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All Region 2016: Southeast (D-I Men's)

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Who are the best players in the Southeast region? This is an open thread to discuss All-Region nominations, All-Freshman nominations, coaching awards, and more. Stay positive and keep it civil.

Joe Pat Burns

Where’s Bamasecs, Roca, and SAPP Con at? Pretty underwhelming guys.

Here’s a list of people to get you started:
Sam Little (UGA)
Parker Bray (UGA)
Nathan Haskell (UGA)
Connor Holcombe (FSU)
Bobby Patterson (FSU)
Bobby Ley (UF)
Tanner Repasky (UF)
Pat Gettino (UF)
Billy O’Brien (UF) (sp?)
Jake Dummeldinger (UF)
Evan Walter (Tulane)
Ben Lamport (Tulane)
Michael Fairley (UCF)
Andrew McKelvey (UCF)
Stuart Little (UCF)
Paul Lally (UTC)
Ryan Landry (Auburn)
Blake Galloway (Auburn)
Evan Boeking (Auburn)
Eric Sjostrom (Auburn)
Tom Echols (LSU)
Anders Olsen (Emory)

FOTY: Shout out to the stacked Emory rookies, Daniel Sperling and Mike Bartell have been total bosses.

Go ahead, make sense of all of this.

For FOTY I think Micah Jo, Jeffrey Minowa, and Conor Brownell from GT should all be in consideration. Jeffrey has been a staple on the O line and MoJo has been commanding the D line with great decisions and stellar plays. Conor has contributed to both sides and played O line consistently through out the season.

In addition:
Devon Rogers
John Dugan
Patrick Panuski

Are all ballers and should be considered.

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This humble dude didn’t mention himself, but Burkot is also very legit in the backfield, I neglected him from my list.

Just adding a few names from smaller schools since most of the larger schools’ top players have been mentioned
JP Burns

Zach Avello
Paul Lally

Georgia State:
Felix Jaffin

Georgia Southern:
Neal Hollis
Blaine Brown

I think after this weekend these All region teams are very tough to predict.

My Locks for first team:
Sam Little (UGA)- the workhorse for this UGA team. Plays a lot of points, does nothing flashy but gets the job done and has lead the UGA team to a regional title.
Parker Bray (UGA)- The main guy on offense for UGA. His quality of play has increased so much since nationals last year.
Bobby Ley (UF)-the heart and soul of UF. An amazing player who just carries his team just so damn far.
Ryan Landry (Aub)
Connor Holcombe(FSU)

Locks for one of the two teams:
Evan Walters(Tulane)
Chance Cochran (Tulane)
Nathan Haskell (UGA)
Andrew McKelvey (UCF)
Stephen Burkot (GT)
Billy O’Bryan (UF)
Bobby Patterson (FSU)
Blake Galloway(Auburn)

Jacob Dummeldinger (UF)
Evan Boeking (Auburn)
Dusty Register (Auburn)
Michael Volvz (Auburn)

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Note that I played for UGA in the past, that’s where my bias lies -

As a regionals attendee this year, I have only anecdotal experiences on each of these players. I understand that watching someone in one, two, even three or four games is likely to produce an inaccurate measure of their actual talent level. That said, the players below were clearly the most impressive to me:

Bobby Patterson - This kid has come a long ways in the past couple years. Now he has some of the most dangerous throws in the region and a cast of athletes around him to maximize that throwing prowess. Contrast that with Ley, who over the games I watched has multiple ill-advised looks that ended in turns. Could be a product of generally shallow depth and a relatively weak cast for Florida.

Blake Galloway - This guy is athletic. Obvious standout to me on the auburn team. Boecking is also underrated - I’ve watched a good bit of him on Hustle. It may also be small sample size but Landry has not been super impressive to me in the five games I’ve watched/played against this Auburn core.

JP Burns - The dude does absolutely everything for a decent Kennesaw squad.

Ders Olsen - Didn’t watch Emory much this weekend but from Hustle experience with him he’s a really great player, still young and improving.
Daniel Sperling - This guy is FOTY in my eyes. Lots of great release points, threatens the deep space well but also a very polished handler for being a rookie.

Lally - Didn’t see any UTC games but anyone who’s seen this guy knows he is legit.

Repasky - The lone athletic standout in a Florida team that felt very “go big or go home” this year.

Moving to my former teammates on whom I feel actually qualified to pass information. All three of Georgia’s studs were suffering from moderate injuries this weekend. I won’t get into those specifically, but I will talk about each of these guys:

Parker Bray - The farm boy from Columbus had 0 background in Ultimate before his freshman year in college. He made the transition from tennis and has never looked back. Dude is athletic and benefited from a year with Chain but he already started to make big plays last year, especially at Nationals. Throws look so much more polished this year than they have in the past. He can blast it 70 yards as easily as he can run you the same distance. Plays with lots of intensity and fire, with a propensity to make big plays.

Sam Little - Sam is a very different player. He is the rock on UGA’s defense, and has been since his rookie year (two years ago). Even then he was guarding the likes of Jimmy Mickle, Chris Laroque, Bobby Ley and pretty much every game takes the other team’s best player. Sam is not a highlight-reel type of player. He is the blue collar guy who will grind you into the dust and outwork you. Absolute pain in the ass to guard. The “immovable object” to the “unstoppable force” of Nathan and Parker. However, none of that is Sam’s greatest talent. The secret about Sam that few other than his teammates know is his off-the-charts frisbee sense. The guy just GETS sports. He draws up schemes, he recognizes opponents’ zones, he calls our matchups…he has a mind that really astounds me. Never forgets a moment of any game he’s played. He also breaks down more tape than anybody I’ve met. This guy’s value transcends his contributions on the field. Just a player who commands respect and is all business between the whistles.

Nathan Haskell - He’s my brother so I will have a hard time holding back my bias here. However, I talked to George Summers (a georgia captain and the best puller in the country) before the weekend and asked him if he was concerned about Nathan heading into this weekend (Nathan had played less than 100% at Easterns and refrained from any practice and game time through sectionals into the weekend). George said, and I’m paraphrasing, that Nathan has a history of coming out of injury earlier than he probably should but still being the best on the field. Well, those words would prove prophetic. In the game against FSU (Granted, his first action of the weekend), Nathan started out with a layout block on the first point, skied a crowd later on, and generally looked like he was playing a different game than the other players on the field. As a sophomore, there is virtually no weakness to his game. He has a toolbox of throws to rival anyone in college right now. He is arguably the best athlete on the team (it’s up for debate between him and parker). He has field vision that leads to some truly beautiful looks. He finds a way to get blocks right when the team needs them. Yet plays with a calm demeanor that exudes confidence. Nath is the Ice to Parker’s Fire. If Natty finds a way to stay healthy, I am very confident that he will become the best player in college before his eligibility is gone.

Georgia is a really fun team to watch. If you have an opportunity to do so at Nationals, I recommend checking them out.

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