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All-Region 2017: Atlantic Coast (D-I Women's)

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Who are the best players in the Atlantic Coast region? This is an open thread to discuss All-Region nominations, All-Freshman nominations, coaching awards, and more. Stay positive and keep it civil.

Hello! I guess I’ll start off this thread by giving Wake Forest player, Amanda Murphy, a shoutout.

She was by far the most dynamic, FUN, difficult match up I’ve had at a tournament. She’s a quick cutter with extremely effective jukes. Murphy consistently proved that she had a developed field IQ (those darn poach blocks!) that, coupled with her athleticism, produced a dominant player for the Ruckus team.


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Agreed. She doesn’t get much spotlight seeing as wake has never been a top level D1 team but she’s incredibly fast, great hands, and va ery smart cutter. And also manages to sky people much taller than her because she can read the disc so well.

Klara Calderon-Guthe and CJ Bunch should be serious nominations for the all region team
Klara has the most impressive throws I have ever seen, an incredible field awareness, can hit cutters pretty much everywhere (if her throws don’t go OB), keeps her calm on tight zone O, and her ability to transition to defense and play hard defense is amazing.
CJ is literally anywhere whenever you need her, on O or D. She’ll streak deep from a handler position or throw deep after striking. She’s not afraid to go up for the disc on D and her ability to keep going is admirable.

Ashley Powell from NC State consistently facilitates and anchors a Jäga offense and defense with her outstanding play and composure. She’s a workhorse at practice and in every game and has been since her freshman year when Jäga only had six players at regionals.


I coach the Georgetown women’s B team.

There are many deserving players on the Huckin Foyas (the A team), but Michelle Carey is definitely a standout. She captains the team, has been invited back to the U24 tryouts, and is a very strong player all around. She’s extremely athletic and a reliable handler. She makes great decisions and has outstanding throws. A great player all around, and very spirited!


This is UVA coach David Allison. I want to highlight some of the more impressive players from the region. Please note that these are teams we faced this spring season. There are other excellent players across the region, and I’m sorry if I missed you.

Jenny Wei - Injured but I promise you she deserves all-region based on what she’s done for this program.
Lindsay Soo - Wake Forest transfer. Monster defender and do-everything handler/cutter.

Klara Calderon-Guthe - Hub handler for UNCW. She makes them dangerous.

NC State
Ashley Powell - Hub handler for Jaga and an underrated defender.

Jillianne Hook - Big time thrower for her team.

Anna Pettee - High volume cutter and excellent defender

Kat Ritzmann - But she is a crafty and quick lefty handler. Plays GMG i think.

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I also forgot Lyra Olsen from Duke. She’s a U24 world’s player that came to Duke from a Princeton program she took to nationals. Lyra is a talented young woman that combines grittiness with athleticism and skill. She’s been really important for the development of the Duke program this season. I have coached her as a practice player for the Raleigh Flyers this season, and I cannot tell you how impressed I am at her approach to the game. Any coach would love to have her.

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I coach Duke. Georgia Tse would be a starter on any team in the region. She’s our do-everything star.

She will take the toughest opposing matchup, can cover handlers and cutters effectively, will lay out and sky for D and O, will get the block or catch on any disc in her area, and then attack her opponents with throws, speed, and dynamic cutting, primarily from the handler position.

I would also echo what @UltiDavid says about Lyra Olson above. Both players have been a pleasure to coach, but we were only lucky enough to have Lyra for a single grad school year, while we have had Georgia for the past 4.


Below are players (ordered alphabetically by school and name) not previously mentioned that should be included in the all-region discussion. For full disclosure, I’m one of the coaches for Delaware.

Katie Cubrilovic (NC State)

Natalie Bova (UD)
Rachel Bova (UD)
Rachel Egan (UD)
Mackenzie Perkett (UD)
Kat Ritzmann (UD)

Elisabeth Parker (UNC)
Anne Worth (UNC)

Rebecca Driver (UVA)
Laura Landis (UVA)
Brandi Skanes (UVA)
Keila Strick (UVA)
Tess Warner (UVA)
Ellie Wood (UVA)

Can never be to late to the party right?

Must confess I am the GMU coach, but Emma Powers is a pretty dang great Cutter. She consistently takes the toughest matchups on D and is all but un-coverable on offense with her speed. Also, known for catching literally anything and everything with 2 fingers or less. She’s played 3 years of Club with Shadow Box and BackHanded. She was selected for the college Allstars team in DC Womens Club Showcase game. Over her time with Mason she’s greatly contributed to our success: from the team getting their first ever win at Virginia sectionals 4 years ago to being 1 point away from finishing 2nd place this year.

So cheers to you Emma thanks for all the hard work and dedication