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All-Region 2017: Metro East (D-I Women's)

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Who are the best players in the Metro East region? This is an open thread to discuss All-Region nominations, All-Freshman nominations, coaching awards, and more. Stay positive and keep it civil.

Zuzanna Rybicka of Binghamton University is certainly one of the best players in the region this year. She is tall and athletic, and has unbelievable throws. A three-year captain of Binghamton, she led the team to its first Regionals appearance in three years. She stepped into new roles this year, becoming a central handler, and also dominating on defense as both a mark and a deep. She is truly a versatile threat.

The J’s: Janine Hlavaty from Rutgers and Jane Urheim from Princeton. They are both tall, fast, and basically unstoppable. Montana Bertoli from UConn was very memorable. Steph Huang at Columbia is a small and mighty handler, and Sophie Hulbert from Columbia is everything.

Janine Hlavaty definitely should be 1st team all region. Tall, fast, athletic cutter who was forced to handle this year but that added another dimension to her game that makes her an all around talented player

disclaimer I play for Rutgers Nightshade. The following players are people that I’ve played against/watched which is only a few teams


Jane #8 - The girl is a monster. When it comes to handling or cutting she can do anything. She came back from an injury last season but it seemed like she never had one. As good as a player that she is, she is also very spirited and extremely nice to the other team which is something I appreciate


Kim Brown #4 - Her flick hucks are unstoppable and beautiful to watch. She has really good field awareness and is a top notch handler

Kermit #8 - She is probably the best defender in the Metro East. She lays out for everything and is really smart with her field awareness. I would be scared to be guarded by her

23 (don’t know her name) - I know she’s a freshmen and she’s the best freshmen I have ever seen. She run through D’s everyone and she’s already laying out for every disc. The girl can catch and throw and her flicks are extremely impressive. She definitely deserves to be all-freshmen, no doubt about it


Marissa Aldieri (?)#13 - I don’t know where to begin with this girl. She pretty much carried her team to nationals. Her flick hucks are great, she can sky pretty much anyone, and she lays out for EVERYTHING. I aspire to be her because watching her play is mesmerizing. In the wise words of Angel Weng “If #13 doesn’t get POTY, I’m quitting this region”


Sophie - Every year this girl is a top notch player. She throws her body to D any disc that she can. She’s scary to match up with because she’s impossible to guard


Angel Weng #22 - In her last year on Nightshade, Angel was one of our best players. Her handler defense is scary good and her deep cuts are perfect. When she gets the chance, she’ll throw a gnarly backhand huck that can go for miles. She puts her heart and soul into the game of ultimate and deserves to be all-region

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After watching this weekend figure I’ll throw in my 2 cents…

13 Albert (Marissa Aldieri): is a beast and just keeps getting beast-er. I think I counted almost 2 dozen Ds in the final, no joke. On offense she gets open even when always pulling the other team’s best defender. I think she ekes past Jane for POTY.
Tuna (Montana Bertoli): aside from maybe Princeton, I don’t think any team had a great answer for her in the air, a 50-50 ball to her was more like a 90-10. Scary mark and some nice hucks too.
2 Ariel Virgulto: … So, I knew it would happen, but this girl is getting real good at ultimate. She bids for everything, plays intense D, and busted out some great backhand hucks. Will be even scarier next year as she’s starting to get smarter and develop better field sense.
6 Lindsey Bonitz: Never drops the disc. It’s insane. I bet she’s had 0 drops this entire year. I’m probably exaggerating, but gosh. She just finds ways to catch things she has no business catching.
19 Emily Giampaoli: Starting to get more consistent handling, and then will occasionally just bust out a perfectly placed huck or a crazy layout D (had one of each at big points in the finals).
66 Risa: If it weren’t for 23 on Cornell I’d say FOTY. Solid field sense and defense and was able to find the endzone a number of times, including at least once in the finals.

4 Kim: Beautiful pulls, hucks and breaks. Anytime she caught it I was just waiting for the inside break. Even when the other team adjusted for it and expected it she got break after break off. Also has good field sense on defense.
8: Great defense, great bids, great cuts, really fiery player.
13 V chan: Great cutting and field sense, good defense and throws.
23: Saw in this thread she’s a freshman, which is scary for the future if true. She was really solid on both O and D and had solid throws. If she’s a freshman I think she’s got to be uncontested Metro East FOTY.

8 Jane Urheim: Tore it up against UConn in the semis and was pretty much the reason it was a game. Watching, it felt like she threw or caught pretty much every one of Princeton’s goals including points where it felt like she got it every other throw. Also always marked Aldieri on a turn and was able to do a good job limiting her touches.
11: good deep cutter, I remember her being great in the air, but now she has throws and field sense to back it up.
00: reliable middle handler, not flashy, but consistent and made good choices with the disc.

43- good in the air, good on D, great throws
72 & 16- both solid all-around players, good on O, solid throws, solid D.

2- Sophie Hulbert: Solid on both sides of the disc.

I’m a player from Princeton, and I want to give some shoutouts to some of our players as well as other great girls we’ve played against this year:


Jane Urheim (#8) - easily one of the best players in the region. Has amazing throws and catches, makes every kind of cut (in cuts as well as deeps) and is in general a major game changer when she’s on the field. Had to handle for us a lot in sectionals & regionals due to sickness and injury which is tragic because she is by far the best cutter on the field at all times.

Annie Chen (#6) - there haven’t been that many posts made as of now but the fact that Annie has yet to receive a shoutout is, in my opinion, a national embarrassment. Annie is an absolutely dominating central handler and essentially controls our offense when she’s on the field. She has amazing throws, can break any mark, and is always able to get herself open to help a teammate out of a jam. On defense she balls out harder than anyone and can shut down any player, and is always willing to layout for the D!

Margaret Wang (#21) - our secret weapon. A lot of teams often overlook her since we also have Jane but that is a huge mistake because Margaret is a super strong, fast, and reliable cutter who absolutely crushed it for us this entire season. She’s super quick so she can easily separate herself from defenders to make any cut viable. And of course she plays amazing squirrely defense.

Tianay Zeigler (#11) - tall and strong, she can cut deep and will jump ten feet in the air to make a catch or a D. She’s an amazing deep when we throw zone and also played great man D. As opposed to last season, she started throwing upfield this year which makes her an even bigger threat!!


Marissa Aldieri (#13) - an amazing all around player. She basically ran the whole offense and carried her team straight to natties. She also had some sick skies and D’s in our semi game against them. Incredible

Montana Bertoli (#?) - super tall and will sky you. A great downfield receiver and can also make some devastating throws


Sophie Hulbert (#2) - great player offensively and defensively, gets the disc almost every other throw and is a major challenge to guard/shut down!

Ottawa and Cornell

I wish I was better at remembering names and numbers (these teams aren’t in our section so we don’t see them as often) because both teams had some talented and deserving players as well!

disclaimer: I play for Princeton and I also wasn’t able to be at Regionals or present for much of Sectionals, but here are some thoughts from the (limited) games I have seen:


Marissa Aldieri #13 - great handler with great intensity. Smooth throws, SUPER impressive layouts, and very athletic. Huge force for the UConn team and big part of their wins through the series.

Montana “Tuna” - also another great player for this team. Has the height and length to make the plays and get big in the air.


Steph Huang - small, speedy, and consistent handler with great throws and pulls. Big centerpiece of Columbia offense, has great awareness and disc skills. Gets tons of run-through D’s and makes it look casual.

Sophie Hulbert - love her low releases. Impressive player who does it all. If there’s one person that needs to be guarded man while we’re playing zone, it’s her.

Also wanted to give shoutouts to some great cutters:
Neha #20 - super fast cutter with big bids.
Yuge - last year’s FOTY, very strong deep cutter. Super speedy and scored a ton of Columbia’s goals in our game against them.


Jane Urheim #8 - not enough can be said about her; she can do it all. Has great breaks and hucks. In the air, will come down with basically any disc on offense or defense. Never thought that one player could have such a big impact on a game, but Jane has proved that time and time again. Even above all her skill in the game, she’s truly a player that exemplifies spirit of the game - respects her opponents and calls, great advocate for the sport. POTY nominee.

Annie Chen #6 - main handler with jaw-dropping breaks, hucks, and pulls. Has been able to get around any mark that I’ve seen. Textbook perfect layouts and great defensive intensity on the field. Surprised to see her overlooked so far but definitely think she deserves to be all-region.

Margaret Wang #21 - very experienced cutter with amazing field sense. Speedy and open on pretty much any matchup. Great hands and grabs in air and layout saves. Plays great defense and often will shut down the toughest matchups when the rest of us can’t.

Nicole Rinaldi #12 - hard to believe this is her first full spring season (although not a freshman), came into the sport with natural athleticism and diving bids, and has developed pinpoint accurate throws as well. Good cutter with great reads in air as deep deep. Rarely drops the disc and makes the difficult catches.

It’s hard to know who’s a freshman on other teams, so here’s a shoutout to our own:
Mona Clappier - very speedy, and has great timing, ups, and hands in the air.
Heather Cho - puts in the work and reels in some sick catches.
Sarah Coffey - tall and has a big mark.
Jiwon You - injured this spring but look out for her next year as a dominant handler!

I haven’t seen Cornell, Rutgers, or Ottawa, but from what I know they each have impressive players to look out for too (Kim Brown, Kermit, Janine, Corinne, Isabelle). Congratulations to every team for a great season, and good luck to UConn as they rep Metro East at natties!!!

Note: I play for Princeton; so my post will be biased towards the team, but there are tons of great players I want to give a shout-out too to!

Jane Urheim (#8) - There is not enough that can be said about Jane. She is a threat in every aspect of the game: cutting, handling, defense, offense. She can match up on and challenge essentially any player in the region, and every player in the region has their hands full (understatement of the year) matching up on her. She is also one of the kindest and most spirited people you’ll meet, so you can’t help but love and r-e-s-p-e-c-t her even if you know you’ll get beat deep/under/anywhere. Princeton has grown tremendously in the last four years because of Jane Urheim, and she will be sorely, sorely missed.

Annie Chen (#6) - A stand-out player at Princeton and handler in the region. She has beautiful hucks that fall like candy into the hands of receivers, as well as pinpoint accurate break throws that can go around nearly any mark. Her throws can change games. Also has fiery handler and cutter defense, crazy bids, and all-around great field awareness and sense of the game. Highly underrated, because she does not usually have the flashiest plays or biggest throws. However, she truly comprised the core of the handler motion at Princeton this year. Crazy to see what she will be like in the years to come.

Tianay Ziegler (#11) - Athletic, fast, amazing deep game and deep D. Has some of the greatest up’s in the region. Amazingly consistent cuts and throws, and great aggression on D.

Karen Feng (#00) - Just started handling this year and has really found a rhythm for it in the last few months. Consistent, reliable throws and cuts. Intense, amazing D - 80% of the time she is in the air or on the ground (40% of the time, gratuitously).

Danielle Fortuna (#1) - Plays amazing, gritty handler defense, and also has super consistent cuts. Often makes grabs that don’t make sense because it doesn’t make sense how she caught the disc.

Nicole Rinaldi (#12) - Injured for part of regionals, but absolutely requires recognition. Only been playing frisbee straight for one year, and she is one of the best players for Princeton. Seemingly always gets open on cuts, has amazingly consistent and reliable throws and catches, and will bid consistently on O and D. Excited to see how she will continue to play in the next year.

Marissa Aldieri (#13) - Incredible player for UConn. Princeton definitely had trouble containing her (and often could not), with her amazing hucks, speed, and skies. She plays awesome, terrifying defense, bids for everything, and is also very spirited. Huge playmaker and changes games.

Tuna / Montana - Great hucks and up’s. Difficult to match up on unless you have super jumps and great field awareness.

Ariel (#2) - Played very well against Princeton. Great defense, bid for everything; made it very hard for cutters to get open and for them to score off even very well-placed hucks.

Sophie Hulbert (#2) - Huge player for Columbia. Great, consistent throws, and intense offense. Bids a lot and is successful a lot. Difficult to match up on and play against; a constant threat for the other team.

Steph Huang - Speedy handler with consistent in, out, and break throws that can really determine the flow of games.

Yuge - Speedy cutter that played great O and D when Princeton played against Columbia.

Kim Brown (#4) - Clean, consistent throws that really made the game flow for Cornell.

Lilly Mendoza (#8) - Intense cutter and defender; very hard to match up on and get open on.

Corinne Giorgetti (sp?) (#16) - Fast cutter; hard to defend. Great deep cuts, grabs, and scorer for Ottawa.

(sorry, name! - #39) - Aggressive handler for Ottawa, played good D and had good break throws that were hard to mark.

Janine - A pillar for the Rutgers team. Amazing player; sucks that she had to handle a lot, because I remember her being an amazing receiver and super fast cutter with great hands. She would’ve been an even greater threat if she had someone throwing to her. Otherwise, consistent throws, and great field awareness. Also some crazy foot D’s!?

Angel - Fast, reliable cutter with good throws. Consistently gets open and creates space for her teammates.

Elissa Sutherland - Played great, gritty D. Bid for everything, and would pressure a lot of our cutters.

Tiffany Teng (#8) - Solid handling. Aggressive and played strong O and D.

Lizzy Kisch (#14) - Also solid handler, with good O that helped NYU’s game flow.

Kiyomi - Strong, fast cutter.

Stony Brook
(#30) - Good deep D for Stony Brook, and good hucks that drive their offense.

Disclaimer: I’m from Stony Brook and I’ve had the pleasure of playing with (and against!) talented ultimate players from the Metro East. Ever since we started competing in the college championships in 2015, we have always strived to be a successful women’s team. We are always inspired by the well-established teams in our area, and we have learned a thing or two from being constantly challenged by some of the best players in the region.

Stony Brook: I love each and every one of my 10 teammates, but I gotta give a shoutout to our graduating seniors - Smash wouldn’t have existed without your dedication and perseverance to play almost savage every single tournament for the past 3 years.

  • Jessica (Jessie) Jolley: Hands down the best deep defender in this region. (She’s that tall ginger that skies everyone… did this jog your memory?) Other teams will try to flood 2-3 cutters deep, and she will single-handedly sky them all every time. Not only is she super tall, but she knows how to box people out when reading discs which makes it hard for people to try to test us deep. Having field awareness isn’t something you can teach, and Jess is a natural. She impacts the game to the point where teams hesitate (and usually don’t) throw deep, because she’s just going to get it anyway. Lover of spirit circles and team camaraderie.
  • Allie (Ice) Dowling: Puts her body on the line and will catch anything you throw at her. Such an inspiring captain and one of the best teammates you can have on your side because she never gives up. Intimidating on offense and defense and attacks every disc coming her way.
  • Whitney (WAT) McCarthy: Our best cutter-turned-handler. Her speed is unstoppable & she will always find a way to get open on dump cuts. Her give-and-go movement makes defenses difficult to guard.
  • Nicole (NITRO) Coveny: One of the most relentless cutters I’ve had the pleasure of throwing to. She may not be 5” tall, but she will run the hell out of you. She’s always the first one down the field on offense and defense, and will always be open on isolation cuts. Getting open against Sophie Hulbert (Columbia) on in cuts AND deep cuts during Regional Quarterfinals is no easy feat - esp when she is twice her size.


  • Tiffani Teng: Very talented handler - she’s got the throws (esp break throws) and the field awareness which helped NYU’s offense this year.
    SUNY Albany
  • Sarah Thomann: Another talented handler - holy moly she has huge hucks AND skies people. While Albany didn’t do as well as they liked, she did her best to put the team on her back and worked extremely hard to do so. Definitely one of the most underrated POTY candidates here.
  • Claire Kaiser: Main handler for the EZ’s this year and carried their offense esp with Larry as her main cutter. Super nice and spirited, she made everyone around her a better player.
  • Laura Mendomo: LARRY IS THIS YOU?!
  • Emma Gus Preston: If I could pick a SOTG winner this would be her. When the going gets tough, she never fails to lighten the mood and is always high-fiving the other team. Props to keeping the spirit of the game alive.
  • Sophie Hulbert: Relentless cutter and defender that is often forced to handle for Columbia to get their offense moving. Columbia definitely would not have been successful without her.
  • Janine Hlavaty: Never stops moving on offense and defense. Super smart with the disc and has the field awareness needed to carry Rutgers on both O and D.
  • Tuhina Bhat: Steady handler and set the pace for Rutgers offense.
  • Angel Weng: Quick cutter and a tough defender. Played strong man defense and made it very hard to get open.
  • Jane Urheim: Another cutter-made-handler and an amazing defender. She attacks every disc coming in her area which puts a lot of pressure on defense and offense.
  • Marissa Taliercio: Was on UCONN’s B team, but really should’ve been on their A team. She’s definitely one of the best throwers on their team, in the region, and is (most importantly) an all around fun person! She has huge hucks and one of the few players that can adapt to throwing in the wind.
  • Marissa Aldieri: So many Marissas on this team - I think they call her Al. Plays intense defense and offense (bids for every disc), and is a very humble player. Was definitely the key to success for UCONN this year, and is a well deserved POTY candidate.

Stony Brook - Claire Surkis: Our #1 favorite (and only) freshman on our squad. She is a quick cutter, and always trying to improve her game during and outside of practice. She will definitely be someone to watch out for in the years to come.

Coach(es) of the year:
Stony Brook - Chris (Ken) Cabot & Troy (Tickles) Lounsbury (aka KenTickles): The brains behind our defense. If you’ve played against us, then you already know how we love defense. Our secret? Honestly, we can’t even pick their brains to know.

Disclaimer/Context: I am a player on the Cornell Roses. I saw most of these players only at Regionals in a single game during pool play or the playoffs bracket, so there are surely players that deserve recognition this year that I didn’t get to see in action.


Kimberly Brown (#4) - There’s no question that Kim’s ultimate ability has been the core of the Roses. This year she was able to show off her impressive handler abilities, with beautiful flick hucks, decision making and handler cuts. Her break throws deserve their own mention for sheer consistency in execution. In the rare occasions she played downfield, her speed and timing on her cuts had her defenders trailing by several yards. Defensively, in a zone she’ll play deep-deep and stop hucks cold by skying players or intimidating the throw, and in a person defense she gets run-through D’s on the regular. And if there’s a call on the field, Kim is our walking Rules Manual (11th edition). She’s our first choice for POTY and the Callahan.

Lily “Kermit” Mendoza (#8) - Kermit is an amazing athlete and one of the most field-aware players on the team. Her speed and aggression is virtually unparalleled, and she’s saved many a chancey throw with a full-extension layout. She shakes her defender with well-timed cuts and is able to continue momentum with smart movement to the right space and quickly returning the disc to the handler stack. She’s likely to generate a turn on the mark and will rip/knock a disc out of the sky that was intended for an opponent player with ease.

Sami “Goose” Smalling (#23) - The rumors are true: Sami is a freshman but has already proven to be an essential player on the Roses squad. Her athleticism alone would get her noticed, being able to match up on the likes of Sophie Hulbert (#2 Columbia) and Marissa Aldieri (#13 UConn) in a person defense and do more than hold her own. She is also able to beat these same players on offense with beautiful in-cuts to the open space, then quickly returning the disc to a handler and streak deep for a huck. Her stamina in a zone defense puts her often in a wall and she generates turns on run-through Ds. Needless to say, we’re excited to have her for another three years, but for now she is deserving of FOTY.

Veronica “VChan” Chan (#13) - We were excited to have VChan as a 5th year player from UCD, and she seamlessly integrated to the team on offense and defense. She’s extremely fast and is especially dangerous as a deep cutter, and is able to save a less-than-perfect-huck with a crazy catch or layout. On defense, she goes by “DChan” for a staggeringly impressive mark and the ability to generate turns with run-through Ds and blocks. In a zone, she’s a reliable deep-deep and gets consistent skies on a punt or put.

Windy Feng (#40) - Windy is as consistent and reliable cutter as they come. With speed and ability to remain indestructible while making catches through contact, she is valuable with her under cuts to open space as well as streaking deep for the score. Her throws are a testament to the time she has spent playing Ultimate, with good form and decision-making to match.

Raina “Sprite” Kamrat (#19) - Sprite is one of the shortest players on the squad but it has no bearing on her knowledge or ability to play. Primarily a handler, her throws are consistent and her movement in the handler weave leaves defenders reeling. She has occasionally played cutter as well and is able to work the disc on continuation cuts and can keep momentum going with a big deep throw. She had a lot of layout attempts this weekend and is often the first downfield on a pull, demonstrating her commitment to maximum effort during the game. Her SOTG is a temper to the other fiery attitudes on the squad and her love for the sport and respect for other players is clear on and off the field.


Marissa Aldieri (#13) - A formidable player on both offense and defense. Her speed makes her a valuable cutter and she was able to make big throws deep to a well-timed cut. Her aggression on defense earned her several layout Ds in both games Cornell played UConn in this year, and she played through a decently serious injury during Regional finals.

Montana “Tuna” Bertoli (#12) - Essential member of UConn’s downfield. Aggressive on both offense and defense, she was able to get open downfield and give her girl a hell of a matchup. Big mark, high energy, very active presence on the rare moments she was on the sideline.

Emily Giampaoli (#19) - Consistent handler with great deep throws. Great on the mark and had several Ds downfield as well, kept tempo with some of our most athletic players throughout the final.


Sophie Hulbert (#2) - Sophie is the standout player on Columbia for being overall an incredibly well-rounded player. Offensively her downfield presence made her a valuable cutter, especially with hucks to the continue when she gets the disc. Her athleticism shone through on defense and she keeps a tight step on her girl on person D.

Steph Huang? (#22) - Quick, reliable handler with great throws. Really controlled the tempo of the offensive play and was core to the handler set on Columbia.


Annie Chen (#6) - I feel like I’m echoing thoughts farther up the thread, but much of what has been said is what we saw at Regionals. Accurate and well-timed throws, smart handler movement, field awareness, and impressive defensive ability.

Karen Feng (#00) - Solid handler, great throws and had some catches that were impressive saves of an errant throw.

Jane Urheim (#8) - Didn’t make it to Regionals, but her reputation precedes her. I’ll let the other posts speak to her eligibility for All-Region,


Corrine Giorgetti (#16) - All-around impressive player. Speedy on O and D, aggressive defense and layout bids. Solid field sense and disc movement.

To the players I have missed who are equally deserving of mention, my apologies. I can only hope to see you around the Region next year.

disclaimer Princeton Clockwork player here to give some thoughts

Overall a super athletic and gritty team that strongly believes that it isn’t over until the disc hits the ground (read: hella layouts).

Marissa (Al) Aldieri – echoing the sentiments above, this is the player who carried UConn to natties. Visionary throws and incredible speed. Both offense and defense ran through her. Really puts her body on the line for the sport, super inspiring

Ariel – aggressive cutter who will beat you to the disc every time. Not afraid to bid on O or D.

Super deep team with strong systems and loads of experience.

Kim – constant source of well-placed hucks that all seem to come from her pocket. Smart defender who can turn the flow of the game in a second.

Another deep team that’s on the rise; loads of talent and it didn’t feel like their rookies were rookies.

Steph Huang – unbelievable precision with the disc, can work the disc through any zone with ice cold focus. Will also sky people basically twice her height to get the disc back on D. In general a very heads-up defender.

Sophie – always seems to be ironmanning when we play Columbia…Sophie u ok? Jokes aside (but not kidding about the ironmanning) she has intense low release throws and is always active in the cutter stack. Also gets recruited to handle when facing zones and does a solid job breaking cups.

Yuge Xiao – standout receiver who reads discs super well and runs onto hucks that seem the slightest bit too far for anyone else to get.

Strong chemistry and athletic players.

Corrine Giorgetti – basically the backbone of Ottawa offense. Incredible throws and constantly open in cuts on O.

Great talent, looking to redefine themselves as a team these coming seasons.

Angel Weng – she’s an explosive cutter but you forget because she’s handled a bunch for the sake of the team. Speed can’t be contained and will get the in cut, dump, and immediately get it deep in the endzone. Really pressures with her agile handler D.

NYU’s handler swings and immediate breaks really challenge the D.

Elissa – bids, bids, bids. Also always super open on O.

Lizzy Kisch-- player growing into the center handler position who plays tight handler D. (also great dance moves)

Haley (Enns?) – another squirrelly NYU handler who will break your ankles (more great dance moves)

a shoutout to a few of my own teammates

Jane Urheim – the game changer. The one thing I am dissatisfied about is the fact that Jane had to handle so much for Princeton this season. While she rocked as a handler (being the well rounded a player she is), she does so much more damage as a cutter… “A healthy Jane Urheim is a dangerous Jane Urheim.” “Faster than most tall girls, taller than most fast girls.” #janetalk

Margaret Wang – casually vanishes your best players on the field.

Nicole (Nic) Rinaldi – incredible player who works the middle cutter space and is always open for the handlers. Great throws unleashed after a season of being sidelined.

Tianay (T) Zeigler – some people will notice her for her Ds but she’s a force on O too. Heads up in cuts and will get down and on the ground to save low discs. Will get up and in the sky to grab high discs.

Karen Feng – fiery D. Formerly a cutter but really grew into the handler position this year. Super active and works to get open for our teammates when they need a bailout.

Danielle Fortuna (Tuna) – the cutter we trust to play the tightest handler D on the best handlers from other teams. No one really understands how her grabs work but she always secures the disc in the endzone. Also played so intensely despite coming back from surgery less than half a year ago