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All-Region 2017: Great Lakes (D-III Men's)

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Who are the best players in the Great Lakes region? This is an open thread to discuss All-Region nominations, All-Freshman nominations, coaching awards, and more. Stay positive and keep it civil.

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Zach Kieffer - EIU - Without him on and off the field, Eastern doesn’t make regionals.


I agree. I play alongside Kieffer and he is a great leader for EIU. Loves to compete and works harder than anyone else both on and off the field. Made a lot of really incredible plays this season.

My All-Region Nominees from Indiana Wesleyan Huck Dynasty are Zakk “Twerk” Mabrey and Jon Clark. Twerk and Jon are the captains of Huck Dynasty and have played at a stellar level all season. Twerk has destroyed defenses as a handler on offense. There has not been a person that has been able to stop his throws. He breaks the mark with a plethora of throws and makes it look effortless. Numerous occasions this year the other team has put a man on him telling them to not let Twerk break the mark and he still finds a way to. He has been a key handler for Huck Dynasty and there has not been many handlers in the region that play at his level.
The other nominee is Jon Clark. Jon has been on fire all season. Very few people have been able to guard him. He gets open effortlessly off the cut from the vert stack and has a variety of throws to get the disc up field. His speed is a key asset. He can burn his defender down field for the huck and most 50/50 discs are going his way. His skying ability is insane. It is a shock when somebody d’s the disc from him.
When watching Huck Dynasty, it is clear the Twerk and Jon are on whole other level than everyone else on the field. That is why these two are my nominees for All-Region Great Lakes 2017.

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There are a handful of players that really stick out to me from the Great Lakes DIII region.

Valparaiso has Zeus and Jack. They are both great pieces. In man defense, they are very hard to contain. Jack has a ton of throws, especially cross-field blades, that can shred defenses apart at any time. Various times he destroyed the IWU zone with his throws this year. Zeus is powerful in every aspect of the game. Sick layout D’s, destructive throw and go ability. These are two of the best players in the region for sure. Additionally, Valpo has #4, Gabe (Cabrera?) who is a fantastic player and athlete working downfield.

At Olivet, Mitch Brummel really stuck out to me. Great competitor. He has some great throws, shows patience, and really fits in with his team’s offense. #16 (Luke?) from Olivet was a very good handler, and a tough defender. He was competitive and had a great attitude.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to play Wheaton this year. I know that Skyler and Laramie Aspergren are fantastic players, though, and definitely think they are each amongst the best in the region. Wheaton was one field over from us at DIII Midwestern Invite, and there were several times where I saw their players making amazing athletic plays.

Despite not making regionals, Trine has a couple of the best athletes in the entire region with Brec Musselman and Stephen Dickerson. Two very good players. Stephen has great throws, and Brec uses his athleticism to make huge plays as a downfield defender, and grinds to get in cuts on offense. They are led by Chase Hardebeck, a great thrower, with good knowledge of the game. This team has improved a lot over the past couple of years, and it is really on the backs of those three players.

At Knox, Sean Treacy is fantastic. I was very very impressed with him at DIII Midwestern Invite. Strong, confident handler. He has the ability to put up big hucks, even in high winds. He was most impressive in his patience and his variety of different throws he used to beat teams. His combination of size and variety of throws makes him an extremely difficult player to guard. He dominates the disc for that team, and doesn’t make many mistakes.

I haven’t played Kalamazoo this year, but Edward Taylor is a good player. He has been a large part of the team’s success and uprising over the last year. I’m excited for the opportunity to play them at Regionals.


Scott Stonis and TJ Carpenter from Valpo for all-freshman. Scott has been an absolute animal this entire season. Valpo lost a lot of their downfield threats from last season to graduation but Scott has filled that hole. He owns the air and is an incredible downfield threat. On top of that, he plays with a poise and a confidence that most seniors don’t have. His downfield defense is key to Valpo’s success.
TJ Carpenter had never played organized ultimate until this past September and in his one season he has gone from a rookie with a wobbly flick to a top tier cutter and downfield threat with a less wobbly flick. His work ethic and drive are incredible and he has become a force on both offense and defense. When you watch these two play you can’t believe that they’re only freshman and both of these players deserve to be on the All-Freshman team.


Also- Jesus Osorio is pretty damn good. I think he should be really considered as Regional Player of the year.


From EIU, Kieffer. Wheaton played EIU twice at sectionals, and he played a step above the rest both games. Throws + athleticism all there.

From Valpo, Jesus Osorio and Zack (?). Great throws, very hard to contain on defense.

IWU - Luke Mendel - one of the most athletic guys in region, huge in the air.

From Wheaton, the highest ranked team, Don Gates, Skyler Aspegren, Colin McCloughlin, and David Barbalas all worth considering. All 4 are seniors, having played since freshman year, and are the center for Wheaton offense. Barbalas, Skyler, and Colin have excellent throws and excellent decision making, and Don is just a generally versatile and athletic player.


Valpo’s other guy is Jack Verhayden @Laramie.A

Valpo’s gabe valancia @zmabrey

16 at Olivet is Luke Vihnanek

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Mitch Brummel, Luke Vihnanek, and Nick Schoon from Olivet deserve massive consideration. Extremely talented players


Definitely Schoon and Luke from Olivette

Also Issac Jauch from valpo for freshman team. He has a lot of promise as a future top tier cutter. For a freshman he has great intensity and passion for the game and will be a key part to valpo’s next generation with Scott Stonis and TJ Carpenter.

Kalamazoo - Generally, they are an underrated team but they have some talented players. Edward Taylor it one of the most challenging players that I have ever defended. He is explosive and doesn’t get tired making him one of the best cutters in the league. Aidan Tank is also one of the best cutters in the region. He plays incredibly smart and has the athleticism to make monster plays. Austin Sroczynski is a consistent handler that can put up some of the best hucks in the region.

Valpo- I have played against Jesus for what seems like 10 years. He is a very solid handler and one of the best handlers in the region. Jack Verhayden is a solid all around player. Overall, it is always a good time playing Valpo.

Wheaton - I have not been able to play against them this year, but I know they have a few seniors that are studs. I think they are the team to beat this year.

Knox - Arguably the best handler in the league is Sean Tracy. He is tall and knows how to use his lanky body to break the mark. Sean is a top tier D3 handler and should be recognized for it.

Good luck!

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Kalamazoo - Austin is a crafty handler with all sorts of throws. Don’t know the dudes name but his jersey says JoJo and I always hated guarding him. Super energetic and athletic. One of their other captains is a sick cutter as well.

EIU - #15 is dope. Guessing it’s that dude everyone is talking about. Without him EIU wouldn’t amount to much I think.

Valpo - Zeus is definitely super sick. They also have a cutter (#7 I think?) who bids like crazy, was very impressed with him.

Wheaton - what impressed me the most about Wheaton this year is that nobody really stood out. Everyone is super solid. Good luck at natties dudes

Bradley - Jack on Bradley definitely deserves a shoutout. Big play maker with a bevy of throws.

IWU - yeah Mabrey is pretty crafty and they have one cutter who is very athletic.

Olivet - Mitch Brummel is probably the most level-headed and solid all around player on Olivet.

Knox - Matt Suprenant, huge defender and without a doubt has the best beard in the region. Jonathan Yeoh, sick cutter. Keeps a low profile but always gets open. Will Ensign, Jack Harmon, and Jon Schrag are also v good. Pound for pound Shrag is easily the best cutter in the region. Led Knox is goals at 2016 natties as a first year. No douuubt

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The super athletic IWU cutter is Jon Clark, #77. Wish I could have been there for a rematch at Regionals :wink: enjoyed playing you this year at DIII MWI, you’re one of the craftier handlers I’ve played

Valpo - Zeus. Been playing the guy for a couple of years now and the guy has been so amazing. Best handle in the region hands down.

EIU - #15 Kieffer. Guy never stops moving and a lot of the time keeps their offense flowing. Also makes a lot of stellar plays.

Knox- Sean Treacy. Really solid handle and defensive player, but he’s also the most level-headed player on the team. Played them a couple of times this year and when a lot of people got heated, I never saw an argument out of him.

ONU - Brummel, Luke, and Schoon. All three bring so much to that team this year.

Bradley - I agree with Sean, Jack deserves a shoutout. With a team that plays with that few people at most tournaments, he’s always consistent on that team and always has an amazing attitude.

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EIU - Zach Kieffer - Absolute Stud.

One of the hardest workers and most knowledgeable players out there, Both on and off the field. I’d be surprised if there’s anything he doesn’t know about the game of Ultimate.

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Kalamazoo - Austin is always fun to play. Good all around handler, he was the guy moving their offense when we played zone against them this year.

Wheaton - Team is overall solid. Anyone I marked on the field played with intensity and solid throws.

Bradley - Jack is pretty much who moves their offense, definitely deserves a mention.

IWU - Luke has a sick flick he can throw from anywhere on the field, he also makes plays as their deep on their zone. John is also one of the most athletic guys in the region and he takes advantage of it. I was quite impressed with how fast that guy can run.

Knox - I believe his name is Sean. He is the tall handler through which Knox moves their offense around. I believe he deserves to be in the 1st team all region by far. We were only able to play them once this season, and he was clearly one of their most dominant players.

Olivet - Mitch Brummel and Luke Vihnanek. They have been pretty solid players all around for the past two years, and I believe they deserve to be recognize. It’s always fun o play Olivet.

Valpo - Definitely #3 Jack Verhayden. he is a leader and an unstoppable handler on the field. He has been one of the most dominant handlers in the region since he joined the program freshman year. unfortunately, he wasn’t able to make it to regionals this year. Tyler Mitchuson was by far our best player at regionals. Very consistent cutter, athletic, makes plays on D, and burns people everywhere he wants on the field.