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All-Region 2017: New England (D-III Women's)

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Who are the best players in the New England region? This is an open thread to discuss All-Region nominations, All-Freshman nominations, coaching awards, and more. Stay positive and keep it civil.

I play in the DIII men’s division for Williams. I don’t know how it is that there are no responses so far on this thread, given that the New England DIII Women’s region is the strongest region in the country relative to competition, containing the top 4 teams in the USAU regular season rankings, and 5 of the top 16 teams. While I am not qualified to talk about players outside of Williams La WUFA, the strength of this division deserves more discussion.

Williams La WUFA had a phenomenal regular season, going 16-1 with their only loss to Princeton on universe point. They are clearly a top team in the country, and three juniors have been major contributors to their success and deserve All-Region recognition.

Mia Wang and Ava Anderson are elite handlers in the DIII women’s division. Both have phenomenal throws, even in wind, and lead their teams’ offense with composure.

Haley Lescinsky is one of the most dominant athletes in the division. She’s an unstoppable cutter and deep threat. At DIII Nationals last year, she led La WUFA tied for the most assists and D’s of any player on the team. She made All-Region last year as a sophomore, and has only gotten better.

I hope more discussion gets going on this thread so we can hear about other dominant players in the region. These three players should certainly be at the top of the list.

Yeah also suprised by the lack of discussion on this post. Clear standouts include Josie from Bates, margo and elaine from amherst, Sophie from mount holyoke and the handler with the concussion headband (?) and the cutter with the lit piercings from bowdoin. This is going to be a tough regionals all around with four bids among at least five nationals quality teams. FOTR clearly amherst’s new find, I don’t know her name but she looks like she’s been playing for years.

At New England Regionals this weekend, Mia Wang and Haley Lescinsky proved themselves as elite players in the region. Both were spectacular in the finals against Bowdoin, and were major contributors to the La Wufa victory.

Mia Wang is an elite thrower in DIII Women’s Ultimate. She confidently handled through Bowdoin’s zone along with Lescinsky, and ran La Wufa’s offense. Wang also threw a number of perfect hucks, and at times was able to take over points with her throws. Jaclyn Verzuh was in attendance to watch the Dartmouth men’s game on the adjacent field, and was overheard saying “That girl has really nice hucks” about Wang.

Haley Lescinsky was also dominant in the game. She was unguardable in the deep space, but also played a large role as a handler in zone. She also was a standout defender and made some big plays to generate turns leading to Wufa breaks.

As the best players on what is definitively the best team in the region, Wang and Lescinsky should headline the All-Region First Team.

Also, Casey Phalen deserves consideration for FOTY. She is a big part of La Wufa’s offense and is an incredible cutter. She is by far the fastest player on the team and displays a level of athleticism not often seen in DIII women’s ultimate. Many have claimed that Casey has the best hands in the 'cac.