter/Handler- most consistent player on the team, smart plays, always positions well on defense, great leader on the team
Emma March: Cutter/ Handler- crazy break throws, high releases, can beat almost any player in the air.

Rosemary Ventura on the Sneetches is an all-around powerhouse. Her handling is very strong and she is equally capable as a cutter. She never seems tired on the field. She also should be awarded absolutely most stylish collection of sports bras :blush:

Georgie (don’t know her last name!) on Phila U is also a great handler. Phila U’s tiny numbers means that their scores don’t often reflect how well they can play. At Sectionals they had one sub (by the end they were only fielding 6 actually) but they were still able to form a cohesive unit around Georgie’s smooth direction.

Anya Rose for Swarthmore should get All-Region. Captaining the Warmoms in her final year, she embodies spirited play while consistently bringing top form. She can always refocus the game on quality. She’s a superb, intelligent cutter who is more than capable coming in as a 3rd or 4th handler in order to break a zone in a pinch. Hucks like a dream, shuts it down on D like a nightmare.


I would also like to nominate Rosemary Ventura from Haverford. I guarded her for two games during regionals and it was such a challenge. She’s quick and she’s smart. She has amazing throws and amazing strike cuts and then quick releases for long looks. Their whole squad is amazing, but she really led the team.

Not sure of these people’s name but I think they deserve a shoutout also.
#16 on swarthmore: amazing handlers
#2 on Haverford: amazing cuts and perfect and intentional bids.

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I also believe that Rosemary Ventura from Haverford deserves a nomination, for all of the reasons already given. In addition, I think Zoe (don’t know her last name) from Haverford is worth a nomination. She is a very fast cutter and always made every effort to catch the disc, laying out all of the time! She was a nightmare to defend, and she was a very key player in our game against them at Regionals.

I would also like to nominate two players from Messiah: Molly (#7) and Angela (#26). Molly is a fantastic handler and her flick hucks are on point. She was also a layout machine! Angela was their fastest cutter and would often get the disc, both on offense and defense. Whoever ended up marking her had their work cut out for them. Both Molly and Angela were key players for Messiah.

I second all of these.

I believe Georgie’s real name from Phila U is Kelsey Kauch

16 is Tessa “Kirby” Jones!

I would also like to nominate Haverford’s Rosemary Ventura. She’s an excellent captain, plays with intensity, and the offense really ran through her.
Zoe Lewis from Haverford also deserves a domination. An absolute force on defense even though she’s kinda short, layout d’s and goals, played almost every point of regionals. Really an incredible player.

Swarthmore’s Kirby - incredible throws, really patient. Really Swarthmore has one of the smoothest teams and I think a lot of that is due to her.

Swarthmore’s Katrina - incredible cutter and deep D, played on Sunday even though she sprained her ankle because she wanted to push through for her team. Really inspiring and very sweet.

Oberlin’s, I think her name was Helen? Maybe #24? Incredibly fast, crazy layouts and bids, great flick hucks and an incredibly hard player to guard.

Messiah’s Angela (#26) is incredible, really their best player. So sweet, but massive in the air. Has great throws and stops anything deep. Incredible connection with my other nominee from this team, Molly, whose hammers, break throws, and flicks brought the team to victory so many times and were crucial in their incredible upset against Swarthmore at regionals.

Lehigh’s “Peeps,” who unfortunately got sidelined on Sunday with an injury, but such a threat. Stopped anything deep, incredibly fast, awesome throws, competitive but with good spirit.

Sneetches: Rosemary Ventura, an all around great player once her cleats hit the field they don’t stop. She cuts hard and wears a tutu like a champ. She is always encouraging everyone on the field and making the game enjoyable for everyone.
Zoe Lewis with her crazy catches an absolute force to be reckoned with and she literally comes out of nowhere on defense to get these absolutely crazy lay out D’s. Absolutely hate guarding her knowing she is going to do something crazy on defense or offense to get the disc and look amazing doing it.

Messiah: Angela was crucial part to the messiah team as she cut hard on offense and was able to get the disc and see the continuations. She was also so hard to guard being such a big deep threat and also her transition on a turn was what enable messiah to do their fast breaks.
My next nomination would be Molly whose flicks where always on point and was able to break many marks when in a pinch. Also she had great spirit in the games and made it enjoyable for all involved.

Lehigh: Peeps such a great player on offense and defense. Her ability to switch from handling to cutting and still being a threat in both areas. Also has such great spirit on the field and even though she is tough a lot of fun to mark.
Also I think her name is Dani number 27? anyways she was really great on offense and being able to transition fast to help with fast breaks, and with her speed always a deep threat.

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Helen Samuel for All Freshman: She has shaped Oberlin’s team in too many ways to count this year and was a huge force in getting us to play at a higher level than we had in many many years. Her throws are expertly timed and place, she is incredibly speedy, nasty on defense, and always always working to get better by setting concrete goals, reaching them, and then immediately setting another new set of goals.

Rosemary Ventura rocks my world. :heart_eyes: Unstoppable cutter with the speed of a falcon diving toward it’s helpless prey. Her physical prowess is intimidating; many of my teammates have privately told me that they fear her. Her eyes are like those of a night viper awaiting the perfect moment to strike.

Her throws suck though, but she catches it in the endzone almost every time, so she doesn’t have to throw much.

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Swarthmore had an incredibly deep team this year so there are several people to mention. Firstly, Cappy Pitts was a huge threat. She is an athletic cutter whose lefty backhand hucks competely stretch Swat’s game. Part of the reason Swarthmore struggled to maintain their undefeated record on day 2 of Regionals was that Cappy unfortunately couldn’t play due to an academic engagement. Additionally she is one of the few players I have seen really challenge Rosemary of Haverford on defense.
Tessa “Kirby” Jones is a smart, patient, and consistent handler. She’s super speedy and has beautiful flick hucks and consistent breaks.
Katrina Midgely was also a great receiver for Swarthmore, consistently finding the deeps put up by her teammates.
I also want to echo the mentions of Rosemary and Zoe on Haverford and Angela on Messiah. Both were formidable players on both offense and defense.
Finally, I’m really surprised to learn that Helen on Oberlin is a freshman. She made huge plays at Regionals and definitely deserves freshman of the year.

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And also Emma March from Oberlin has Dsss for days. She is a fiire player and MUST be on the All-Region team. Vote for her!!