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All-Region 2017: Metro East (D-I Men's)

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Who are the best players in the Metro East region? This is an open thread to discuss All-Region nominations, All-Freshman nominations, coaching awards, and more. Stay positive and keep it civil.

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FOTY: Sam Mlawer and Josh Shapiro have made a big impact on UR this year. Josh played high school ultimate at Needham. Mlawer also played high school ultimate in the Boston area. Josh has adapted really well to the college level. He plays high intensity defense and never leaves the fields without getting muddy. His throws are better than most of his upperclassmen teammates and knows how to play within his role. To the naked eye it may appear as if Sam Mlawer is unaware how to sprint, but don’t be fooled. Mlawer’s best attributes are his poise and his staggering ability to box out in the air. As a coach I sometimes get nervous when certain players are holding the disc, but never with Sam. He’s cool and collected - always. Expect Sam Mlawer to play every O point and Josh Shapiro to play every D point at Regionals this weekend!

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Binghamton University captains Michael Harley and Adam Neu were two of the best handlers in the Conference this year - both make great decisions, have excellent throws, are crafty cutters, and work their butts off on defense. Definitely deserving candidates.

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I am one of the captains for Syracuse this season and we definitely have a couple of guys who should be in the conversation for player of the year awards. Nathan Shapiro is a freshman from Bard High School in NYC. He can hit any spot on the field with his throws. He should be a front runner for freshman of the year, starting as an O-line handler and crossing over for D-points very frequently.
Brian Walsh is a senior D-line handler that should be considered for one of the All-Region teams. He is one of our best pure throwers and rarely turns the disc over. He is also known to break the ankles of his mark with his fakes.
Two more freshmen that should be in the conversation for all-freshman team are Harrison Tanico and Adam Newman. Both entered college with high school experience and now start as D-line handlers. They will make plays on both sides of the disc.
I could keep rambling about why each of my teammates should make it, but these are the guys you need to watch for the most.


I can’t speak for all of the freshman in the Region, but as Nathan’s club coach last summer I won’t be surprised if he’s the best in the region. Kid had PoNY level throws, understood disc movement well, and played hard all the time. The only knock on him is that he went to Syracuse instead of UConn.


Dibs best player. Roastin kids on the reg. About to lead Buff to Natty’s at Regionals. All the haters take notice.

and I called dibs…

Sean Bowers (MMMBop) has been one of the most important players in SUNY Buffalo’s success this year. As an O-Line handler and Captain of GEH. As a player, his decision making, throws, and voice on the field and sideline helps the O-Line to remain consistent and successful and keeps our sideline one of the loudest in the Metro East and keeps us a force to be reckoned with. I believe his play-making, skill and leadership makes him a perfect fit for the All-Region team.

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Nathan’s trash…


Jake Waksbaum is a freshman from Princeton University coming out of New York’s Stuyvesant HS/Little PoNY who should be highly considered for Freshman of the Year. Jake is a starting D-line handler, consistently matching up on the opponent’s toughest handler matchup. Jake’s “in your face” defense and never-ending engine make him a valuable asset to any team’s defense. His give and go handler movement keeps defenders on their toes and, additionally, Jake isn’t scared to throw his body on the ground. It is rather rare to see a freshman so willing to lay out on defense on a consistent basis. Jake will surely step into a leadership role for Clockwork over the coming years and will continue develop into an even more beastly player.

Blue hat or red kneepads?

I’m one of the Captains of Rochester (that short asian one), and while obviously I can’t speak for the whole region here are my thoughts on All Freshman:

All Freshman team:
Pretty much just reiterating the 3 guys mentioned above. Josh Shapiro and Sam Mlawer from Rochester have picked up the game faster than pretty much any two freshman we’ve seen. Josh generates a solid portion of our blocks on defense with smart timely poaching and a strong field sense. Sam has some of the best pure athleticism in the WNY section and uses his body extremely well in the air. Probably the most consistent player on the Rochester OLine and only room to get better.

Nathan Shapiro - Honestly probably the second best player we went up against at sectionals behind Mike Mckenzie. His feel for the game as a freshman is unmatched and should be the centerpiece of Syracuse’s team for the next 4 years.

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Keeping it as brief as possible. Here are the players I think deserve all-region/ all freshman based on what I’ve seen and know. Disclaimer: Rutgers player

All Region (1st and 2nd)
Mike Rice
Gavin Clemmey

Robert Rickert

Zane Friedkin
Oak Nelson

Jesse Rice

Brett Tan

2 (don’t know his name)

All Freshman
I honestly don’t know who are the other freshman in our region are so this will be a plug for two of our Freshman:

Bobby Puhak #12: Bobby is a true freshman, coming in with no experience. But he has blossomed into a great cutter on our O line and reminds me a lot of Jibran. He has added a lot to his defensive side of the game over the course and once he can learn how to jump higher and polish his throws, he’s going to be someone to watch out for in the next 3 years.

Louis Kang #7: Louis, the opposite of a true freshman but nonetheless one of the better rookies in our region, comes in with a plethora of experience; YCC: Devyl. He’s a playmaker on our defense and you’ll see him dial up some great layouts on handlers at least a few times per tournament.

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I’m hurt Shank. You forget about me that quickly?

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Last Year’s FOTY Charlie Coburn runs Princeton’s D-line and plays in numerous O-line points as well. Exceptional play on both sides of the disc. Should definitely be an All-Region consideration.

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Cornell player here. Heres my thoughts on a few players deserving of All Region (I’m sure I missed some) and a few freshman from our team that are deserving.

Mike Rice
Gavin Clemmey
Shashank Alladi
Zane Friedkin
Oak Nelson
Jesse Rice
Brett Tan

Admittedly biased, but going to talk about a few of my teammates who certainly should be in the conversation for All Region spots.

Robert Rickert- really started to take over games for us this year, he’s a really experienced cutter with great throws. U24 invitee.
Lucas Bulger- Minnesota YCC and U20 invitee, hes got all the throws but takes care of the disc and rarely turns it over. Hes a super reliable, consistent O line player for us.
Frank Wang- He can do it all- offense, defense, cutting, handling- he contributes in every way to the team, as one of our best handlers and defenders.

All Freshman
Dont know much about the other teams, though I’m sure there are plenty of deserving freshman throughout the region, but I’m just going to nominate a few from our team who should really be in contention.

Vinny Calderon- came in with no prior ultimate experience and is now starting on our O Line as one of our most reliable initiating cutters. Great athlete, picked up the game really quickly, and has really developed into one of our most consistent players.
Dave Maniloff- a YCC player who has had a big role on O and D line as a handler and really solid handler defender as well.
Max Kong- another YCC player from New York who has stepped right in as an O line handler/cutter and is extremely reliable, has had a big role on the O line due to injuries this year and has fit in smoothly.

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Support for Oak Nelson and Shashank Alladi!

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Quick plug for player to watch this from Rochester is Sam VanNoy. Sam more or less single handedly kept our offense moving against Cornell, and his 8 goal stat line actually reflects the performance he put up against them.

Connecticut (1)
-Mike Rice
His name has been mentioned before, Ultiworld once live tweeted that he was taking over the game when UConn beat Colorado. Not sure what he looks like, I think he’s tall, like at least 5’10’, keep an eye out for him.

-Gavin Clemmey
Already has a job lined up for the summer. Second highest earner between himself and girlfriend. Has a girlfriend.

-Jake Hansen
One of their senior captains, and was invited to the women’s U24 National team tryouts. This past year has been a big one for him, trying his first beer (didn’t like it). His big downfall is his weak stomach, can eat two slices of pizza at most.

-Corey Danko
Avid family man, he still kisses his parents on the lips. Can cover most sophomores and is quickly mastering the 10 yard backhand. Has a girlfriend.

-Owen Casey
D-handler who terrorizes offenses and his own team’s freshmen who can’t seem to catch a goddamn under (Seriously Chris how hard can it be). Keep an eye out for his beard which blends seamlessly into his chest hair. Has a girlfriend, which is pretty sweet.

-Wally Esker
O-cutter who has only improved his waistline since joining the team. Has a girlfriend, which is surprising.

-Pat Kunkel
Probably the only kid in the region who actually knows how to throw a frisbee, handler who has been tearing it up for the team all year. Has no problem dunking on 8 foot hoops.

-Alex Jayakar
Easily has one of the strongest livers in the Region. While trapped in a 5’9” body, Alex has managed to become a premier deep cutter, often winning the majority of matchups against kids 3, sometimes even 4 inches shorter than he is.

-Christian Bonebrake
If you ask anyone who the best defender in the region is they’ll say Christian. Not because he’s actually the best but because he has paper thin skin. Looking for a girlfriend.

-Head Coach: Bryan Jones
I don’t know a lot about him, but he does coaches PoNY. Lists Charlie Eisenhood as an emergency contact, and is best friends with Nathan Shapiro of Syracuse. Says he has a girlfriend.

-Dan Reilly
This senior captain unfortunately tore his ACL. With that being said, would still be able to beat half the team’s in the Metro East up-line.

Toronto (2)
The fact that Toronto is a two seed is proof that this region needs to be redrawn.

-Bretton Tan
Like the entire ultimate community, I have not watched Toronto or Bretton play in a single regular season game; but I did have the pleasure of watching GOAT lose its Nationals bid to Dig.

Cornell (3)
Lost to a B team this year but everyone needs to relax. Can confirm they were barely a B team, these guys were good. Many of them were hitting open unders despite being forced flick. It was a good B-Team. Some people have claimed that Cornell’s poor results this season have been due to injuries. Others say it’s because they’re bad.

-Robert Rickert
Is a tall, strong, and handsome cutter. Uses his height like an English major uses his tuition at Cornell. Ineffectively

-Josh Klein
Quick handler with great lefty backhands, pretty good scoobers, and average flick hucks. Probably their best player, but is studying abroad and no longer plays frisbee.

-Joe Thompson
Blew it his senior year. Still reeling from this loss.

-Bryan Zheng
Scored a perfect 800 on his Math SAT’s, but still can’t seem to make his parents proud.

Princeton (4)

-Zane Friedkin
This kid has played for impressive club teams like Youngbloods, New Amsterdam, and PoNY’s B-team. Once boasted an impressive 100% conversion rate for inside flicks for scores. This was noted to be the first time anyone cared enough about frisbee to actually keep stats. His numbers have decreased steadily since.

Much like a timid 7th grade boy, NYU has been nervous and questioning their masculinity all season long.

-Jesse Rice
The shining beacon of hope for this team. if NYU makes it deep into the Metro East Regionals championship bracket, he will be the guy dragging his team kicking and screaming to a game they will eventually decide to forfeit.

Despite the fact they finished 5th in their section, barely making Metro East Regionals, and will likely be seeded below a few B teams, Syracuse has a few guys that absolutely deserve to be mentioned in POTY and FOTY.

-Brian Walsh
When Syracuse gets a break, watch out for D-line handler Brian Walsh. I haven’t seen them get a break, but I’ve heard they got one once. Walsh breaks ankles, hearts, and his parents spirit on and off the field.

-Nathan Shapiro
Should have made PoNY but got absolutely robbed. Routinely throws around throws in practice that almost never get hand blocked.

-Adam Newman
Still too timid to call picks in game.

Let’s talk about Rutgers. Albert and Jibran were the thunder and lightning that dominated the Metro East. As far as current players, not much; but, oh my god, remember those guys? Wow. If only, amirite?They came out on top against Maryland-Baltimore County in an absolute shootout: 8-7.

Can Shashank be the redemption this team needs? Doubtful

Suny Albany

-Mike Woods
Mike Woods has a great resume. Not only is he a tremendous frisbee player but he also volunteers with the Albany frisbee team teaching players how to throw, read, and write. If Woods played on any other team you’d notice him. Check out his Callahan here (https://soundcloud.com/wuuds)


SUNY-Stony Brook: Beat Princeton who placed first at sectionals so they obviously have some guys who can play.

Ben Sokolowsky- 7x player. Offense runs through him. Also loves math.
Josiah Zoodsma- D1 Track athlete for Stony Brook who has converted into a great cutter.


Michael Woods: Has been skying fools in the ME for a while now. Does not love math.
Peter-John Ferrebee: Tall cutter who makes exciting plays on both O and D.

David Gray: True freshman with no high school experience. Plays lock down D with great closing speed.

I think this video really shows the spirit of both these teams:

A couple guys I think are pretty good. In no particular order.

Brian Abedon
Chris Bedron
Chris Bohr
Christian Bonebrake
Owen Casey
Gavin Clemmey
Corey Danko
Wally Esker
John Friedman
Nate Getz
Jackson Hillner
Alex Jayakar
Ryan Kennedy
Pat Kunkel
Jordan Layne
Bryan Maloney
Lee Martel
Brody O’Brien
Navarre Pratt
Steven Purugganan
Dan Reilly
Mike Rice
Chris Rodo
Jake Woodrow
Grant Wallace

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