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All-Region 2017: South Central (D-III Women's)

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Who are the best players in the South Central region? This is an open thread to discuss All-Region nominations, All-Freshman nominations, coaching awards, and more. Stay positive and keep it civil.

What is this? Friscrastinating [using frisbee to procrastinate] at its finest. South Central D-III Women’s has typically lacked diversity in which teams were represented in all-region honors. Since our region has shown so much development in recent years, I’d love to see recognition for the many great players we saw this season. Full disclosure, I play for Tsunami and tend to guard tall cutters, so admittedly this list skews towards those players I was able to guard. It is by no means complete, but I hope it can be a starting point for other players to recognized opponents they’ve been impressed by and leaders on their own team.


Rice’s team has an incredible mix of smart veterans and young talent. I’d love to hear some more about their seniors who stepped into big roles this year and younger players who had some of the sickest bids at South Central Regionals.

  • Samantha Paulsen- Paulsen uses her height, speed and great throws to be a huge threat both on offense and defense. In the regional games between Rice and Truman both this year and last year, Paulsen had amazing field presence. She controls the disc and the speed of the game. This along with her ability to shred defenses (both man and zone) should earn her a first team nod.
  • Emma Wine- As a captain of Rice, Wine’s speed and versatility makes her a notable player of the region. Wine’s quick handle cuts, shut down defense, and smart plays deserve major props.
  • Kelsey Nanneman- Although I don’t know why Nanneman got the nickname Ballsy, it describes her play perfectly. With incredible bids and bold skies, Nanneman’s ultimate knowledges shines on Rice’s team.
  • Julie Doar- Another captain of Rice, Doar is quick as can be. In the endzone, Doar one of the biggest threats and top scorers.


Harding has a small and tenacious squad. Admittedly, we faced them way back in February, and I hit my head so I only remember one player. I hope others will post about some of the standout players that I missed!

  • Brielle McKenna- McKenna is fast fast fast. As a cutter, her intensity leads to cuts that are almost always open. She is a huge threat in the endzone.

Missouri S&T

Missouri S&T had an incredibly strong season, finishing just 2 rankings below Rice. At Midwest Throwdown, their 5-1 record, 11-10 win against John Brown, and 17th place finish out of 40 teams showed a strong squad, even though they were not able to come to regionals. (Tsunami did not play Missouri S&T this year so I asked an inside source). Since both of these players are returning for next year, I’m excited to see what Rolla will bring next season.

  • Kelly Dunlap- Dunlap is a confident handle and isn’t afraid to put it deep. She is very aggressive on both O and D and plays every single point in every single game with 100% intensity.

  • Catherine Mittlieder- Mittlieder is a tall cutter who uses space really well and lays out. I mean like horizontal. It’s so awesome to see. I don’t think I have ever seen anyone her height lay out like that. She isn’t afraid to go for any disc and picked up the game really quick. As a freshman, she should definitely be considered for All-Region freshman honors, but she should be considered for general all-region honors as well.

John Brown

John Brown’s team has shown so much growth this season and the last. They utilize every player on their team. Every one of them is able to break marks, recognize poaches, and make sick cuts. I am curious about which of their players are freshman, because I am sure some of them deserve some All-Region freshman nods!

  • Greta Smith- Smith is a definite 1st team all-region player and has POTY potential. On the field she has amazing break throws and hucks. Her intensity is inspiring, but she never sacrifices spirit of the game. She is able to lift all players around her. The John Brown team has so much trust in each other, and it seems that a lot of this is due to Smith’s leadership and captaining. Go Greta! #1 fan!
  • Peyton Rudisill- Another one of John Brown’s captains, Peyton has a calming handle presence. her height, speed, and break throws make her a tough match up on defense. Her collectedness on the field is a threat to zones everywhere.
  • Emily Tumilty- This quick and young (sophomore?) player is a force to be reckoned with. Tumilty is athletic and her field sense facilitates a lot of JBU’s quick disc movement.
  • Katelyn Holst- Holst’s ability to stretch the field. On the receiving end of many hucks, Holst is a deep threat that can turn around and burn the defense on the in cuts. Her sick grabs make her a really fun player to watch.


Admittedly, I’m quite biased toward Tsunami. I’m providing you more information than you could ever know whoat to do with about my team, and I hope other teams will do the same for theirs!

  • Haley Johnson- Haley had an incredible day at South Central Regionals, and has been an asset to Tsunami for 4 years. Playing as both a handle and cutter, Haley is our go-to defender for all these super-quick players in the Region, and she is known to completely shut down both handles and cutters. Her great throws in the wind led the team at Illinois Invite, when Tsunami’s roster was noteably small. In the last regional game, it seemed that she was alternating between score and assist. Somehow, at 5 foot 2in, Haley has some of the biggest skies on our team. No 1st All-Region Team would be complete without Haley Johnson.
  • Emilie Willingham- Speaking of players who deserve 1st Team, Willingham is strategically smart and has dedicated so much time as a captain this year. As if that weren’t enough, she’s tall, fast, skies people, lays out, hucks, breaks, is Truman’s Donnovan Nominee, etc etc. Her talent requires a lot of adjustment from the teams that we face, and her recognizable field presence shows POTY potential.
  • Christy Crouse- Crouse rounds out Johnson and Willingham as a crucial part of our fast, blonde, senior handle trio. Crouse ups Tsunami’s intensity on field through her perfectly executed hucks, quick movement, sick layouts, and defensive plays. Crouse uses her amazing ability to never become tired to run the field, especially during long points.
  • Sabrina Lavezzi- Lavezzi has an incredible amount of field sense and is selfless in her play. Lavezzi is hard-working, has sick grabs, and great throws. As Tsunami’s spirit award winner, you can’t help but think “dammit, she is nice too”.
  • Emilia Budzowski- Bud (sophomore) is a young player, but due to her defense and quick grasp of the handle position, she defenitely deserves some attention. Serving as the monster in many zones, her ability to read the disc is noteable. Bud is another one of those “never tired” players, and will step up to guard tough players on any team.
  • Caitlin Staver- Staver is another one of our biggest defensive threats. As one of Tsunami’s primary cutters and cutter defenders, she once shut down a cutter on their in-cut fakes so completely that they turned around and walked away. Staver has a great mark and is usually so reliable that she doesn’t need to make flashy plays. But when she does layout, it’s with beautiful form.

More Notable Truman Players- Ama Idun, Claire Trumbull, Brooke Johnson, Emily Royer, Emily Sallade

All-Region Freshman

One difficulty with outstanding freshman is that it’s almost impossible to tell who they are when you’re on the opposing team. Although this list includes mostly Tsunami players, I would love to know about freshman from other teams.

  • Emily Tucker- Tucker is arguably the most dedicated player out of our ridiculously dedicated rookie squad. As a fast cutter, Tucker has become one of Tsunami’s most reliable marks. Tucker specializes in handle defense, and has had much defensive success against other team’s top handles. Tucker throws on an almost daily basis, and her hard work has paid off.
  • Lauren Wiggins- Wiggins is a natural athlete, and had noteable skies and layouts within her first two tournaments. Although Wiggins shines as a cutter, she has been practicing as a handle and shows great potential through her break throws, calm decision making, and ability to actually enjoy handling.
  • Sarah Finley- Finley is an incredibly fast cutter that just never stops running. As a result, she is almost always open, even on the most athletic defenders. Finley played for Kirkwood High School, and brought great throws and run through D’s onto Tsunami. Since then, she has also developed into a versatile asset to our zones.
    -Catherine Mittlieder- (See description with Missouri S&T)

I agree with all of the above, but one very important player is missing from this very extensive and impressive list.

Callie Warren #38 (lovingly called MC) is one the most humble players who will ever sky you. She is one of the most commanding receivers Truman could ever hope to produce, and her intensity on defense translates into a player who is consistent, hardworking, and so dang spirited you can’t even hate her for it. Callie certainly deserves all-region recognition.

I agree with everyone mentioned above! I’ll add just a few people in, and give some outside accolades to Truman State.

#18 Haley Johnson. She’s quick and intense as a cutter or handle. I couldn’t take my eyes off her on D.
#11 Christy Crouse. Christy seemed like a super dependable handle with killer strike cuts that really got the offense moving. She’s intense but also methodical.
#38 Callie Warren. Callie leads the cutters with her hard work and smart play. She works her butt off on D and you can tell that she really guides the team on offense. She also is incredibly friendly.
#10 Emilie Willingham. What else ya gonna say about her? She’s quick, ridiculously precise throws, and can direct the offense and entire team calmly. It’s obvious the whole team respects and looks to her. She also is great about keeping the game where it should be spirit wise, and teaching younger players. Standout player and person.

I don’t really have anyone to add here, but I’ll give a shoutout to my favorite player on Rice.
#18 Julie Doar. She’s tough, she’s quick, she works so hard. She’s just fun to play with and obviously talented and driven. She sticks out even on a very talented team.

#7 Shelby Petty. Shelby really seems to lead and carry the team on her back. From what I remember she played most points, and is capable as a cutter and handle. We often struggled to shut her down. Despite her height she can catch literally anything someone puts up to her, and she can also throw anything that needs to be thrown, especially against a zone.

Missouri S&T
Props to this team in general for playing savage.
Courtney Munch. Courtney was one of the workhorse cutters and had the disc in her hands a lot. She also just works on D and refuses to settle. It seemed like she really helped to set the tone for the team to work hard.

Paige Blasberg. Paige was threatening as a cutter and handle, and just wanted the disc. She wanted to get the field moving, she wanted every possession to count, and she wanted her team to do well. The teams success, though small, probably rides a lot on her.

Advantages of having a small team: I probably could get a away with bragging about everyone on our team… And they all deserve it. But I’ll keep brief.

John Brown
#3 Roni Bagby. Ron is a rock. Like for real don’t run into her. Roni is the brains and leadership behind our cutters. She sees the field, talks to the handles, teaches our rookies, and knows where to be and when. She knows what she can and can’t do, and plays for her team mates, not herself. Clearing out isn’t usually a highly hailed skill, but Ron knows when and how to clear to keep our offense moving. And I know I can throw just about anything to her and she’ll catch it. There’s no such thing as too low, or too high, or too far out, or too contested for Ron. She doesn’t make stupid drops and she doesn’t make stupid cuts, making her one of the most reliable people on the team.
#19 Emily “Tum” Tumilty. When Tum gets going, watch out. Sometimes I just sit back, watch and let her throw, give and go, huck and generally do all the work as a handle. She sees what needs to be done, does it quick, and is always where you need her. We want the disc in her hands, no matter where she is on the field. If she wants to break you, she’s going to, and on defense her mark is intimidating and has a clear “no-breaks” policy. Tum’s leadership carries the team through tough points, games and tournaments, and brings perspective to frustrating situations.
#21 Katelyn “Twiz” Holst. Who’s that redhead that just skied you/Shut down your offense with her work in zone/is always open in the handle set? She’s hard to miss, and not just because of her hair. Twiz is the only player on our team who literally plays every position, offense and defense, and does them well. She brings a cutter’s intensity to the handle set, a handle’s collectedness and direction to the cutting position, and can crush on defense as a puppy, part of the wall, or in the deep. I know when when there’s a 50/50 in the air near her, she’s coming down with it. Can it get better? Yes it can. She’s only a sophomore.
#13 Peyton Rudisill. If there’s a workhorse in our offense it’s Pey. No one can guard her. She’s insanely quick, and if she can’t just outrun you, she’ll fake you out and leave you wondering where she went. If Pey wants the disc, she gets it. She can read a handle’s mind and take off deep, or come under for a break throw. She’s the unstoppable back of our vert stack, usually cutting for the score in our endzone, and can crush souls as a puppy in our zone. If there’s a cut we need, Peyton is our go to, and if there’s a tough match up on the other team, Pey is taking it. She’s been dominating since coming in as a freshman last year.
#24 Abby Acker. Abby’s field vision connects our field from handles to cutters. Typically playing a deep cutter, she’s patient to wait for her shot, and when she sees it, there’s no stopping her. As a wing cutter, she knows when to come in and give our mids a break, but can just as quickly be streaking for the huck. I want her on my breakside all the time, because once it’s in her hands, we just go. And she another one of our incredible sophomores who have really grounded our team these past two years
#15 Bri Reincheld. When Bri came in this year we started her as a handle. She wasn’t really a fan. On a whim we switched her into the mids and were immediately shocked. Literally it took one scrimmage at practice for her to show us what she had. Over just two tournaments playing as a mid, she’s become a reliable part of our offense, and has taken initiative in our zone wall as well. She keeps her head up on defense, and has grown more and more certain of herself on offense. Bri’s going to become a big threat for our team as she continues to develop.