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All-Region 2017: Southeast (D-III Men's)

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Who are the best players in the Southeast region? This is an open thread to discuss All-Region nominations, All-Freshman nominations, coaching awards, and more. Stay positive and keep it civil.

Michael Hubbell, Mac Norris, and Jonathan Pabon.

Michael Hubbell: A quick defender who has the speed to get consistently open on his cuts and throws to be a solid handler. A pain in the ass to guard but a great guy to have if you need to get a D. Also holds the team record for points played at a tournament at UNG with 150.

Mac Norris: A solid shutdown defender who makes big plays in crunch time. Makes good decisions with the disc, can cut and handle as well. At southeast regionals this year he threw a hammer pull that went the entire length of the field.

Jonathan Pabon: One of the most incredible handlers I’ve ever had the pleasure to play with. Really
high ultimate IQ, great handler to have in a zone because he finds open receivers and puts the disc where it needs to be. Has a mean backhand and flick huck and he can sky just about anybody. Has been battling a stress fracture this season but he can still get open on every cut. He’s the guy you want to have the disc when it’s DGP in the G2G.

Michael Hubbell - UNG
Hubbell is a lightning quick defender who isn’t afraid to get horizontal. He plays tight “D” as he stays on his man’s hip no matter their speed. On Offense he uses his speed to generate amazing cuts and keep the continuation going, his throws are pixel perfect and can make anyone else look good.

Nathan Vickroy - GCSU
Come it’s Nathan Vickroy I don’t need to hype him up.

Carter Rae - Samford
Carter is a force to be wreckin with, he makes throws that make you contemplate your utter existence. His defense is also lights out. When I watched his his knee and ankle (same leg) where not 100% and he still was highlight maker.

Graham Hill - GCSU
Hill being 6’4"+ could just be another big body that only goes deep, but that’s not the case. Hill was a huge part of the Bobcat offense as he could generate a cut from anywhere on the field. Plus with him being so tall a 50-50 is more like 70-30. He has great reading skills and can make almost catch.

Fernando Ortiz - UNG
As the Nighthawk’s captain he led the way for a young squad, as a handler he made throws that could hit anyone on the field in their chest. He also helped generate cuts from the stack and how when he was called upon. And his handler were so good he made it was for his rookies to get him the disc.

Coaching- UAH coach. I was not able to catch his name but that man made a very well rounded team, obviously because they are going to nationals, but his team was mostly high spirited and very talented.

Coaching- Robert Hunt - UNG. Robert coached UNG to an amazing year. His team was one the most well spirited squads in the SE and was also very talented, if his team was able to get the numbers they would’ve liked they could’ve very well honestly made it to Natty’s.

Freshman - I sadly can not help in this category, I was unable to really find out what freshman were catamount to their teams success.