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All-Region 2017: Metro East (D-I Men's)

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Haven’t seen his name a lot here but Oakley Richins, an O line handler from Princeton, should definitely be considered for the all region team. He plays every O point for Princeton and is a nightmare to mark. He has many throws in his arsenal at different release points that make breaking a mark nearly routine in game. Not only is he one of the best throwers on the team, but also his speed and ability to change direction makes him Zane Friedkin’s favorite target in the endzone. Definitely someone to consider for the all reigon team.

After a long week-end at regionals, some players that just stood out in no particular order:

Princeton: Oak Nelson- tough handler, caught every other throw, and was money with the disc.
U. Conn: Gavin Clemmey- Mr. consistency, smooth operator on both O and D.
Mike Rice- great motor, tough cover.
Pat Kunkel- all the throws.
Cornell: Robert Rickert- smart cutter.
Albany: Mike Woods- offensive cog, owned the sky.
Eric Russo- Mr. everything for Albany. played both D and O as cutter and handler.


Hi, just wanted to highlight some players I enjoyed playing with/against this year and I feel are deserving of all region spots.

– Princeton –
Oak Nelson
Zane Friedkin
Charlie Coburn
(Freshman) Jake Waksbaum

– UConn –
Mike Rice
Gavin Clemmey
Corey Danko

– NYU –
Jesse Rice
Victor Kao

– Rutgers –
Shank Alladi

– Syracuse –
(Freshman) Nathan Shapiro

I think the POTY race is between Oak Nelson and Mike Rice. Both were a dominant force on offense and defense during Regionals, especially in the championship game.

Jake Waksbaum would have been a nightmare for handlers in the region had he been healthy. I’d have to give Nathan the edge here for FOTY, however.


A couple NYU players’ take on the region:

Didn’t play against them so we don’t have strong opinions on who to single out, but make sure you vote for a lot of them cause when you win the region it’s usually because you have several of the best players.

Zane “Ashlin” Friedkin
Most aesthetically pleasing throws
Oak Nelson
Good at everything

Jesse Rice
Amazing initiation cutter and defender
Victor Kao
Single-handedly generated offense for NYU’s D-line with his around breaks, hucks, and ability to always get open.
Jesse “Good Jesse” Gan (for All-Freshman)
Tenacious defender and fearless with the disc in his hands on offense. Was playing almost every point for us when things got tight.
Andrew Wilkes and Billy Katz (Coach)
We have to give a shoutout to our coaches for doing an amazing job making our team competitive despite the usual constraints of field space in NYC and losing a lot of talent (basically the whole O-line) from last year. The future is bright, thanks to them.

Robert Rickert
Great thrower, as much a threat downfield as with the disc. Also super nice.

SUNY Albany
A lot of their guys were really good, don’t know their names though.

Nathan Shapiro
Slam-dunk for All-Freshman, also an All-Region candidate. Great throws.


Hahaha it’s the Metro East LOL!! We get it. :joy: :joy: :wink: :kissing_smiling_eyes: :cactus:

A good all region (ordered by team)
Gavin Clemmey (UConn) (POTY)
Mike Rice (UConn)

~~~ (UConn) (Corey Danko?)
~~~ (UConn) (Bonebrake??)
Oak Nelson (Princeton)
Oakley Richins (Princeton)
Charlie Coburn (Princeton)
Robert Rickert (Cornell)
Frank Wang (Cornell)
Mike Woods (Albany)
Jesse Rice (NYU)
Shashank Alladi (Rutgers)
Mike Mackenzie (Queens)

Nathan Shapiro (Syracuse) (FOTY)
Jake Waksbaum (Princeton)

[details=Click for comments (not for fans of brevity)]**POTY**
I think the race should be between Oak Nelson and Gavin Clemmey. I would hazard that Oak Nelson was the biggest net contributor on the weekend. Gavin Clemmey made plays in the final, and when he wasn’t making plays he was almost making plays. I also believe he had no turns. He’s a captain, too, and seemed like UConn’s most consistent playmaker, the guy others try to emulate.

UConn is obviously the best team in the region by a considerable margin, so UConn players should get a plurality of the all-region spots. 

Beyond Gavin Clemmey and Mike Rice I can really only speculate about who is best on UConn. Pat Kunkel looked solid. Corey Danko is always a good matchup in the dump set. Of course, lots of guys looked good in the final. Good shit. 

**My boys**
Oak Nelson-- Ex Mamabird captain. Great athlete who has been playing (very good) ultimate for 9 years. Helped us out this season by doing it nastier on both sides of the disc than we knew how. Especially at practice. Went the hardest of anyone at practices because it is his nature and habit; dominated us. Such a pleasure to have had Groak this season. 

Oakley Richins-- I spend half my time sucking him off, but Oakley is almost certainly the most talented player I’ve played with. *slurp* Playing frisbee for his third year. Here is a list of the things Oakley is the best at:
 - throwing
 - catching
 - cutting
Pretty much balled out in elimination play. 

Charlie Coburn (2016 foty)-- Charlie is very modest because he played high school with Tannor. But he’s a talent. His experience, lank, and explosiveness make him very consistent on D and in the reset position. Also probably one of the region’s better throwers.

Robert Rickert-- Looked smooth and effective when we played Cornell. 
Mike Woods-- Made plays against us in semis.
Jesse Rice-- Likely still the best handler cover in ME.

Nathan Shapiro (Syracuse)-- Shoe in for FOTY. Also a dear friend. Honestly, he should probably be all-region. Put him on UConn and he would surely have a central role. Syracuse didn't make regionals last year. They lost to UConn in quarters this year. The biggest part of that is Nathan.

Jake Waksbaum (Princeton)-- One of the best handler covers in the region as a freshman. 

After the weekend my updated thoughts on All Region/POTY/All Freshman

All Region:

Mike Rice
Gavin Clemmy
Corey Danko

Oak Nelson
Zane Friedkin

Robert Rickert
Frank (Duane?) Wang
Spencer DeRoos

Mike Woods

I think that there are a second tier of players that have the potential on being the all region teams this year but I think because the region did produce quite a few talented individuals that most likely they’ll earn their spots in the coming years. These guys include

Matt L (Princeton)
Charlie Coburn (Princeton)
Rocco (Princeton)
Nathan Shapiro (Syracuse)
Chris McGlynn (Syracuse)
Wyatt (Cornell)
Bobby Puhak (Rutgers)
Victor Kao (NYU)

I stand by previous statement, I believe based on this weekend that Bobby Puhak should be right there for conversation for FOTY alongside Shapiro. While Nathan did have better throws, Bobby was arguably one of the better deep threats. Enough that a lot of teams were surprised when they found out that he was a freshman and once he started catch a lot of ridiculous deep goals teams respected him enough to give him free unders.

Here’s who we at UAlbany think deserve to be in the discussion from our perspective:

-Mike Rice
Monster both on O and D

Kid is the definition of smooth and shows it off with a kind swagger, plays well both ways

-Alex Jayakar
Speedy handler that has all the throws and plays consistently well in UConn’s system

-Jesse Rice
Well rounded cutter and a nice guy with solid throws and decision making, definitely deserving to be in the loop

-Oak Nelson
Master of the deceptive give and go, guy has the speed, the throws, and the footwork to be a serious threat

-Zane Friedkin
His skill definitely puts him on this list

Haven’t seen enough of them to give good enough input, but they had 2 or 3 players that looked studly

Same thing with Cornell haven’t seen them enough, but I think they deserve some mention for the plays I’ve seen a couple of their players make

Personally I feel a lot of UAlbany’s players are underrated because they haven’t been able to get their names out there due to half their season being canceled because weather issues

-Mike Woods
Monster in the air, as said before was the main cog in Albany’s offensive system

-Eric Russo -Captain
As described earlier he is Mr. Everything and played both Offense and Defense all weekend while performing very well handling and cutting

-Isaiah Casiano -Captain
If you don’t know Isaiah he’s the quick lightskined defender who was rocking the mustache all weekend, kid plays a mean shut down defense and has a wide range of throws at his disposal which made him a solid piece in both Albany’s Offensive and Defensive handler core

-Timmy Barbella -Captain
Tall kid with yellow curls for days, uses his tall length to break any mark and kid has rediculous pulls and throws for days

Freshman of the Year or All Freshman
-David Gray
Very underrated, for those of you unfamiliar with him he’s a stocky light skin kid with a mohawk who plays shutdown defense like his life depends on it, kid has stepped up and entered the sport with no experience to be a starter on Albany’s D line and shut down some of the top cutters in the region

-Nathan Shapiro
Kid is a stud, unfortunately did not get to see enough of him this year, but from what little I did see he deserves to be in the talk


Also Albany #36 was impressive. Idk his name.

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Albany #36 is Peter-John Ferrebee. Kid can fly. Frequently makes stellar plays that’ll really shift momentum


Disclaimer: I play for the Piggies (#11 aka “spikeball” guy)… I’m just OK, but I had the pleasure of playing with and against a ton of great players this season.

Top Freshmen
Nathan Shapiro - Syracuse
I don’t think I need to say anything else here… this guy deserves FOTY
Sam Mlawer - Rochester
Starting O line player with ~0 drops this year (I would know since I watch him catch my nearly turfed throws all the time). Steady thrower and has a great field sense. When he’s not out-running his opponent, he cleans up in the air. Exhibit A.
Josh Shapiro - Rochester
Epitome of a scrappy defender. He once called a pick yet managed to catch up for the layout D. When the Piggies get a turn, he was our go-to reset and punished opponents when he had a teammate free deep. Best of all, he pronounces his name correctly, unlike that star freshman from Syracuse.

All Region
Sam VanNoy - Rochester
VanNoy missed the regular season due to an aggravated ankle/achilles but came back for the series. Cornell (minus a few injured players, I’m told) had no answer for Sam on offense. We threw him deep ball after deep ball and he came down with virtually everything. Sam will also shut down opponents’ deep threats without a problem (except, as a sophomore, Sam did get skied by Wodatch). He’s got smooth throws and was a steady leader on and off the field this season.

U- Albany

Eric Russo #91 - Captain. Eric embodies what it means to be a captain on the field. He’s the kind of person you look to when the team needs a smart play, a clutch D or even just for some hype. He does it all- offense, defense, handles, cuts, you name it. Hasn’t really been able to get his name out there, but when you watch him play you can see how hard he’s working on every point to help his teammates out. Also- best hammers in the Metro East.

Stony Brook

Josiah Zoodsma


Mike Rice

All Freshman

David Grey- Albany
Nathan Shapiro - Syracuse
Jason Russo - Cornell

All Region:
Rob Rickert – u24 invitee, massive deep threat, great throws as well, reliable all around.
Frank Wang – Solid handler who also plays fantastic defense, solid player all around on both o line and d line
Mike Woods – As we all know, owns the sky. Arguably the best deep threat in the metro east, rarely loses a battle in the air
Eric Russo – Definition of an all-around player, effectively can play any position on the field on both offense and defense, always looking to cover opponent’s top guys, knows how to play under pressure
Peter-John Ferrebee – Highlight reel machine, loves to leave his feet on both offense and defense
Isaiah Casiano – Smart player, great decision making, steps up to the plate and keeps a cool head in big time situations
Zane Friedkin – Key piece of Princeton’s handler heavy offense, proven skill in throw and go offense
#27 (don’t know his name but he was the one with the high socks) – Offense ran through him, big hucks, insane speed
All Freshman:
David Gray, Albany – True freshman to the game with no prior experience, kid has incredible legs that seem to never stop moving at top speed which makes him a lock down defender
Jason Russo, Cornell – Integral piece of the bud’s success, a young defensive force, provided his fair share of highlight reel plays against some top teams with big layout D’s and deep defense

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#27 is Grant Eidam. Initiated our offense on pretty much every possession and defenses still couldn’t stop him. He’d probably argue with you about the “insane speed” though.

Shashank Alladi definitely deserves to be all-region. First, the kid has a nasty backhand huck that goes full field, sometimes beyond. He can single handedly beat a team with his throws. Second, he is an amazing defender. It’s really hard to shake him off of you because no matter where you are on the field, he will be right with you every step. He may not be the tallest player but he’s got mad hops. Going one on one with him in the air is terrifying because 99% of the time he will sky the shit out of you. Third, he’s extremely dedicated to his team. He puts his heart and soul into the game of ultimate and has a real passion for it. He’s a great team player.


#2 on Columbia is Oscar Kohut. I played against him for all of high school and with him on Bay Area YCC for 3 years. Haven’t seen him play this year, but just wanted to clarify that.

Gonna give a shoutout to some guys on Syracuse who should be considered.
Senior Brian Walsh has been the emotional leader and the best player on the field most times. His throws are great and his fakes are elite. He wins ever disc in the air and is almost impossible to shut down.
Chris McGlynn is a junior captain, and is unguardable as a cutter. He gets open under for days and when you shut that down he’ll take you deep.
Nathan Shapiro deserves to be freshman of the year and also on the all region team. He handles, cuts, and makes every big play for the team. Top thrower in the region.

Jessie Rice out of NYU has played great all season. Definitely deserves a spot on the all region team.

Victor Kao from NYU is seriously slept on. NYU’s dline revolves around his playmaking ability and his backhand breaks. He can both handle and cut and is a great two way player. He has a good chance of playing PoNY this year and may be considered the best player on NYU over Jesse Rice.

Update about Rochester Freshman Josh Shapiro - “I’ve only done 3 loads of laundry since Spring Break”. I think this statement in itself is enough to put Josh on the all Freshman team, if not the Ultiworld All-American Team. #JoshForCallahan

As the captain of Buffalo Ultimate I have had a chance to play with some phenomenal players that have really shaped our team over the past years. At regionals, the culmination of my college career, I was able to see how these players that I have known to be such difference makers stacked up against the best in the region. After a weekend of only losing to the Champs and runner up I felt that there were plenty of chances to compare matchups to the best in the region. Players that I strongly think should be considered for the All-Region team are:

Sean “UMMMBOP” Bowers: A dynamic player, with some of the smartest cuts in the region, led the offensive line in the central handler roll. His ability to get open for the reset no matter the handler marking scheme of our opponents/ the skill of his defender sets him apart from a majority of the main handlers we faced. With the disk he is calculated and executes flawlessly. Cheeky throws and dime hucks make him a well rounded and vital part of our offence. He is the reason that few teams remained zone on us for more than 2 points the man has the field awareness and deception necessary in a good zone breaker. He has the dedication necessary in a good captain trying to instil work ethic. As well as the leadership skills required to inspire players through the course of a tournament. This man is the full package and deserves to be recognized as such.

Zack “Zack” Flint #44: A humble cutter with an advanced knowledge of the game. Focused and smart with his movement on the field allowed for efficient o-line points throughout the course of the season. His ability to sky a majority of the region along with his great throws are what allow him to be considered strongly for this all region designation. His speed and agility place him among the best in the region. He is a hard worker with a high ceiling that you will not see him hit any time soon. He has a long future in this game if he chooses to pursue it.

I would like to take some time to acknowledge Mike “Bucky” Buxton #33 for All Freshman You may have been confused and wondering who this new face was on the Buffalo U-line this past tournament. I’m here to shed some light on that mystery. Bucky has had no prior ultimate experience but none the less handles himself on the field as an experienced veteran. He has excelled faster than anyone I have seen in my time at buffalo. He has amazing hand eye coordination that allows him to track and catch any disk that is remotely near him and some that I deemed uncatchable. With the disk he is consistent and threw the fewest turnovers on the team. He fit in seamlessly to our offensive sets transitioning seamlessly between ho, vert, end zone and zone looks. He was truly a pivotal part of our depth as a team and showed his worth through the completion of our season. For the discussion of All-Freshman there is no player in the discussion that had this amount of impact on a team while not having any prior experience. He is someone you will truly fear in the coming years and was someone you consistently underestimated this season. He deserves the recognition.