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All-Region 2017: Southeast (D-I Men's)

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Who are the best players in the Southeast region? This is an open thread to discuss All-Region nominations, All-Freshman nominations, coaching awards, and more. Stay positive and keep it civil.

Mark Sandefur from University of Mississippi HYDRa - he deserves inclusion for his abilities both on and off the field.

In terms of on-field roles, he often goes every other and occupies the field general persona. He’s got an amazing backhand huck, able to put it anywhere on the field in a multitude of conditions. Even with an extremely tight mark, he somehow steps more than 180 degrees so his stepping foot is behind his pivot, and releases such that it goes around his mark (as opposed to through). I’ve seen it dozens of times and it still remains inexplicable. This past weekend at Sectionals he was off the field for maybe 2 or 3 points each day, and the same with each other tournament this spring. On Sunday against Bama and UAB, he fired off multiple hucks from the trap sideline through the wind (upwind and crosswind). On defense, he is also a tireless workhorse, grinding every under and getting really smart poach D’s.

This is the first year Ole Miss has made it to Regionals since 2009; it is unquestionably a team effort, but an appreciable part of why that effort even exists is because of Mark. The internal politics aside, Mark put a lot of effort both behind-the-scenes and at practice to demonstrate his commitment and generate buy-in from the other players. He plays every game with a chip on his shoulder, and the rest of the team feeds off that energy.

Also, while his abilities are all the merit he needs for inclusion, he has done all this while being in and out of the hospital for gastrointestinal issues over the past year or so.

Just a few words on who I believe should be nominated. Obviously a very short, non-exhaustive list.

Parker Bray - Georgia - Impressive disc skills and throwing ability. The ability he has to make any throw and throw his receivers open is vital to the success of his team.

Martin Newman - Auburn

Michael Volz - Auburn – For both Auburn players, it was made apparent–at least in the games I’ve seen–that these two guys are huge reasons behind their success this season.

Dylan Zeringue - LSU - Underrated even though his skill set is crazy. Makes ridiculous defensive plays and has unmatched speed and quickness on offense.

MP Hayes-LSU- D3 transfer has been a defensive force for LSU this season. Great skill on the mark–has at least 5 footblocks this season–and in the air.

Kyle Reedy: UCF is trash without this guy, really makes their offense work. Also a bitch to guard.
Bobby Larson: Gotta have him here because he just whooped my ass at sectionals. Plays some mean D.
Avery Van Brussel: When he’s not busy sucking, he’s really fucking good.
Ryan Hiser: with Hiser UF beats UCF, without Hiser UF loses 13-5 to FSU. He might be good?
Martin Newman: He looks old as shit, but don’t be fooled. Actually a young guy who runs really fast.
Michael Volz: The other half of auburn. Other than trombone bro I don’t think I actually recognize anyone on that team other than these two and we’ve played each other like 4 times this year.
Parker Bray: Bobby Ley graduated, and god forbid we go a year without some that throws the disc really far.
The Other Georgia Handler: I don’t know his name, but the other kid who’s always in the backfield with Bray. I’m actually pretty convinced that he’s better than Bray, but he has to take a backseat and play conservatively because Bray is the gunslinger.
Tom Echols: Kinda hate this kid. He was supposed to come to Florida (even took a Tim Gehret jersey as a signing bonus) but then he bailed. Could have been amazing.
Michael Fairley: I’m not gonna say anything good about him, but he should probably be on this list.

This has kind of got to go PVDB. I don’t know how he does it, but every year he takes whatever garbage DUF has been able to scrounge up and gets them to peak just in time for the series. It’s infuriating.


What about Eric Sjostrom? I don’t see his name on here. He’s on the u-24 tryout list and is Auburn’s best player. I know that everyone knows him but I don’t know why he’s not been mentioned.


Because I’m drunk and got the name wrong. Definitely meant to have him instead of volz. Oops

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The BamaSecs rosters seems to hold a lot of the people that could be involved in this conversation. Not too familiar with those outside the SAPP section but some standout players to me are:

Parker Bray(UGA)
Paul Lally(UTC)
Anders Olsen(Emory)
Eric Sjorstrom(Auburn)
Nathan Haskell(UGA)
Neal Hollis(Ga Southern)

Freshmen: 9/10 biased KSU freshman Madison Head is a baller. Super athlete with a chip on his shoulder. Confident he could start on just about any D line in the country.

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@Billy_OB Other Jojah handlers are Gino Mattace and John Langstaff

Barry McHawkiner- Tulane

MP Hayes -LSU

Parker Bray- UGA

Dylan Zeringue - LSU

Volz - Auburn

Marty -Auburn

First Team:
Parker Bray (UGA) (POTY)- This is obvious right? He has the best flow in the game.
Billy O’Bryan(UF)- Dude does it all for Florida and has done it all year injured
Ryan Hiser (UF)- Dude came back strong from sophomore injured slump to make plays on both O and D. Throws have gotten much better as well.
Kyle Reedy (UCF)- has done it all from leading country in blocks at Natties 2014 to making Kwon look bad at Carolina Kickoff. No more snubs plz.
Eric Sjostrom (Auburn)- kid balls and has help lead this team to a solid year after losing big pieces.
Stephen Muir (FSU)- their go to cutter, small quick and always cutting. FSU is much worse without him
Tom Echoles (LSU)- well known makes plays when not injured

Names in Mix:
Cole Friedes (UCF)
Avery Van Brussel (FSU)
Peter Van Brussel (FSU)
Jacob Larsen (UCF)
Hayden Wachob (UF)
Marty or Volz (Auburn)
Nathan Haskell (UGA)
Vasia Mischin (UGA)
John Langstaff (UGA)
Chase Hammond (UTC)
Anders, Sperling, Bartell (Emory)

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Panty from LSU is the reason that they is in the postion they’re in now. Panty is not LSU being LSU, it is the four of the most tenacious defenders I have ever seen in my years of watching and playing ultimate. Panty is a group consisting of Kody Kempff (2), Grant Odenwald (18), Patrick Mancuso (3), and Thomas Hannie (25). The only thing holding them back last year was their throws and now they have come back with throws to match the best of them. Honestly if any oline hears panty raid they should be shaking where they stand. Each and every single one of them should be considered for all-region no question about it.

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I have traveled all around the southeast this season. I agree that the most tenacious defenders are Panty Raid from LSU. They should all be considered for All-Region. No one is as aggressive, athletic, and vicious on the D. When calls for a Panty Raid ring out, offense quivers – and rightly so!!

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Panty isn’t so great? Are you kidding me? When was the last time you saw a player with such an ability and movement with the disc? Panty puts the game in another level, and we will be blessed if we ever see a player with his skill and passion for the game again. Pitt breaks records. Brodie breaks records. Panty breaks the rules. You can keep your statistics. I prefer the magic.

Madison Head is without a doing one of the best freshman in the SE if not the nation. His defense is lights out and his Offense is explosive, he is on of the most well rounded players in the SE right now

After waiting for weeks, no one has disputed LSU’s Panty Raid talent. I must conclude that it is indisputable: Panty Raid is perhaps the most dominant defensive force in the South East. If you don’t agree, where are thee? The terrifying aspect of Panty Raid is that they will all be back next season to make another run. Opponents should be afraid. Be very afraid.