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All Region 2016: Southeast (D-III Men's)

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Who are the best players in the Southeast region? This is an open thread to discuss All-Region nominations, All-Freshman nominations, coaching awards, and more. Stay positive and keep it civil.

These two players need to be recognized from Spring Hill College because they are graduating and going to pay better ultimate. I am a Junior captain at Spring Hill and these two players are probably two of the best I have ever played with. First, There is #12 Jordan Quinn who is probably one of the most solid handlers I know. He makes the smartest decision on the field and values the disc with every decision he makes. He knows who he is throwing to, and he knows his defenders. He plays Ironmen in the summer and every time he touches the disc he grows as a player. Secondly, our main man himself, #13 MP Hayes. Our senior captain is a freak of nature athlete. Everyone who has ever seen this man play knows his speed, hops, and sneakiness in a zone. His ability on the field is shown by the countless cuts, scrapes, and injuries that he gets and plays through. As much as I can say on the field for these two, I can say even more for how they represent the spirit of the game on and off the field. MP also started our program and has built it from the ground up. They are both true ambassadors of the sport and are definitely two of the best players in the Southeast region. Although we did not make it to Regionals, these two players deserve to have their success highlighted and praised this season. Our Coach, Jonathan Dunbar, has done well helping us understand not only the sport but the importance of the spirit of the game. I can not speak highly enough of these three individuals who without them, our team would not even be here. Anyone can recognize these two players on our team by their signature white hats and our coach by the guy who is always yelling at us.

Elijah Jaime, Tannon Hedges, Danny Yates, Daniel Sorrells from UAH Nightmares. Eli was a monster player for UAH and was seen typically sporting a pink bandana during play. Tannon was a Defensive leader for the young UAH squad and contributed immensely on both sides of the disc. He and Eli both played the most amount of points per tourney, usually in upper 70’s and the 90’s at regionals. They both have only played competitive ultimate for 1.5 years with UAH’s inaugural season being there first year. They both showed enough promise to make the Freaks Uv Nature club team based out of Huntsville right after completing their first college season. They both are trying out again this year.
Danny Yates was the rock of the O line. A lefty with amazing breaks and every kind of throw. He rarely made bad decisions and plays with elegance and makes the game look easy. He was a member of Auburn Ultimate his senior year of college, has played for Freaks Uv Nature for 3 years and is now heading up the new HSV Method; a mixed team out of Huntsville.
Daniel Sorrells was thrust into a leadership role after one of UAH’s captains tore his ACL. He took the opportunity and filled the void left by that captain. He was all around athlete who could handle, cut, and run with the best defenders of the opposing team. He also has only been playing competitive ultimate for 1.5 years. He played Rampage, a mens team out of HSV, in 2015.
All four of these guys were work horses who led the team in some category each tourney for the Nightmares. All of them were part of the inaugural season of the Nightmares and all will be returning for the 2017 season.

From my perspective as a player there are a couple of players that definitely should be in the conversation for all region:

Georgia College: Vickroy - stupid fast, great throws, athletic, plays for hustle. Caleb Shorthouse - Also stupid fast, great defense, really athletic catches and great throws. Josh ? - HUGE, unstoppable deep man, good thrower.

UAH - Tannon Hedges and Eli - Both are phenomenal defensive players and have good control on offense.

Samford - Carter Rae - Should be region MVP. extremely talented and athletic, foundation of team.

Union - Jesse Dahms - great player, offense and defense playmaker, good throws, hard to mark. Dude with Red tall UA cleats - great athletic catches and deep throws.

SpringHill - Athletic blonde guy. Hugely athletic and a great competitor, good throws and grabs.

Rhodes - Sam? great athlete, almost impossible to stop him getting open. Smart play maker. Long haired handler guy also very good

Florida Tech - Main handler, very smart player