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All-Region 2017: Metro East (D-III Men's)

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Who are the best players in the Metro East region? This is an open thread to discuss All-Region nominations, All-Freshman nominations, coaching awards, and more. Stay positive and keep it civil.

FOTY: Anthony “Plato” Prato is the kind of player every DIII college captain dreams of recruiting. Throws? Check. Athleticism? Check. Club experience? Check. Great hair? Check.

I’m Tom Benamram a sophomore from SUNY Geneseo. With conferences over and regionals on the way I am really excited for the chance to get to write about some of the best players in our region.

In terms of other schools I’d like to talk about Josh Winward (#4) from Colgate. In our three games against Colgate this season and the one I watched at Hightide Josh has been the man for them. He plays the deep-deep position in their four-man cup and gets up high enough to keep handlers wary of testing him. On offense he uses a strong around backhand to get off all of the break throws he wanted. In my experience he is the backbone of the Colgate team.

We didn’t get many opportunities to play Fredonia this year, but in our game against them it was clear how strong of a player Goofy (this is what I know him as, probably also has a real name) is and how much he can affect a game. With his massive frame it is difficult to go deep on him and practically impossible to mark his high release throws.

Moving on to my own team I want to talk about our captains Christopher Brighton (#15), Kevin “Couch” Burke (#42), and Dan Stern (#54). On most teams there is a “go to” guy who you go to when you need a stop on defense or you need a point. This year our Genny squad has three of those guys.

From left to right Dan Stern #54, Chris Brighton #15, and Kevin “Couch” Burke #42

Brighton is the main handler on our O-line. He’s combination of finesse with his inside flick breaks and power with his devastating backhand or forehand hucks is astounding in one player. In November of this year Brighton added a new aspect to his game. At the Northeast Classic Brighton unveiled his pogo-stick legs and began to sky people regularly. As we got to the spring it became overwhelmingly clear that Brighton had built his game beyond just dissecting defenses as a handler and also to smothering his opponents with lockdown defense. None of that was more apparent to me than at conferences this past weekend. In one point, Brighton had a massive layout D followed up but a footblock on our opponent’s end zone. He capped off the point with a cross-field flick for a goal. At the end of the game one of the Oneonta players came over and gave him a hat explaining that he had never been so thoroughly dominated before in a single point.

Couch has always been a shut down defender. By that I mean he is consistently tasked with shutting down the best cutter from the other team and consistently takes them out of the game. That being said, Couch has raised his defense to another level this year. In particular, Couch hand blocks and foot blocks at will. It is not hyperbole to say that I have yelled “foot block him” from the sideline and then had Couch immediately force a turnover by actually getting a foot block. On the offensive side of the disc Couch is our most consistent cutter. He is always open; whether it’s crushing an in-cut or it’s beating his matchup deep Couch is simply faster than his defender and has better stamina than him. When it seems like the disc might be out of his reach Couch will surprise you with a huge layout.

Dan played for Genny Tall Boys over the summer and increased his already vast ultimate knowledge. Dan knows where to be and when to be there. Dan developed tendonitis in his throwing wrist in the fall and didn’t let that stop him at all. His lefty throws became so good that Dan would still get to pull because his lefty pull out matched the righty pulls of the other players on the field. When the disc is in his hands he’s able to get any throw that he wants to any place on the field. His around throws are released from a near split and are impossible to guard. Same as last year, Dan is a lock-down defender and precise and dominant handler. Dan’s value as a player extends beyond the field though. His knowledge of the game is astounding and his expertise with the human body as a physical trainer means that Dan also plays the role of coach and trainer for our team.


Finally I want to talk about the Rookie of the Year. Anthony “Plato” Prato (#11) is without a doubt the best rookie in our region. He came to us this year from Albany having already played club as well as high school ultimate. The dude has played ultimate since his youth and his play reflects it. He’s maybe 6 feet tall, but possibly the most dominant deep-deep I have had the pleasure of seeing play. His athleticism makes it possible for him to sky anyone on the field and his high ultimate IQ makes it possible for him to position himself so that other people aren’t able to get to the disc. When a disc goes up Plato is sure to come down with it. Having played for so long, Plato showed up with a dirty flick huck and immediately stepped into a main handler role for us. He is able to throw breaks from up high or down low. Lastly, his forehand high release fake is so effective that he has the mark turn around and begin to run away. If you’ve talked to me this season on the sideline I’ve pointed to him and said “See number eleven? He’s only a freshman” just so that I could see the face of surprise that you made. He’s really good and will in all likelihood be player of the region in a few years. It would be a travesty not to vote for him as the Freshman of the Year.

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As the Coach of Marist Fox Ultimate it was a great pleasure to coach Senior Ray Tetreault. Ray studied abroad last season and it was a night and day difference he made to the team upon his return. On the offensive end he showed his versatility and stuffed our stat sheets with the highest combined total of points scored and assists this season. Defensively he was all over the field and made plays in the air, laying out, and had a whole bunch of foot blocks. Showed great spirit as a teammate and opponent to those he played against, Ray Tetreault deserves recognition for his 2017 season.

I am a Senior Captain for Fredonia and I’m sure I’ll have more to say after regionals but I figured I would toss some names out now.


Sam Carletta (if thats how you spell his name) is a big player for this team. He’s quick, sneaky, and seems to be a better thrower every time I have the pleasure of playing against him. Defensively speaking, he won’t let up the whole time he is on the field. with his willingness to throw his body around, not catch is guaranteed. The whole Hamilton squad is solid so to be able to stand out the way Sam does just goes to show how good of a player he is.


I was going to write about Chris, Kevin, and Dan but you should just read Tom Benamram’s post. They are great players. Dan and Couch always make life less pleasant when you have them guarding you and I’ve known Chris to be a dominant receiver. Honestly, I am only really speaking as to what I have seen from these three in the fall because we have not really played them this season. I can only imagine they have gotten drastically better, so, I’m sure I will have more to say after regionals.


Now to talk about my own team. Jon Gill (#11) and Adam Bubb (#2) are both juniors and captaining this year. These two absolutely deserve some recognition.

Jon “Ol’ Pepper Legs” Gill is a dominant player on both sides of the disc. He is the main handler on our offense and can throw confidently to any part of the field with a variety of throws. Not only that but he is one of the more sure-handed players I know. Defensively speaking, Jon is tenacious and hates to get beat. He uses his body like a next level player and doesn’t hesitate to throw his body around.

Adam “Bubbles” Bubb is another dominant handler. He is incredibly sneaky with his ability to break a mark and throw through a cup. He is a main player on our offense. Along with that, he is relentless on the other side of the disc. He is incredibly quick and always stays on his mans hip. If you find yourself covered by Bubb, you know you’re going to have to work hard for the disc.


Probably the most deserving person I will talk about is Tyler Davis, the Fredonia Coach. He eats, breaths, and sleeps ultimate. Tyler is an alumni of the team and has spent an incredible amount of time studying ultimate. When we found out last year that Tyler would be in the area and be able to coach is we immediately felt blessed. He is by far one of the most knowledgable people I know and I am sure that anyone who has talked to him about ultimate would agree. I can say confidently that any tactical failure our team has is not due to his lack of teaching but rather our lack of listening. This man absolutely deserves recognition for his knowledge and talent as a coach.

FOTY: Anthony Prato is by far the best freshmen I have seen so far. We have played many teams in our region and “Plato” is one of the better players I have seen that I didn’t recognize at all. Simply put, he is a freshmen that plays like an upper classmen; Geneseo is incredibly lucky to have him. That being said, Plato, if you’re reading this, come to Fredonia. Its cold and windy here. It’s great.

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My name is Emilio Weber and I’m a freshman on Wesleyan University Nietzsch Factor.

First I want to mention someone at a rival school. Gabe Ryan #3 at Connecticut College is probably the best player we have played against all year. Facing off against him at conferences and scrimmages number 3 always has the best throws. From pulls that force us to the back of the end zone to the monster flick huck, he was one of the best handlers. However, I’ve also seen him make incredibly athletic plays and is spirited. All in all, a very talented player very deserving of an All-Region nod.

Now I’ll talk about my own team a bit.
Macse McGleaughlin #00 is a very distinctive player and one of our captains. Macse (Pronounced Max) is a fiery player with a noticeable blonde streak and bun. One of the best defenders who makes unbelievably athletic plays. On top of this he is the motor that keeps our offense running. He consistently gets open underneath and unleashes deadly flicks, backhands, and hammers, throwing as many goals as he scores. He is a top player and definitely deserving of an all-region nod.

Chris Motell #18 is our junior captain. He is the engine that makes our team go. He is a leader by action and words. He is the hardest worker and he knows how to inspire us to our best performance. He is our center handler, has hucks with both throws, dime breaks, and just an all around consistency, plus a beautiful push pass. On the defensive side of the disc, he can play any position. He’ll be the lock down handler defender, can play any spot in a zone, and makes plays in the air. He’s had an extremely strong season, leading us to regionals for the first time in three years and will look to lead us to a national birth. He is definitely worth an all-region nod and will put the region on notice this weekend.

Finn Collum #23 is one of a strong incoming freshman class for NF. Finn played at Berkley High in CA and won the CA state championship and while he was on the team consistently finished in the top at state and western tournaments. Coupled with a season with the Bay Area youth club team, Finn came to Wes as one of the most experienced players and has made his impact known. He starts on the D-line, shuts down a handler, plus has great breaks and hucks after a turn. He is making a palpable impact on team culture as he continues to be a hard worker and inspires other members of the team as well.
As regionals comes up this weekend, the players at Wes have been under the radar. After this weekend however, many will see the skills they actually have.

I am a senior at the College of New Jersey and want to give shoutouts to my senior captains.

Brian Litt (32) is one of the most skilled throwers in the entire region. He can break almost any mark and will always find a way to get his guys the disc. He is incredibly quick and will always get the disc back for a reset, immediately bouncing it to his teammates. He has strong hucks, giving him the ability to control the offense as the center handler of our horizontal stack. On defense, he is right on your hip, always ready for a layout D. He’s always one of the fastest guys on the field and never seems to get tired.

Nick Landolfi (13) has the greatest layout bids I’ve ever seen in my life. He is always flying to either catch the disc or get the D; somehow he’s still healthy for us this season and we’re incredibly glad. He’s a very strong cutter who can get to any space that he wants and can complete the continuation throw to his teammates. Like Brian, he’s never tired and can seem to run for days. He’s a very spirited player who expects the most out of his teammates and his opponents every game. More importantly, he still has all his powers even though he recently cut off most of his beautiful hair for “interviews” and the possibility of a “job”.

I also want to shout out two very strong Stevens Tech players.

Jonah Mania (6) is their main handler and is incredibly consistent running their offense. I don’t remember him throwing more than one or two turns all game and was able to swing the disc and reset whenever he wanted. He garners an incredible amount of respect from his teammates and has always shown great spirit in all of our matchups. An incredibly consistent player, I’ve always enjoyed my matchups against him this year.

TJ Stanton (38) has to be one of the most annoying defensive players I’ve played against (in a good way). He’s always on you and will fly out of nowhere for a great layout. He’s another guy with incredible stamina who is able to get the block and run the offense on the turn. He’s a very quick guy who is not easy to guard and is able to break the mark pretty well. I have enjoyed being guarded by him as he’s always pushed me to work incredibly hard.

I’m Nick Landolfi, a Senior and Captain of The College of New Jersey Revolution. I wanted to mention some guys on our team as well as Stevens Tech.

First, I want to talk about one of our seniors, #23 Otto Gomez. Otto plays a number of different roles on the field but his strongest position is as a handler. He has fantastic field vision and an ability to find open cutters all over the field. He has pin-point throws with his backhand and flick; he has hammers and scoobers that are as accurate as his open-side throws. For TCNJ, he is our go to shooter, placing the disc perfectly on almost every huck. Otto has the ability to run an offense, setting himself up as a quarterback of sorts and controlling the game. Otto and one of our other seniors, Brian Litt, are two of the best handlers in the region. As an upfield cutter, he can get open on any defender and can initiate scoring plays from any position. On defense, Otto can shut down cutters and handlers with ease and can sky anyone on the field by getting elevated and boxing out players much taller than him.

Another TCNJ player I want to talk about is our Junior Captain, Phil Treu. Phil has grown into one of TCNJ’s top playmakers on both sides of the disc. First off, his speed and quickness are uncanny; he can get open on anyone and shut down anyone, period. He regularly beats players twice his size by absolutely burning them deep. On defense, its a challenge to get open on him from a handler or cutter position; he freely earns lay out Ds and if the disc is turned he will tire out the most athletic players in a matter of minutes. Phil is also becoming a surgeon with the disc, able to break marks regularly and drive an offense.

Stevens Tech players:
Ronnie Ankner- For me, Ronnie is a player that came out of nowhere, in a good way. I was surprised to see a face I didn’t immediately recognize on the Stevens line this season and he quickly made an impact. He’s extremely athletic and is one of Stevens’ biggest deep threats. As a defender, his size and speed are a huge asset, and he attacks the disc with tenacity. In our Conference game, Ronnie was my biggest worry as a deep cutter; he swoops in and contests every shot.

Mike Guglielmo- Mike, or Elmo, has been a threat on the Stevens offense for a few years now. He’s extremely fast and agile and never tires out. I would say Elmo is Stevens’ main deep option due to his ability to get open off of power positions or by utilizing the break side. Elmo is also an aggressive defender who will lay out for everything and will push you as a cutter for the whole point.

Hello, my name is Emet Schwartz, I am the RPI captain and also known as the guy who wears PJs everywhere. I had the distinct pleasure of playing against many of you in my 4 years in Metro East and wanted to give a select few of you shout-outs in no particular order. These shout-outs are for incredibly skilled individuals but also people who emulate what the sport is about- passion, improvement and a great spirit.

Ray from Marist: He is a fierce competitor and worked hard no matter what the score and never giving up. He played lock down D and kept Marist’s flow great offensive movement in the down field space. He got hit in the eye (from some loser) and rushed back onto the field to continue enjoying the game. He always has fun and incredibly well spirited! He deserves the highest praise.

Ian Betzel from Army: Ian wears #2 and works harder than anyone else on the field. He has the offense run through him and he will sacrifice his body for the disc. He is incredible fast and persistent. Furthermore, he had a hurt ankle at sectionals and continued to fight through it and the only time anyone took notice is when he was on the sideline. He is a truly remarkable player. ALSO HIS PULLS ARE HUGEEEEEEE!!!

Montana from Army: HE IS ENORMOUS!!! Everyone knows Montana in our region. No one can run faster or jump higher than him. He is the real captain america super soldier. Furthermore, he is always laughing and having a great time on the field. He is great to strike up a conversation with and a pleasure getting to know.

Josh Colgate: Clearly, Colgate’s best player. He plays deep deep and handles and runs the game solely through him. He is a real competitor and had a pleasure matching up against him a handful of times.

Jimmy Cortland: Do I need to say more? He is one of the most talented players in our region. No one has better throws and no one has more control over their body than jimmy does.

Lastly, one of my own Alex Curreri #4: Curri, has become, without a doubt, our best player. He works unbelievably hard on the field. No matter if it is the first point of first game or last point of game 4 on Sunday, he always takes the hardest match-up. He doesn’t ever give up, and I mean ever (it’s annoying at times). He is always pushing the team to new limits and I wholeheartedly believe he deserves this award. On offense he is our best handler and runs give and goes like no other. He is a nightmare to cover and you cant get open against him. More than that, he cares about the team so much. He joined the team and has a one track mind - improvement. He wants to see every member improve and have the team grow as a unit. He loves this sport more than anyone else and it is clearly shown how he conducts himself. I am giving everyone in the region a fair warning, be careful of him next year, he will be an unstoppable force.

Coaching award, without a doubt should go to Army’s coach. He is always even tempered and respectful. He is smart and makes minor adjustments that completely stop teams in their tracks. I have only been able to exchange a few words with him before games but Army is unbelievably lucky to have someone like him on their sideline.

Thank you for listening. I wish everyone still competing the best of luck this weekend.

-Emet Schwartz

Hey everyone, my name is Mitch Smith #23, Captain of Army. This year has been a heck of a ride for the Army team as we won our first ever conference and regional championship. I’m sure for most of you, the Army players were relative unknown going into this weekend’s tournament. However, some of our players have made a statement during the postseason and deserve some a to be recognized for their play.

First, Ian Betzel #2 has been central to our success and rise as a team. Ian can destroy any defender underneath and has the best hucks of anyone on the team. When games get tight and we need someone to step up and take over a point, Ian is our guy. His leadership on and off the field have also been critical to our rise from a new team to winning the region.

Hunter Hill #5 is our primary offensive handler. His ability to break any mark strikes fear in opposing defenders. Hunter can get open with a variety of handler cuts and his fitness allows him to play an entire game without tiring out. He runs the offense and takes dictates the game at will.

Montana Bilger #21 is the beast of our team. Whether he is blowing by a man deep, jumping over defenders, or laying out for a D, Montana is a physically imposing player that can beat teams in a variety of ways. Montana also inspires his teammates with his passionate play and intense desire to win.

Zach Riemer #31 is my nomination for Freshman of the Year. Zach is another offensive handler and plays way beyond his age. He is fast, has great throws, and is extremely fit. He is the type of player who seems to come up with the clutch throw or catch when the offense is stalling and he is extremely creative in breaking a defense wide open. Zach also lays it on the line defensively and is an all around great building block for Army in years to come.

Finally, I would like to nominate our coach Stephen Finn for coach of the year. Coach Finn has been involved with ultimate for over 30 years. He has won a club championship at every level and knows the game extremely well. He is very creative in his game planning and motivates us during every game. Without Coach Finn, Army would not have developed into the team we are today.

I had a wonderful weekend playing against so many good teams. Our region is full of talented and spirited players and I will definitely miss College Ultimate next year. Thanks for making this a great year.

Hey everyone, just here to give some shoutouts to guys that we’ve played with and against this season that deserve consideration:

Montana-he’s an animal
Not sure of names, but #2 and #5, both great handlers
Guy with glasses, #24 (name?) also a great player

Josh Winward was definitely their best player

Sam #21 was amazing, definitely deserving on all-region
Not sure of his name but the #30 was most dominant cutter on the team

Jimmy is crazy

Dan-Their best overall player, ridiculous defender, crazy lay-out D’s
Chris Brighton- great hucks
Jake #34- couldn’t be stopped deep or in
"Couch" #42- physcial, lockdown defender

Goofy- Stupid tall, really good throws, takes games over

Not sure of name but #21, ridiculously fast, wears great hats, good throws, even better as a cutter than a handler

TJ is the fastest muthafucka I’ve ever seen

Any help with names would be appreciated when voting! Thanks

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Hey guys, I’m Quentin LeVant #11, a senior for Ithaca. It’s been a pleasure playing with everyone in this region. Regionals was some of the most fun I’ve had on the field and I want to thank all of you for creating such a great environment.

I want to take a moment to mention two players from our squad that I think should receive some recognition for sure.
Andrew Seiden #21, I really don’t know where to start with Seiden. Many of you may know him as straw hat kid, that’s because he decided that High Tide should never end and stays tropical all season long. Anyone who’s played us knows that he’s that kid with the crazy speed, hops, and who loves to get horizontal. Seiden is also one of the most clutch players in the region. Whenever I thought that I’d seen it all from him, he’d prove me wrong and turn it up another notch. Regionals was just another example of that, his throws were on point, he had one of the craziest lay out D’s I’ve ever seen, and he recorded NINE hand blocks. I call him a freak, but really he just loves to play ultimate. For what it’s worth he’s also one of the most modest kids I know and is all about the team.

Secondly, I like to throw Alec Tucker’s (#15) name out there. He was one of the captains of Nawshus this year and showed it on and off the field. He was an incredible presence on our team, with literally the entire offense running through him. Sometimes Tuck was even to quick for his own good (most travel calls I’ve ever seen called on someone). All that aside, his love for ultimate has made him one of the most versatile players in the region. Tucker is just as good a cutter as he is a handler. He plays with a strength that is unexpected. Without Alec, I’m not sure how far this team would have come this year. He brings a comfort to the six other dudes on the line whenever he’s on the field.

To respond to you section on Army:

Montana: He is in fact an animal. Enough said.
Number 2 is Ian Betzel. Cutter/ thrower extraordinaire.
Number 5 is Hunter Hill. Plays as the primary offensive handler.
Guy with glasses/ number 24 is Joseph Woolfork. Plays defensive handler.


hi all, wesleyan player here

definitely would shoutout chris moetell (#18) and marcus kener (#5) as coming up big in our play this past weekend. chris is a really consistent o-line handler that distributes well and can move defenses. marcus is a deep threat and came up huge in the air a number of times on offense

charlie king (#4), jesse b-c (#2), and emilio “emiliano baddaducci” weber (#1) also are all deserving of all-region looks. total team effort to break seed and make it to finals. #NF #nofriends #nofamily #nofredonia

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What’s up guys, Jake Ryder from Geneseo comin at ya at 2:50am. I’m sure there are similar teams in other regions, but playing against so may of you all the last four years has been an awesome experience, and a lotta ya are pretty great. Some Super great people though were Montana, Hunter on Army-dude was fast as hell, even if I never played against him, Poseidon on Ithaca, and their captain #15, both just really great guys to play against, and great players on the field, I noticed now that I’ve only used the adjective great, so I’m not going to fix it, you’re all great. Jimmy (Raichu) on Cortland was a one-man wrecking ball, all three of our captains Kevin Burke, Chris Brighton, Dan Stern-killers on the field, certified sweethearts off it. Shouts to Christian on Fred and Kuhan on Hamilton, you guys are all just the best. Thanks for a great four years y’all #(Yung)Metro

My name is Timothy Nguyen and I play for SUNY Geneseo as one of the main handlers. I had the pleasure to play against a lot of you and I wanted to make my contribution to help with the voting process. I’d like to throw out some names along with a short description of what I’ve seen from them:

Ian Betzel (#2):
I never got the chance to play against Army, but I had the opportunity to watch the Regional Finals. From what I saw, Ian is a beast on the field and Army runs their offense through him. He seemed like a cutter at first, but he proved to be one of the best throwers under pressure. I remember playing against him last year at Regionals and the improvement since then has been utterly ridiculous.

Sam Carletta:
I’ve had the pleasure to play against him for a couple years now and always proves to be a good competitor. Hamilton relies on his throws, good defense, and knowledge of the game. As Austin said above, to stand out on the solid Hamilton team is nothing short of special. Definitely deserves a thought when voting.

Time to offer my own biased opinion about the players on my team.

Chris Brighton (#15):
Best thrower on our team period. As one of three captains, Brighton often put the team on his shoulders throughout entire tournaments. Simply put, when he wasn’t playing his game, we weren’t winning. Besides his great handler defense and knowledge of the game, his field awareness and ability to completely dissect various defenses is what makes him so dangerous. He has massive hucks and can place the disc wherever he wants most of the time. To not vote Brighton as an All-region player would be absurd in my opinion.

Dan Stern (#54):
In addition to being captain, Dan is the best overall player on the team without a doubt. The only thing Dan lacks is height. His knowledge is unparalleled. His throws are butter, not to mention that if he wanted, he could play an entire game lefty and you probably wouldn’t be able to tell that hes righty. On top of all of this, his defense is the most dominant part of his game. Dan has the ability to shut down cutters and handlers, and proves to be a threat anywhere on the field with his willingness to bid.

Kevin “Couch” Burke (#42):
Oh captain my captain. Last but not least, Kevin is the last captain I have not mentioned. To see the improvement from my freshmen year, Couch is a standout player on the team. He is known for his physical defensive play and non-stop cutting. For Geneseo, Couch is THE “workhorse” because he just never stops and will bid uncontrollably. Def got my vote.

Jake Ryder (#):
Jake is a veteran of the team. His athleticism and agility make him one of the most dangerous cutters in the region in my opinion. He will get open at will and as a lot of teams know from playing Geneseo at Regionals, his ability to box defenders out and come down with the disc is special. For this reason, he was mine, as well as Brighton’s, main target. Not just a dominant cutter, Jake could put it deep right after an in-cut, which also made him that much more of a threat. He definitely does not get the recognition he deserves, so choose him for all-region.

Finally, All-Region Freshman:

Anthony “Plato” Prato (#11):
Plato proved to be nothing short of special. When I heard that he was coming to our school, I couldn’t wait to see what he had to offer. Making it look easy, Plato made an immediate contribution by becoming part of our Universe line from the start. He is very reliable as a deep defender and I’m not surprised when he skies opponents because he roofs kids on the reg. But the most impressive thing has to be his knowledge and composure with the disc. He has almost every throw and great athleticism. As one of the Universe line handlers, he demonstrated that he wasn’t afraid of great leadership and responsibility. Truthfully, he doesn’t play like any freshman I have ever seen.