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All-Region 2017: Ohio Valley (D-III Men's)

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Who are the best players in the Ohio Valley region? This is an open thread to discuss All-Region nominations, All-Freshman nominations, coaching awards, and more. Stay positive and keep it civil.

Geez. Another year gone by and it’s regionals time again. One of these years we are totally going to have more than one bid…

I’m going to do this in two posts, one for the region at large and another for my own Messiah College team. I’ll start with the latter.

Peter “BA” Burt, #69
BA was named to the 2nd team last year (as number 16; he’s returning to his 69 roots this season), and has taken a dramatic step forward this year. He is our best cutter and our best defender, able to get open in a phone booth or take advantage of some separation to take his guy to the house or beat him in for major yardage. He’s a monster in the air, and had more chase-down blocks than could be chronicled this spring. He’s a dynamic thrower who can hit his spots with any number of throws, both bombs and finesse. Beyond that, a very young roster (9 of our 18 players are freshmen) has given him an absurd workload. He routinely saves possessions and he is on the field most every point. To me, he’s the best player in the region this season.

JM Rallo, #29
JM is a great handler who can beat you with big throws, breaks from a wild variety of gimmicky release points, or by getting every other pass. He’s tremendously athletic for his size, and is a fearless player. Our team nominated JM for the Sin The Fields All-Star team, and JM was indeed picked for the roster–the only D-III player to make the list. Here’s his nomination video, which is better than anything else I can say to describe his game.

Aaron Olney, #17
The only D-III player named to the 2015 Ohio Valley All-Freshman team, Aaron has blossomed into an elite college player. He’s big, fast and physical, with tremendous defensive abilities. He will typically draw one of the tougher match ups and make their lives miserable, cutters or handlers alike. He is an top cutter, and can score on long hucks whenever he isn’t throwing them. Unquestionably a top player in our region.

Nate Harnish, #94
Nate is my nomination for the All-Freshman team, an achievement on a team that has nine of our 18 players as freshmen, all of them quality. Nate is a big target, smart with the disc, and has big throws to boot. He was on our O line in the conference final when we scored to bring it to double game-point, and he was stayed on to play our D point on universe too. Kid is a stud and a lot of what we’ve done this season, he’s been a huge part of.

Other notables: Josiah Peck (#6) is a tremendous handler, and is one of those players that holds a whole team together. He’s reliable, durable, able to star on either line, capable of winning match ups against top players from other teams. If you are a fan of the sport and you want to see an excellent player quietly play fantastic ultimate, keep an eye out for 6…Dan Sidell (#18) is a sophomore handler who has also taken on a big role, and has the capacity to change a game. He had 5 blocks in the West Penn Conference final…Matt Burkhead (#50) is a strong triggerman for a team’s offense, and has a challenging mark…Justin Baitinger (#83) and Zach Feister (#81) are top receivers with a knack for making big plays. Definitely the kinds of guys a shooter like me would love to play with–just put it up and they will get it for you.

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Here’s my part two, a list of players from around the region that I think are quality contenders for All-Region honors. This year has had so many strong players emerge in the West Penn and East Penn conferences, and adding Shippensburg to the mix has only improved the crop. I’m sorry Ohio…I haven’t seen too many teams from out there this season, but I’m sure I’ll have a better idea after regionals.

Dominic Schuster, John Paul Bort, Jay Ratajczak and Stephen Babcock, Franciscan
duh. Jay was a First-Team player last year, JPB was on the Second-Team, and Dominic is the two-time reigning Player of the Year in our region. Babcock got a bit shafted by just how deep this team was last year when voting came around, but he’s every bit as good as the rest of this group. Scary team.

Calvin Trisolini and Lucas Richie, Haverford
Calvin is a regional mainstay, a top player with mind-bending throws, good ups, complete control of a game, club nationals bonafides, and the best possible spirit. In our one game against Haverford we worked hard to make like difficult for Calvin…only to have Lucas Richie rain a fury of flick hucks and blades down upon us as Haverford beat us on universe. Calvin and Lucas have plenty of help this year too. Haverford is a very good team.

Toby Harvey, Oberlin
I didn’t watch any Oberlin this year, but I’m gonna assume that this dude is still just balling out like he always does. Incredibly athletic and explosive, with wonderfully creative throws, especially in short range. Always one of my favorite players.

Bryan Walter and Jake Doyle, Shippensburg
Ship is new to D-III and they are major contenders to take the bid to Nationals. Bryan is an excellent handler, smart and precise with the disc and able to get it back at any time. Jake is coming off of a major knee injury which keeps him from doing things like this unfortunately. So instead he’s just merely perpetually open, with smooth pivots and throws to move the disc along. This team is really deep though. Gotta shout out Brayden Tiner, Zac Sands, and Josh Walther, any of whom could be the guy that blows up your team, and a coach in Jonathan Hoffman who has already won Coach of the Year for the Ohio Valley twice when Ship was D-I. Wouldn’t be surprised for more than just Bryan and Jake get notice once voting actually comes around. And they have two fantastic rookies too in Chris Wertz and Zach Hunsberger that are definitely worthy of All-Freshman team consideration. Very deep roster for Ship.

Max Franklin, Swarthmore
Max is a classic do-it-all D-III star. He’s only a sophomore I believe. He was an up-and-comer last season, and apparently he’s been heating up this spring. Excited to see him this weekend.

James Pollard, Philadelphia U
Varsity tennis player at Philly U, and such a good ultimate player. Fast, tall, high-flying skies, and big throws with lots of spin. As athletic as anyone in the region, or moreso.

David Behrmann, Mulhenberg
I haven’t seen Behrmann play, but he’s Mulhenberg’s Donovan Award nominee. Can’t wait to see him out there!

Justuce Sturtevant, Susquehanna
This is Susquehanna’s first appearance at regionals, and no one is more responsible for that than Justuce. This team is completely self-taught, and entirely unselfish in their play, and Justuce has spearheaded both of those qualities. It’s fantastic to see this team break through.

Anthony Scrima, Bucknell
The only dude on my to-watch list not going to be at regionals, and that’s a damn shame. Scrima is one of the best players in the region. Great ability to bail out teammates and good vision take a backseat to the fantastic throws he has. His hucks tend to either be dimeballs dropped directly into his receiver’s bread basket, or out in front bombs that sit on a shelf and wait for the receiver to arrive.


Calvin Trisolini is a baller. He was our top priority to shut down during sectionals and he still made plays. Also, Rye Buckley on Swarthmore is a great candidate for all-freshman. He’s been burning defenders both downfield and with his throws all season, and he plays some incredibly tight defense.


Put out some shoutouts for Wooster here. Has been referred to as the “three amigos”.

Dan Lynch: OV 2nd team last year, three year captain. Has helped transform a lower end sectionals team to making regionals in back to back years. A grinder who has become a force for handling on the give and go.

Emilio Bartlett: Main handler for Wooster, if you have played zone against he can throw through any cup at will. Dices up the field and guards the best handler playing nearly every point.

Michael Herman: Defense is his specialty having three blocks on universe point in the game to go for regionals. When a big play needs to happen it’s coming from him.

All Freshman: Only 3 first years on A team but are all ballers. s/o Aidan Mackenzie who pulls and plays deep deep as a first year. Wooster won out at Music City and performed well at High Tide because he consistently pulled inbounds or out the back of the endzone.

me again, sorry. Last time before Regionals. There have been a few Donovan Award (the new D-III version of the Callahan) nominees from our region.

David Behrmann, Muhlenberg
Dominic Schuster, Franciscan
Peter “B.A.” Burt, Messiah

All three guys are deeply deserving candidates, but naturally I wanted to highlight BA’s nomination. Dude has worked really hard to get to where he is in his four years in the sport. His nomination includes a nice (although kinda harrowing…) endorsement from Truck Stop and Breeze coach Darryl Stanley and a pretty baller video.

Read about all three dudes!

So just to elaborate a little more. I have played with B.A. in league, competed against him for 3 years, and coached him for a club season. I’m just going to breakdown the award criteria point by point. (Also posted this on Reddit)

Demonstrates an exceptional level of skill and athleticism on the field.

I’m barely being hyperbolic when I call him the Jeff Babbitt of D3 ultimate. Mainly he is an athletic freak of nature who is good for at least 1 mind-bending play a tournament. Sure his video could have shown his great hucks and fundamentally sound play, but those aren’t exciting. You see how he beats so many defenders by more than a few feet? Great footwork and unreal speed. I’m not going to say he is unguardable. I am going to say Henry Babock (who I assume will be Richmond’s nominee) couldn’t contain him at Vactionland this summer. Or that he shut down some of Temper’s best cutters (go watch the film). This kid is one of the great’s in Men’s D-3 right now, and if he can some how pull Messiah to Nationals he will show you that.

Upholds the principles of Spirit of the Game, equity, and fairness in their own actions, as well as holding teammates accountable to do the same.

Humility. Confidence. Eager to learn. Righteousness. This is what we think of when we talk about a Callahan/Donovan award winner. B.A. exemplifies that to the extreme. I’m not actually sure he would know how to brag if he could. Importantly, he expects and demands these qualities from his teammates. He is a leader of action, not one of diction.

Is a leader off the field, both on their team and in the greater ultimate community.

I can’t speak much to his leadership off the field, except for time time he told me was going to spend a month in between college and club to travel to a poor south American country to build a bridge he designed. Like I said he is a leader of action, not diction.

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I want to give a shoutout to our Mudshark (Bucknell) captain Anthony Scrima. As a leader, Scrima maintains the role of coach, captain, and player for our team. On the field, Scrima is the gear that keeps the team operating. With his crafty lefty throws and monster hucks, he is able to huge plays even when they are not there. We didn’t make regionals this year but that should not take away from how valuable/skilled of a player he is.

Peter Burt from Messiah is a great player. When we played them at sectionals, he was the player who had the largest impact. Definitely an all-region player.

Justuce from Susquehanna has also been impressive with his ability to lead his team regionals. Didn’t play against him but we heard good things at Sectionals.

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What Up OV! Jake Lamier, captain of Xavier BLOB in the Ohio Conference here. First, I want to thank all of you guys for crazy past four years filled with great competition and friendships along the way. Below are a few guys I’ve played against this year from Ohio that I wanted to highlight along with a BLOB shout-out. I’m sure I’m missing plenty of worthy guys, but these are the fellas that come to mind when I look back at the teams we’ve played this season. I’m excited to see the great competition both Penn Conferences have to offer and sadly I can’t comment on any of those guys just yet.

Franciscan: Dom Schruster – Don’t really need to go in-depth here. Great all-around player who makes things incredibly difficult. Pushing for another POTY title.

Oberlin: Jacob Arons – A sophomore (I believe) monster of a defender who isn’t afraid to put his body on the line. On offense, he’s incredibly solid and rarely turned the disc. He made for an exciting match-up at conferences.

Wooster: Danny Lynch – A senior cutter (made handle due to his team’s depth) who can absolutely tear it up on the inside. He’s done it on both the club and college level. Great competitor and someone to fear if you’re taking on Wooster.

Kenyon: Dom Camperchioli- A senior handle who ran the show for Kenyon. He led his team to two very tight games on Sunday of sectionals and unfortunately won’t be making an appearance this weekend. That doesn’t take away from his ability to change a game and make Kenyon a real threat.

Xavier: Eric Coglianese: A sophomore star of a cutter. After losing 5 main play-makers last year, Eric came into the fall with big shoes to fill. He’s excelled on the offensive side getting open at will and leading our team in scores (like 35% of them at least). On the defensive side, he’s usually on one of the other team’s top cutters and he sacrifices his body to make big plays on the regular. Really excited to continue to watch his growth over the next two years.

Xavier: Luke Byerly By far one of the goofiest, funniest guys I know. He’s been the leader of our D line all season, often running points with some of our younger guys on our team. He can guard any type of player on the field on defense and then give you anything you need on Offense from being a handler to popping against zones. Luke’s senior leadership and determination has driven this team to its success not only this year, but in years past. Glad to have shared the field with him the past four years!

The above guys all offered great competition and had amazing spirit every game. Thanks again everyone for a great college run and I’m pumped to see what this weekend should offer up in Allentown!!

-Jake Lamier #13

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Hey Everyone! I’m Peter Lafreniere #24, one of the captains from Oberlin, thanks to everyone for a great four years in our region, excited to see y’all this weekend! Here are some quick shoutouts about people from the region and a couple from our team.

Franciscan - Dom, Stephen Babcock, Jay - none really need much explanation, all very strong players

Haverford - Calvin Trisolini - We haven’t played them this year but I’m sure this guy is still a pretty nuts thrower and spirited, strong player.

Wooster - Dan Lynch - strong cutter with huge bids and a robot shoulder, more impressive than his individual play seems to be his work in developing wooster into a much stronger program over the past three years - he does a lot to better greater cleveland ultimate.

Xavier - Jake Lamier - Great player, great guy - just all around strong player and does a good job of directing his players while on the field.

From Oberlin:

#10 Toby Harvey - I think he made all freshman two years ago, he is an explosive lefty handler with great break throws and hucks, and makes some pretty insane skies and layouts on both offense and defense.

Jacob Arons - I am convinced Jacob is one of the best defenders in the region, he routinely takes the hardest matchup, restricts their play and will force turnovers. Although only 5’10ish, he is very lanky with ups and makes some crazy plays both vertically and horizontally. On offense he isn’t afraid to use creative throws to open up space and throw people open. Very intense and likes to have fun. Although a somewhat meaningless statistic, he has averaged a Callahan every tournament this year.

All Freshman Team - Julian Bregstone - I think his pulls were only challenged by Jay Ratajczak’s at sectionals and are the real deal - he regularly puts it in the back of the endzone. He is a strong cutter with huge ups and the decision making of a much older player - he makes the smart break throws and hucks but rarely forces it. Also takes very difficult defensive matchups and shuts them down. He should be considered as an all-region player.

Want to shout out some Xavier BLOB members to look out for this weekend and who should get some All-Region love.

Jake Lamier #13 - He is our captain, as well as the heart of our team. He has been a great player for years now but really took it to the next level this year as he became our main offensive handler and leader. He had 103 assists in our 25 spring games as well as second on the team in D’s. Truly an all-region talent.

Eric Coglianese #2 - No need to repeat what Jake said in his post, but just an overall star. Built of a really strong end of his freshman year and has become a stud on offense. He just finds ways to get the disc near the end zone. Sky is the limit for him as he becomes an even better student of the game.

Luke Byerly #3 - You will see him running around in a Tree Hill Ravens jersey and busting his tail. The word “Grinder” effectively describes him and his game. Luke won’t do anything flashy, but just goes out there and balls. He is the anchor of our defense, and will always pick up one of the tough match-ups. He led the team in D’s as well as turning in a fair amount of scores and assists. Luke is a senior and has given a lot to this team, even as he was finishing up his 50+ page thesis.

Lastly just want to shout out some freshman: Chris Alber, Ryan “Tugboat” McAvoy and Sammy “Sunshine” Fox. Have been asked to play a lot more than they may have expected, but they have earned their way on the field with solid defensive play. All 3 have a bright future on the team.

Good luck to everyone this weekend! The OV looks to be stacked with talent and solid teams again this year.

Helllo! Its Toby (Oberlin). To avoid repetition, I wanna shout out two people who I think are “flying under the radar” a little. But first, I just want to say about Jay Ratajcazak (we have all heard it before…but), he is the best receiver in our region, hands down. You may think you will get the disc…you will get skyed…its like a cheat code. I don’t think there is anyone in our region better at flat-out catching frisbees then him. There is no comparison.

Jake Lamier(Xavier)- He is at the core of everything that Xavier does on the field. A truly rounded player, in the sense that he is good at getting open anywhere on the field. He also had quite a few perfectly placed hucks against us at sectionals too.

Pete Lafreniere (Oberlin)

  • He is one of the irritating and annoying person to person defenders in the region, in the sort of quiet way where you just don’t get the disc. On offense he can dominate entire points with none stop 0 to 100 handler cuts which are a nightmare to defend. Plus he has something like a 4.7 40m. itz crazy.

All Region:
Max Franklin from Swarthmore. These numbers may be slightly off, but I believe he’s thrown 812 assists, caught 563 goals, and sat 2 points this season. He’s one of Swat’s best (also only a sophomore) and would be one of the best on any team. This boi played through Sectionals with a possible stress fracture in his femur, so unfortunately he won’t be playing at Regionals. If you haven’t seen him play, you’ll hear stories and see him for the next few years.

James Pollard from Philly U. People say “unstoppable” a lot, but this guy is really unstoppable. Amazing handler, cutter, and defender - he could throw a full field flick, run down the field, and sky you for a point before the disc hits the ground. Definitely someone you’ll be seeing a lot from at Regionals.

Lee Tarlin from Swarthmore. One of Swat’s captains, one of the best cutters I’ve ever seen, one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, absolutely ripped out of his mind. The man is consistently open, consistently catches it, and consistently makes a smart throw, whether that be a dump, a backhand break huck, or a hammer. Don’t fall asleep when this guy marks you, because he will get a hand block.

**Muha Haque from Swarthmore. (I’m definitely not from Swat and just hyping up my own players. Srsly.)
Another Swat captain who is one of the craftiest and most consistent handlers of all time. He always finds the open man, always gets open for the dump, and always gets his team hyped (which is a very underrated quality.) He also jumps from 10 yards outside of the zone, catches the disc, and lands for a point. Sounds unbelieveable, but you’ll see.

All Freshman:
Rye Buckley from Swarthmore. Already one of the top cutters on the team. He can go under, he can go out, he can go from side to side, and he can even go diagonally. Great field sense and already a leader. Possibly the most terrifying mark I’ve ever encountered, as he shouts the stall while wearing a mouth guard.

Kastan Day from Swarthmore. Literally caught a disc between his legs for a score during a tournament.
On second thought, maybe I shouldn’t be praising that… But he’s also a fantastic cutter, can throw deep with no warning (in a good way), and is always lit. Plus, he knows how to play wing. No one knows how to play wing.

Keshav Patel from Swarthmore. Does somersaults and skied Falcore. Literally the greatest player to ever play the game.********__


I wanna put another word in for Lee Tarlin #45 (Swarthmore) for all region. His cutting game is on the next level. Makes the most athletic feats look effortless. Classic graceful frisbee player––lightning fast, huge jumps, steady hands, and gorgeous upfield throws. If you don’t know him yet, you will soon!

Swarthmore has been the most competitive they’ve been in a while, and a few strong players have really led the way on that.

Lee Tarlin, our Donovan Award nominee, gets the biggest shoutout for going from our number one cutter last year to becoming the most reliable cutter the team has ever seen. He’s always making moves, makes smart, clean throws, and knows how to maximize on his athleticism. He holds the offense together and is always helping back on defense, punishing deep cuts with his prowess in the air. If you don’t know who he is, you definitely will if you get the chance to play Swat this weekend.

Max Franklin has been a star handler since he arrived, and his ability to get breaks and hucks off at will has allowed Swat to really capitalize on their newly found depth of receivers. He’s also a monster on defense, matching up against other team’s most consistent and athletic players and makes their lives very unpleasant (from an offensive standpoint, that is. He also has unmatched spirit and love for the game!)

Sam “Waterbear” Gardner came back ferociously from a PCL injury in the fall, spending the winter preparing his body to come back stronger. He continues to be one of Swat’s most reliable cutters, and is also beastly in the air. The dude’s hops are legendary.


As mentioned above, Rye Buckley and Kastan Day have been revelations, both coming in with many years of experience that shows in their unstoppable cutting and ferocious D. Matt “Twist” Tornquist also deserves praise for his quick moves and great hands, often providing the handlers with a deadly complement to Lee Tarlin. He also plays some of the hardest handler defense I’ve seen. These three have been crucial to Swat’s upswing this season and will continue to give defenders nightmares in the years to come.

Other schools:

Haverford: He’s got plenty of hype, but there’s no such thing as enough hype for Calvin Trisolini. Few people look as natural as he does playing the game, and his amazing spirit makes him one of the most fun players to watch and play against. Lucas Richie also deserves praise for his impressive, confident handling and ability to punish teams that make the mistake of becoming overly fixated on Calvin.

PhilaU: James is a god. Enough said.

Excited to meet all the other players we’ve been hearing about from all over the region this weekend!


Hey everyone, Calvin Trisolini from Haverford here! Here are my thoughts going into regionals. I hope to write a follow-up comment after this weekend. Are others interested in checking back in post-regionals?

Anyway, here are my picks so far from what I’ve seen this season:


Lucas Richie, #42: Lucas has earned an all-region spot this year. Offensively, Lucas’ versatility makes life difficult for opposing teams. As Charlie mentioned, he can carve a team up from the handler position with creative hucks, blades, give-gos, and a deep toolbox of break throws. But this season he has been a hybrid player, establishing himself as a reliable deep threat and a bailout underneath cutter whenever we needed. Game after game, he comes from across the field to snag discs he has no business getting. On defense, Lucas is often our last line of defense, gobbling up hucks by using his six foot four frame to his advantage or just roofing guys when he doesn’t have position. He is an excellent one-on-one handler defender and mark, and has the ability to quarterback our defense from multiple positions. Lucas deserves your first-team vote.

Other guys to watch and consider:
Alden Daniel, #26: hybrid who can roast dudes under and deep, and also boost flick hucks and baseball-like hammers.
Jordan Acker, #24: electric cutter who never errs (guard him on universe point).
Michael Weber, #72: sophomore who does it all and has a knack for big defensive plays in big moments.
Gabe Halperin-Goldstein, #18: has maybe literally never thrown a turn or dropped a disc
TJ von Oehson, #5: gloved, well-shampooed, perpetually open, always asks for the toughest matchups and always blankets ‘em.
Jake Murray #14 (all rookie): A dynamic cutter with the instincts of a vet and the jukes of a running back in Madden. 99 speed, 99 quickness. (Also plays a mean French Horn). Beware the Murray Fury in the coming years, Ohio Valley.

Max Franklin: Max stands out on a deep team for his excellent, relentless defense. Also has more patience and discernment than many players with his throwing ability. His speed can be a problem too. Get well soon, Max!

David Behrmann: A quality player, especially defensively. Behrmann will make life difficult for your team’s offense.

Philly U:
James Pollard: James is pretty nuts to watch. At two different tournaments this year I can remember glancing over to Philly U’s field to see James dunking on defenders over and over again. Add in his dimey hucks and you have a complete offensive player that is very tough to stop.

Peter Burt: This guy can play some defense. I always appreciate Burt’s ability to play physical D without fouling because it’s such a fun way to play ultimate but is so rarely executed cleanly and with such clean technique.
Aaron Olney: Another physical defender and excellent cutter who certainly deserves an all-region look.

We haven’t gotten to match up with Franciscan, Shipp, Cedarville, Oberlin, Xavier, Wooster, or Susquehanna this year so I’ll trust other people’s assessments on them until I get to see them play. See you all tomorrow!


What up guys, hope everyone is pumped for this weekend. This is David Behrmann from Muhlenberg.

My picks don’t go too far outside of East Penn for the season so far, but looking forward to seeing the rest of the Ohio Valley competition.

Dan Zuckerman #92: As only a sophomore Dan or “Cookie” has picked up the game super quick and is a monster cutter. He can make the big play that is needed on defense to get the break or make a huge play on offense. Not afraid of going up with the big guys. Consistent on offense as well and does not make bad decisions. Look out for him this year and years to come.

Max Franklin: Not much else I can say about this guy that hasn’t already been said. This guy is great on both sides of the disc.

Lee Tarlin: Watching this guy make big plays and playing against him was great. One of the most consistent cutters I have played against this year.

Lucas Ritchie: Definitely has stepped up this year. Finally got to play against him and he is no joke. He has the size, skills, and athleticism. He has everything to get the job done and more.

Calvin Trisolini: Throws for days. Offensive machine and makes big plays when he wants. It has been great coming up against him the past few years. Many teams immediately think of Calvin when someone says Haverford because of the impact he can have on the game.

Phil U:
James Pollard: This guy is ridiculous to play against and even better to watch. He has throws that are silky smooth and is able to sky people at will. Very calm with the disk and can lead his team to wins consistently.

Have heard a few things about other schools, but haven’t gotten the chance to play anyone else this year. Peter Burt from Messiah has been talked about a lot and looking forward to playing against him. The big names from Franciscan as well that we all know, Dom Schuster, John Paul Bort, Jay Ratajczak, and Stephen Babcock.

It’s going to be a good weekend. Looking forward to playing and seeing everyone out there!

Calvin Trisolini is the most talented player in the Ohio Valley D-III men’s division, and in my opinion holds the most impressive combination of skill, spirit and experience of any male player nominated for the Donovan award so far.

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Cedarville University.

“Our Good Friend” Andrew Carr

Despite our best attempts, Jimmy and Carr have a combined total of 0 girlfriends. On the campus of Cedarville, you can catch glimpses of Carr’s blur as he speed walks vigilantly on to whatever someone so boring and under qualified could have to do. He has only been passed after he gave his best bid for a phantom throw and caused his knee to swell into a softball. He boasted a 3 inch vertical before his injury but he has not quite recovered his soaring height since. Carr can frequently be heard screaming into the sky in his native tongue of Japanese (He is white).

Jimmy “The Slayer” Ford “The Hammer” “Skier” Von “no girlfriend” Eiff “No Job” Jr.

Just like Jimmy Mickle skies elite club cutters while playing for Johnny Bravo, Jimmy Von Eiff regularly skies the 5’ girls on our practice squad. Despite having no job, Jimmy boasts an impressive 2.5 GPA and the best “hammer” on the team. Jimmy may be the best reset handler in all of college ultimate. Jimmy’s wordless lunch with a varsity volleyball player this year was probably the highlight of his career.

Tony Donato

In his 15th year of D3 ultimate tony has never “outgrown” his love for the game. One time I heard someone referring to Tony as the Froggy Fresh of Ultimate. Although Tony does not currently have a girlfriend, he is searching. Tony is often “overlooked” as one of the oldest players in ultimate. This midget is immortal. He has never achieved regional recognition, so it would bless our souls if you all could vote for him so he can finally leave the game. It doesn’t mean much to him, but it would be the world to us.

Ryan Klinker’s chest hair

Although Ryan “Chest hair” Klinker has no skills on the ultimate team, the bountiful forrest of hair on his manly chest is unmatched in all of ultimate. It is a well known fact among the Cedarville swarm that Ryan was once skied by a first year ultimate player, who also happened to be a 5’5” girl. Ryan is engaged to a girl who “goes to another school.” All this aside, the amazing chest hair should be considered for our regions top player.

Just a few shout-outs from players I have watched this spring and competed against this fall.

Aaron Olney (Messiah #17) is a silent workhorse who would improve any team. He cuts relentlessly, and plays physical, intense D - somehow without fouling. He is the strong, silent type on the field - getting D’s and catching hucks without ever really breaking into a smile until he is on the side line. But he also plays with incredible spirit. During a tourney this fall, I had the privilege of matching up on him for every point of our game. Regardless of which team was ahead, regardless of whether I threw an assist on him, or he skied me, he high-fived me after every single point. It is all too rare to match-up on an opponent who seems genuinely proud of your successes on the field, and incredibly humble with his/her own. Aaron embodies that type of competition. I look forward to seeing his Donovan Nomination (and hopefully highlight reel) next year. For a sneak peak, check out the tall, blond receiver in JM’s Sin the Fields video nomination.

Waterbear - Sam Gardner - Swarthmore. I put him right after Aaron on purpose. He is easy to play with, very adaptable to different styles, and he gets the job done. Compared to some of the other Swarthmore play-makers, Bear probably isn’t noticed or talked about quite as much, but he is a crucial player who makes you feel safe as a handler. You know, without a doubt, that he is going to get open and that giving him the disc is a safe option, maybe the best option. In my opinion, he flies a bit under the radar because he isn’t flashy. He plays with lots of attention to detail and an excellent grasp of fundamentals. Also coolest nickname in the Ohio Valley (and yes, I am aware that Swarthmore also fields someone who goes by ‘Badger’).

Calvin Trisolini - not much more can be said. While Dom Schruster gets (and deserves) lots of attention on Franciscan, I’d say Calvin is even more of a one-man threat. As you will all see this weekend, he is quite capable of throwing and receiving deep shots, plays one hell of a deep deep, and has an endless supply of creative throws (see Donovan video). Three years ago, Swarthmore expected to an easy game against Haverford since Max had graduated, and many of the Donk’s key players had left as well. We were pretty surprised to find the Donks had entered a whole new era centered around Calvin’s handling skills.

Jason Horne - Phila University. Many of the hucks that James Pollard rips from the sky come from Horne’s hands. For the past three years, he has been an integral part of PhilaU’s system and one of it’s most dedicated players. He has also grown in his skillset, and leadership on the team, becoming their main handler. He has also maintained his spirit. I don’t know his number but he’s probably the one in the aviator shades, wearing hot pink shorts and a white headband.

Rye Buckley - Swarthmore College. In the few chances I have had to see Rye play, he has shown that he is a pick-your-poison cutter. If you give him the under, he will take it with glee, and probably break you or do something cool. If you shade him deep on the other hand, the point will be over pretty quickly, and he will have added another goal or assist to his stats. Pair that with him being super friendly, and describing laying out as his favorite part of Frisbee. Definitely a freshman candidate, and someone who will be fun to watch over the next three years.

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