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All-Region 2017: Southwest (D-I Men's)

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Who are the best players in the Southwest region? This is an open thread to discuss All-Region nominations, All-Freshman nominations, coaching awards, and more. Stay positive and keep it civil.

UCSB’s Jack Hamner is damn near one of the best players I’ve ever seen. Not only does he make massive plays on offense and defense, he brings out his best game every time. Definitely an all region player in my opinion.

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UCSB’s Jack Hamner is a great choice. He’s a revelation in the division and I think his stock will only rise next year. There’s not much he cannot do on the field and when you have a surname that sounds so close to ‘hammer’ it really reinforces the rumour that he may have been bred for Ultimate.

Concurrently Cameron Wariner is another example of Southwest prestige. Considering how Cal-Poly SLOCORE all seem to be cut from the same cloth Cameron still seems in a league of his own. His acceleration is disheartening for a defender to match and he plays every point like it’s his last. SLOCORE has done a good job coming out firing at tournaments this year predominantly because Cameron has zero chill. I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t warm up as he plays like his entire life has been preparing him for his on-field prowess.

USC doesn’t necessarily have any big names that stand out but James Toh initiated almost every great offence point that they played. His nimble frame coupled with USC’s game style just makes it look like he’s the hardest working player on the field when he’s grooving. Toh might also have the safest hands in America. If he makes a drop it was from a forced error.

It would be remiss to ignore Mike Tran from SDSU on this list. While the Federalis might have only just scraped their way into Regionals it was on the back of Tran who leads the team by explosive up-line handler cuts and breakside flicks that nail the receiver dead-on. If a pass from Tran is dropped it’s generally because the disc was travelling with the air-speed velocity of a turbo-jet, so really can you blame the receiver? Tran’s real excellence shines in Zone-O. Without a strong wind assisting the defence Mike doesn’t seem to notice that the entire structure is catered to have 7 people stopping his throws. Mike may be a big fish in a small pond but when the fish is having that much fun it’s hard to hold a grudge against him for that.

Stanford Bloodthirsty once put out a hashtag #DrewScoreGoals which is 100% accurate. What’s even more accurate though is that Elliott Chartock throws goals. Elliott is the cog that makes the Bloodthirsty machine run smoothly. He’s both the best handler on the team and one of the team’s best defenders. Really Elliott’s only weakness is that sometimes he does too much and then gets tired. Elliott’s hucks demand the most respect out of any handler in the SW. It’s not uncommon to hear the defence’s sideline weep and gnash their teeth whenever Elliott spies an open receiver running deep. Elliott is to Stanford what Space Mountain is to Disneyland. Which is to say the best part of Disneyland.

To use a basketball analogy, in the MVP race Mike Tran is Russel Westbrook; Jack Hamner is Kawhi Leonard; Elliott Chartock is James Harden and Cameron Wariner is Lebron James.
James Toh is Isaiah Thomas, not really an MVP candidate but deserving his All Star nomination.

Other All region nods:
Nolan Walsh: Stanford
Jordan Lund: UCSB
Ian Sweeney: CalPoly SLO
Wyatt Paul: USC
Sam Cook: USC

Apologies to Cal and UCLA, I haven’t really seen them play much. Someone inform me if anyone there deserves a nom so I can include them in my basketball analogies!

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My team played San Jose State in March and Ethan Falat shocked all of us. I’m pretty sure he single-handedly beat our team. Going into Regionals our game plan against SJSU is to make sure not to throw it to whoever he’s guarding. His layouts are massive, his defense is superb, and his cutting is not too shabby either. I don’t know the game details of NorCal Sectionals but I’m sure he played a huge part in getting SJSU to Regionals.

Although Cal Poly-Pomona didn’t make Regionals this year, Matt Theologidy deserves All-Region recognition. He has all the throws and athleticism to be a top player in the Southwest, and puts his heart and soul into every game he plays. He’s also one of the nicest guys I’ve met in Ultimate and is a fantastic teammate/leader for the Cows.

There’s also no reason Austin Barden shouldn’t be on 1st Team again this year. It’s not like his skill level has gone down since last year. Don’t count out Chico State from another high-performing Regionals with Austin at the helm.


Stanford: Elliot Chartock- look at everything Ultiworld has said about him; one of the best handlers in the region and is the reason Stanford has been so close to a nationals run for the last few years. Let’s see if he can bring it home in 2017.

SLO: Cameron Wariner (POTY?) just insane at both sides of the disc. He is arguably most athletic in the region as well. Wheaties is a joy to watch every time and is 1st all region in my book.

Chico: Austin Barden. Totally agree with him making the list again this year. He makes massive plays and has a massive heart for the game. Count yourself lucky if you have not been roofed by Barden.

UCSB: Jack Hamner is a freak. Not only will he out jump and out run you, he will have that damn boyish smile while doing it. I hate to love that guy. He also has another year?!

Will Turner- the anchor for Black Tide. He made all region last year and for sure is destroying individuals enough to stay for 2017. Can Handle, Cut, and shut down people one on one. Black Tide must have a criteria for looking cute while demolishing on the field.

Pomona: Matt Theologidy is a phenomenal all-around player who just destroys defenses with his throws and is a beast of a defender. He plays every damn point for Pomona and single handedly almost carried his team to regionals for a second year in a row.

USC: I don’t know who from this team to pick as a real standout. Sylvester was hurt the whole year? James Toh and Matthew Burke played well. Watch out for USC looking to steal one of those two bids to nationals.
SJSU: Ethan Falat
SDSU: Michael Tran
Davis: Nicholas Helms
UCSD: Scott Radlauer
Appologies to Cal, UCSC, and Arizona teams. Didn’t get to see ya.

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Note: I play for USC

All region locks/POTY
Elliot Chartock (Stanford)
James Toh (USC)
Cameron Wariner (SLO)

IMO POTY should be one of these three players. Chartock and Wariner have more exposure and have been playing bigger teams and done very well. Wariner is good for at least one layout D per game and dominates more physically, while Toh and Chartock hurt you more with their huge money hucks. Two best deep throwers in the region imo. Toh was abroad last spring so he’s not as well known but his throws are fantastic and he’s almost unguardable with his quickness.

All region Consideration
Sam Cook (USC) - only a sophomore, was out last year (acl), played on two jr worlds teams and the cascades. Does everything for us and skies literally everyone
Gabe Hernandez - made the sickest play I saw all year at SBI, super athletic, great throws, smart player
Ian Sweeney (SLO) - fantastic thrower who knows how to use his tall lefty frame really well.
Will Turner (UCSB) - great, great thrower, plays Condors
Wyatt Paul (USC) - blonde lefty kid with the curly hair who beat you deep and skied you anyway even if he didn’t.
David Sealand (USC) - skinny guy who never turns the disc, runs fast everywhere and skies everyone all the gotdamn time
Sam Kunz (Stanford) - from tape he seems like a really solid D line handler with great size
Jack Hamner (UCSB) - great name, great size, and great throws for such an athlete
Probably someone from UCSD, but we played them in the wind and it’s tough to tell through so much zone.
Cyrus Ready-Campbell (Stanford) - both of these stanford guys are great great cutters
Nolan Walsh (Stanford)
Mikey Sylvester (USC) - been injured all season so not really in consideration for All region unless he murks everyone this weekend but critically underrated player. Key figure on 7 Figures, played on U20 team USA in 2012, all around great at everything - almost never turns the disc and always gets open
Mark Train - SDSU, really strong handler who always catches my eye
Davis probably has a couple kids who could be on here but I don’t remember them outside of them being big and athletic
15 on UCSB, seems like he was the initiation cutter a lot and is overall very solid
Haven’t played ASU but from tape it seems like Flegeheimer cuts (successfully) in isolation literally every dead disc and made all region last year. Also have a good tall kid and a really strong thrower

All Freshman
Jeremy Dolezal Ng and Justin Ting. Both seem to be starting and both definitely have good game. Ting seems like the speedy cutter whereas Dolezal Ng seemed like more of hybrid handler.
Shawn Chang - starter on USCs oline, been really dependable for us all year in the handler space.

Can’t say much other than that since I don’t know who else is a freshman and they can get kinda buried in bigger games.

That’s Michael Tran for SDSU

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FOTY: Kevin Tien (Stanford)

On an O-line of 5th years and seniors, Kevin is a rock in the Stanford offense. He finds holes in zones, has excellent timing on continue cuts, never turns the disc, and throws upfield.

Kevin has made impressive contributions in big games against the top teams in the country, and he only started playing ultimate in September of 2016!

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I coach for USC. I didn’t put a heavy weighting on team success, but gave players a bit of a bump for it. Versatility is super important in college and you’ll see that most of these guys can do it all.

1st Team

  1. Cameron Wariner - SLO (POTY): Has always been an elite defender, but has a much improved offensive game this year. Willingness and ability to consistently take top matchups, get blocks, and be a main contributor on offense is unmatched in the region. Love his game and he’s very deserving of POTY.
  2. Elliot Chartock - Stanford: Quarterback for the best team in the region. Good throwing versatility, throwing range, and ability to consistently get open.
  3. Sam Cook - USC: Does a lot of the same stuff Wariner does, but not quite as explosive. He makes up for it with a very low TO rate for someone that touches the disc as often as he does and he’s a phenomenal handler in our zone O. Quick example of how important he was for us – we were up 10-2 on UCSB at regionals when he went to the trainer to manage cramping and when he came back it was 11-9. He went on to labor through the cramping to help lead us to the game to go.
  4. Will Turner - UCSB: Super athletic and has made huge improvements in his throwing ability this year (hucks, over the tops in zone, and pulls specifically). Really gritty player and very smart as well.
  5. Ethan Falat - SJSU: Didn’t get a chance to see SJSU play this year, but have seen him play with PBR and the Spiders. Very athletic and probably the best defender in the region (he and Wariner are probably 1/2 in that category). His throws have consistently improved each year.
  6. Gabe Hernandez - Stanford: Great athlete with big throws. He’s a lot more impressive when he has Chartock on the line with him because he can push upfield a little more where he’s a huge threat, but still effective as the primary handler. Elite defender.
  7. Ian Sweeney - SLO: Great range on his hucks and quarterbacks the D-line well. His talent (throws + height) should have him higher on the list, but doesn’t change the game defensively like the others do and he can be a bit streaky with his throws. He is super effective in their zone where he can use his length and frisbee IQ to disrupt the backfield.

2nd Team

  1. Matt Theologidy - Pomona: I know his team didn’t make regionals (and I’m not even sure he can make all-region because of that), but he’s a stud. He might be the best pure thrower on this list (Chartock and him are 1/2). He’s one of the main D-line handlers for the Aviators as a rookie on that team.
  2. Michael Tran - SDSU: Clinical in the handler position. Super quick and has great breakthrows. He shouldered a bigger load for his team than anyone else who made bracket play at regionals.
  3. Gavi Gelbart (I think he goes by Tana?) - UCSD: Big athlete who is a great deep threat, but did a lot of work around the disc in their zone O. His game isn’t flashy at all, but he is very involved in everything they do. He has a high usage rate on a pretty deep team and has good field sense. USC and UCSD had some unfortunate chippy games in the postseason (mostly attributable to the fact that both of us play aggressive zones), but I was impressed by his composure in heated situations. I thought Sam Cook (USC) and Tana did a very good job trying to keep their teams composed in these games.
  4. Nolan Walsh - Stanford: Big pulls, big in the air, but haven’t seen him dominate for Stanford enough to put him on 1st team. This could be a case of him being overshadowed a bit because he’s on a very deep, talented team.
  5. Austin Barden – Chico State: Still haven’t seen him play, but can’t imagine a guy who made 1st team last year shouldn’t be somewhere on this list.
  6. Wyatt Paul - USC: Just a sophomore and didn’t play in high school, but has potential for POTY by his senior year. Lefty, very quick, great defender, solid deep throws and great versatility – he played more points for SC than any player on the team.
  7. Alex Heinzen - UCSB: Very athletic, hard-nosed player for Black Tide. Felt like he was the emotional leader for them, but also is a beast downfield as a defender and cutter. He gets in and out of his cuts very well, which gets him huge separation for a guy that doesn’t appear to have blazing speed.

Nate Pettyjohn (SLO) would have made one of these two teams if healthy, but hard to give him a spot with him being injured most of spring.

FOTY: Justin Ting (SLO) or Kevin Tien (Stanford)

1st Team
POTY Elliott Chartock (Stanford): The best all-around player in the region. Clearly the best thrower, but also a standout defender with the ability to make both athletic and savvy plays. Best player on the best team.
Cameron Wariner (Cal Poly): The most exciting player in the region. A POTY candidate but I think Chartock is more well rounded. That said, Wariner is an utterly dominant defender and strong D-line handler
Gabe Hernandez (Stanford): If you haven’t gotten on the train, now is the time. Gabe is the one-year-younger Wariner. Absurdly athletic and well on his way to becoming an elite thrower. He’s impossible to guard on dump sets, gets layout blocks/catches left and right, and has all the (conventional) throws.
Will Turner (UCSB): Top class talent for Santa Barbara. Though he spent a lot of time handling this year he can really do it all. Lockdown defender, strong cutter, and recently a powerful thrower
Nolan Walsh (Stanford): Strongest isolation cutter in the region, and the really the X-factor for an already great Stanford offense. Everyone knows he’s a great deep threat but made huge strides as a distributor this year. Also put on impressive performances in the handler set when necessary.
Ian Sweeney (Cal Poly): Quarterback of the SLO d-line. Makes plays on D, throws some (occasionally crazy) shots on the turn that always seem to work.
Sam Cook (USC): I personally have not seen Cook play but based on the reviews of others and the fact the USC was in the game to go (not to mention his pre-college resume) I think it’s fair to say he deserves recognition.

Others worth considering for 2nd team:
Jack Hamner (UCSB)- My first-one-out for 1st team. Dude is really solid, going in and out of the handler set and playing good D. He and Turner do that hard things for Tide on offense.
Michael Tran (SDSU)- More of a crowd consensus pick but seemed legit enough in the brief times I watched SDSU this year
Austin Barden (Chico)- He’s good but I don’t think he really deserved a 1st team nod last year. Worthy of second team consideration
Ethan Falat (SJSU)- Super talented player. 1st team consideration if team results were better or he had dominantly willed them to a big win
Andrew Lin (Cal)- Not sold on him as all region, but would be remiss for me not to recognize him. Great thrower.
Somebody from UCSD- I don’t remember many of their names and haven’t watched them since Pres Day but I’m sure they’ll tell you who it should be. Team was quality enough that they should probably get a 2nd team player
Somebody from Davis- They’re a fun, athletic team but I never scouted or wrote about them much this year. Team was good enough that they should probably get a 2nd team player

Justin Ting (SLO)- FOTY
Connor Schofield (SLO)
These two were basically the 2/3 cutters on the SLO O-line. Kevin Tien from Stanford is worthy of recognition, but Ting and Schofield played much bigger roles and were clearly a step up (as one might expect since they both played good HS ultimate).

I played and coached at Stanford but now write for Ultiworld (which is to say, this assessment is pretty objective)

Max Perham (Stanford #7) deserves more recognition than he gets. All season long, Max has led by example as one of Stanford’s hardest working players. In a huge comeback win vs UGA at Easterns (fourth game of the day), he scored the go ahead goal and, on the next point, got a massive layout D that set up the game winning endzone play. In fact, you can count on Max for at least one layout D each game, and he’s the D-line’s best cutter after the turn. Our team joked that a throwing highlight video for handler Gabe Hernandez was just as much a cutting highlight video for Max. In the Regional semis vs. UCSB and final vs. SLO, he racked up a bunch of layout D’s <a href=“https://youtu.be/DMAaYmPL6do#t=08m50s”>(https://youtu.be/DMAaYmPL6do#t=08m50s) and was inches away from some more. He can also be a dangerous deep cutter, such as when he skied the pile<a href=“https://youtu.be/DMAaYmPL6do#t=21m30s”> (https://youtu.be/DMAaYmPL6do#t=21m30s) (including Nolan Walsh, our best deep threat) against SLO for a huge break.
Though Max might not have the same playmaking reputation as Elliott Chartock, Nolan, or Gabe, his suffocating defense and solid cutting should definitely put him in the conversation for an All-Region team.

Chico Captain here.

Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to see some of the teams farther south play, but I’m sure anyone mentioned on here deserves some recognition.

My shoutouts for consideration:

  • Ryan (Tako) Takyama (UNR): Overall, he’s a stud. Made second round of tryouts for the U23 Men’s USA team and has helped hold the team down for the last few years. Incredibly fast when he turns it on and can roof the entire field. Unfortunately he got in a gnarly car accident and had to take it easy part of the spring, but has definitely earned some respect from the NorCal section.
  • Will Turner and Jack Hamner (UCSB): Will’s got some of the sickest hops and speed in the Southwest and throws serious dimes. Jack is an absolute brick wall of a defensive player, surprises opponents with the way he throws his larger frame around, and also has some excellent handles. Also, both of these guys are total sweethearts and a pleasure to play against.
  • Michael Tran (SDSU): Pretty much single-handedly knocked my team out at regionals, despite playing literally every point for this team that weekend and suffering from paralyzing leg cramps what felt like every 69 seconds. His handling and quickness make him a major force to be reckoned with.
  • Elliott Chartock and Gabe Hernandez (Stanford): These two guys could be a team of their own. Elliott’s exceptional handling and crazy smarts for the game have earned him some serious respect in the region. Gabe is lightning fast and handles like a Porsche, speedy and precise. Not to mention his big plays as a cutter. After getting to know these guys this spring, they stand out as extremely nice despite Stanford’s hard outer shell.
  • Matt Theologidy (Pomona): The driving force for his team. He plays every single point, gets nearly every other throw, and has the knowledge to shred a zone or employ one essentially by himself. The dude gets open so easily it’s like he isn’t even being covered, and can throw whatever he wants so easily it’s like he’s not even being marked. It was heartbreaking knowing how hard he worked for his program and hearing they didn’t make regionals. He’s also one of the kindest players in the Southwest.
  • Matt Burke (USC): I didn’t get a chance to play USC this year either, but covering Matt several other times has been a challenge. He’s crazy fast, has magnetic hands and a big brain for the sport. If he’s anything like the last time I played against him, he for sure deserves some recognition.
  • Nick Tolfa (Davis): Pointing out one player from the Dogs is tough since they’re a bunch of big athletes with a really consistent system, but Tolfa stands out in every game I’ve played against him or seen him play. He’s taller and lankier, so his speed comes as a surprise to many. In addition, he throws hucks on a dime and can get open in any handler set. All around solid player and a cool guy.
  • Ethan Falat (SJSU): Another badass of the Norcal section, he’s a phenomenal thrower, puts it right into any cutter’s bread basket. Also, seems like he can get open on anyone and he makes some huge plays for Megabyte. The team relied almost too heavily on him in the past couple years, but he accepted the role and performed outstandingly.

It’s been wonderful playing with you all. I hope to again soon.

Chico State Men’s Coach here.

All Region

Austin Barden (Chico) - I have seen Austin make the most insane plays both on offense and defense, he rarely gets skyed, somehow manages to consistently bid shoulder high over people to make a play on the disc without drawing fouls, can break almost any mark with his no pivot backhand, rarely makes a bad throw (upside downs included) and has one of the biggest hearts on and off the field. He loves the sport and embraces spirit of the game to it’s full extent. Seriously you all should try to play with this man at some point in your career.

Nick “Junior” Dahms (Chico) - Junior is a second year, didn’t play ultimate before college and is already on his way to becoming one of the best players to come out of Chico. His throws are a little inconsistent but he makes up for that with his athleticism and overall sports IQ which leads to insane plays and some sneaky D’s. He also rarely takes points off making him that much more of a force. Deserves recognition but look for him to be a top tier player in the near future.

Matt Theologidy (Pomona) - Matt has to be considered for 1st team. I think he plays every point, can throw whatever he wants whenever he wants, is damn near impossible to guard and can single-handedly run an offense. Besides his athleticism he is one of the most respectable players there is. He always has a smile and despite tough losses will go out of his way to congratulate the winning team and individual players. Consider yourself lucky for getting to play against or with this guy.

Michael Tran (SDSU) - I played one club tournament with Michael Tran his second year and have only caught glimpses of him each year since but seeing him this year was awesome. He evolved into a seriously incredible player. He can throw any throw he wants and is SDSUs offense. Without him at the helm I don’t think SDSU would have had such a successful season. He is also extremely respectable because he is super competitive but no matter what happens on the field (chippy calls, arguments etc.) after the game is over he will only have nice things to say. Seriously a pleasure to watch.

Ethan Falat (SJSU) - It was great to see Megabyte make it to regionals for the first time in program history and I think they owe the majority of their success this year to Ethan. Outstanding player who can get open on anyone, throw around the best marks and make incredibly athletic plays to keep his team in each and every game they play. Seriously a force on the field I don’t see how he could be overlooked for an all-region team.

There’s definitely a lot of players I’m missing but that’s just because I’m bad with names.


Anthony Reynoso (Chico) - From day one we knew this kid would be good. He has some insane athleticism and some of the best throws I’ve ever seen from a first year player. He was very reliable and even though he was a freshman he made it on to the universe point line against SDSU at Regionals this year (among other game points) and I counted on him to do something great every time he was on the field. This kid is gunna be good.

Nick “Tall” McConnell (Chico) - We’re pretty original with nicknames at Chico so of course we named the 6’5" player Tall. But besides that this guy did not play like a freshman. From day one he had the throws and his sports IQ is extremely high. I counted on him in every game we played, he was a integral part in our zone defense and was thrown into a handler role despite his rookie status. Unfortunately he suffered an ankle injury 2 days before regionals and was not able to play but I still think he deserves recognition as he’ll probably be a major force on this team for the next 4 years.

Andrew “Corgi” Matheson (Chico) - Despite his short stature this kid was insane. He made some seriously big plays, was not afraid to lay out, his acceleration made him almost impossible to guard and had a hidden gear that made it much easier on our throwers as he could chase down almost everything thrown to him. Look for Corgi to do some big things in the future.

Coaching shout out

Daniel Zakaria (SJSU) - I think DZak has been coaching Megabyte for 3 or 4 years now and they owe a lot of their growth and success to this guy. He was a great player and now a coach who has developed their program from something that was overlooked for along time into a seriously competitive team.

POTY: Elliott Chartock (Stanford)

Elliott is hands down the best player in the region.

In all of the games I’ve watched or played in, I have seen no one break the mark as consistently as him. He hits players with precision anywhere on the field, with breaks, scoobers, blades, hammers, and hucks. Elliott makes his teammates better, often “throwing teammates open,” and getting open at will to reset the stall count.

Being center handler on an impressive O-line, his defense is deeply underrated. Elliott is one of the smartest defenders in the country. Despite not being the most athletic, and despite not getting a lay out D every game, he gets a couple blocks every game by simply being in the right place at the right time. Poach Ds, blocks in the zone, blocks on his man, hand blocks, Elliott’s defensive ability is a huge reason why Stanford’s O-line rarely gets broken.

Elliott is also an incredible representative of the game. I think he talks to (and remembers!) more people on more opposing teams than any other teammate I’ve ever had, in any sport. He’s constantly laughing and goofing off with everyone at the tournament. In addition, he’s been a huge leader at Stanford, sacrificing playing with an elite club team last summer to play for the Stanford club team and work with his teammates and younger players to develop the program.

Elliott is one of the most well rounded players in the nation, and I have no doubt that he should earn the honor of Southwest Player of the Year.

1st team:
POTY: Cameron Wariner - SLO
Elliot Chartock - Stanford
Matt Theologidy - Cal Poly Pomona
Austin Barden - Chico
James Toh - USC
Jack Hamner - UCSB
Wyatt Paul - USC

Andrew Kinkele - Cal Poly Pomona
A player that has advanced through the ranks of Cal Poly Pomona to become one of the main handlers and show offensive prowess. Even though he is small, he stands above most of the other freshman with his large deep throws and consistency.

1st Team:
Elliott Chartock (Stanford): Great defender, elite thrower, and incredible ultimate IQ. Often get the disc every other and has been one of the biggest contributors on the Stanford team for 3 years now. Just read everything Ultiworld says about him #POTY
Cameron Wariner (SLO): At least 1 layout D a game? Yes, please. Had 2 huge layouts in the Regional final against Stanford. Can’t imagine picking 7 players from the region without taking him.
Gabe Hernandez (Stanford): Nightmare to guard. Made some insane deep catches at Santa Barbara and the Regional Final against SLO. Great defender with punishing throws and a great bucket hat.
Ian Sweeney (SLO): Savvy thrower with silky breaks and smooth hucks. Good defender and overall smart player. Had an almost-Callahan in the Regional final.
Will Turner (UCSB): Another guy that is extremely versatile and very athletic. Great at defense, capable handler, and quick cutter. Very valuable guy for Santa Barbara.
Sam Cook (USC): Sounds like an incredibly valuable player for USC based on their coach’s remarks above. Never saw him personally, but he sounds like a great player with good decisions.
Nolan Walsh (Stanford): If I remember correctly, for the past couple (maybe three?) years, Walsh has consistently been a top tier guy for Stanford. Also saw him on the Flamethrowers roster which is definitely telling of his skill level.

2nd Team (no specific order, my considerations):
Jack Hamner (UCSB)
Michael Tran (SDSU)
Austin Barden (Chico)
Ethan Falat (SJSU)
Matt Theologidy (Pomona)
Nick Hirning (Stanford): Quick note - anyone wanna tell me where this Hirning dude came from?? Haven’t seen him all year but he was very dominant in the Regional Final. He’s good. Was also on the Flamethrower roster.

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Nick played for Seattle Fryz and Seattle Cascades before coming to Stanford. He played a big role as a freshmen as well. He may have been a little under the radar this year because he missed Santa Barbara because of injury and Easterns because of a prior commitment