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All-Region 2017: Southeast (D-I Women's)

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Who are the best players in the Southeast region? This is an open thread to discuss All-Region nominations, All-Freshman nominations, coaching awards, and more. Stay positive and keep it civil.

Here are the returners from last year:

1st Team: Ashley Brown (GT), Taylor Hartman (GT), Julia Ting (GT)
2nd Team: Tori Taylor (UF), Charlotte Doran (Vandy)

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I think Ashley’s injured, unfortunately–she and Sierra Rimmer from Tennessee would both be prime candidates otherwise.

Aside from the four others that Keith mentioned, I think you have to keep an eye on:

UGA (full disclosure: I’m the coach): Erin Chun, Mary Virginia Hahn, Alex Fairley. Chun’s the do-everything engine for this team, and MV and Alex are the players finishing off most of the points. Alex’s season +/- is +118 so far, and MV is at +94. Chun has 101 assists. All three of them are wrecking balls on defense. Courney Vickery, Gracie White, Gayeon Ko, and Samia McEachin could be trouble, too.

Ga. Tech: Ollie Peterson. She’s a freshman, and she’s a problem for opposing teams. I hope she’s back on the field at regionals–she was out for conferences. Really excellent player who could be the best in the region as soon as next year.

Kennesaw State: Sammie Daugherty and Rachel Mez. Two of the best playmakers in the region. Sammie can take over any point she plays. She’s the best deep defender we’ve run up against, and her fading OI throws to the endzone are nigh-unstoppable. (Rachel’s the one who usually catches them.)

Freshmen to watch are Ollie Peterson (obviously) and UGA’s Amy Strozinsky who, while raw, seems be a step faster than just about anyone in the region.


Usually I do a separate post for Emory, whom I coach, and the rest of the region, but this year, I’m going to combine the two.
Seriously, These Are 1st Team All-Region Players
Taylor Hartman (GT) - Intelligent player who can do little things right and do the big things very right. Tough. She’s grown a lot this year.
Sammie Daugherty (KSU) - She might be the best player in the Southeast. Just a beastly matchup, dynamic receiver who has quality throws and is an exceptional defender.
Tori Taylor (UF) - I wish she didn’t have to handle, because she’s blazing fast and has the region’s filthiest layouts, but she’s proven she can be a capable thrower.
Kristine Fedorenko (Auburn) - Don’t leave her off this year. She had some injury problems last year, but she’s the engine for a solid Auburn team and probably the best pure thrower in the region if Julia Ting is on the sidelines.

Lock These In for 1st or 2nd Team
Lucy Berman (UF)
Kelsea LeBeau (UF)
Erin Chun (UGA)
Charlotte Doran (Vanderbilt)
Rachel Mez (KSU)

Players Worth Your Consideration
Julia Gregory (FSU)
Connie Barroso (FSU)
Mary Virginia Hahn (UGA)
Samia McEachin (UGA)
Ollie Peterson (GT)
Dana Rose (GT)
Madison Boyd (Auburn)
Melanie Lindsey (Tennessee)
Leah Gilbert Odem (Emory)
Courtney Testa (UF)
Danielle Cordes (UF)
Julia Becker (Alabama)

A Rook You Better Recognize
Ollie Peterson (GT) is obviously the ROTY, she probably should be All-Region second team, but after her, I don’t think I’ve seen a freshman making as big an individual impact as Kristi Huang (Emory). She’s been an incredible presence for us as a playmaker, scoring frequently (2nd on the team), moving the disc well (she’s 4th in assists), and making plays on defense (2nd in blocks). When we played a rookie point early in the season, the other team accused us of cheating because they couldn’t believe she was a first year.

I haven’t really gotten to watch LSU or Tulane this year, unfortunately.


We didn’t play any/much of the top teams in the Region, but in the fall when we played Georgia Tech, it was impossible to ignore Ollie Peterson. Who is that, I asked? Taylor Hartman was also all over the field and is also top notch. Didn’t play Auburn, but would imagine KFED is vital. Sierra Rimmer held Tennessee together and would’ve been. Crazy how much club players can dictate versus non. Julie Becker is a vital cog for Alabama, and her injury affected results at Conferences, but I think it’s fair to say that the majority of first team should come from the top teams (Florida, KSU, Georgia, Georgia Tech). Out of Vandy’s three primary handlers (we faced twice at Conferences), one should seem to be in consideration for 2nd team, though I couldn’t tell you which one was more important. Ashley Yao seemed to be in control, and both Doran and Lima always had a beat on reads. Tulane had no standouts for Regionals consideration, but they’ve got a player who I only know as having played basketball and depending on what year will be one to keep an eye on. LSU has a tall player with short hair and a green hat who was good and dictated, and a couple more that all would be 2nd or 3rd team. UAB’s Mary Hulcher is good, but I know I’m drifting into 2nd and 3rd team territory. Didn’t see Auburn. Ollie has got to be rookie of the year. Keep in mind I am writing this knowing that KSU, Florida, FSU, and Georgia may have vital players that leap ahead of these names; I’m just contributing what I saw based off of who we faced.

Going to give more of the GC side of things. I play for Vanderbilt, so biased/more familiar perspective on VUDU players.

All Region Considerations
Charlotte Doran (Vandy) - one of the biggest contributors to VUDU’s offense with reliable hucks, break throws, and a solid mark. Barely takes breaks.

KFed (Auburn) - after taking a break last semester she’s been back with a vengeance this spring semester. Huge breaks, some of the best throws definitely in the section and the region.

Sammie Daugherty (Kennesssaw) - super hard to match up against, pretty great defender.

Meredith Johnson (Auburn) - great receiver for Auburn, is a flex player and handles well under pressure. Defensively hard to stop because of how fast/tall she is, and has had some amazing layouts/plays.

Sofia Lima (Vandy) - reliable and consistent handler for VUDU, and plays some amazing handler defense as well.

Kristi Huang (Emory) - Rookie of the year nomination, although I know Ollie is probably the favorite. Solid handler with good field vision.

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