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All-Region 2018: Atlantic Coast (D-I Women's)

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Who are the best players in the Atlantic Coast region? This is an open thread to discuss All-Region nominations, All-Freshman nominations, coaching awards, and more. Stay positive and keep it civil.

Totally irrelevant yet well deserved to the high school Triangle Tourists. They’ve beaten every team in the AC region including top-ranked UNC (at their last game of the year, an AUDL showcase game), who it should be noted was playing without Jenny Wei but the Tourists win was also not close. They won tournaments from Virginia to Missouri.

The Tourists don’t cut players and over 40 girls have played with this over the season, so it would be difficult to name “top players” (and it doesn’t matter anyway for college all-player selections). But if you want to get a jump on NEXT year and start watching - keep your eyes on HS seniors Dawn Culton, Beth Manturuk, Ellen Yu, Sidney Rehder, and Margaret Berry. I’m pretty sure you’ll be hearing those names next year in this discussion.

Florence Brooks for UNC is a great player and an even better teammate

I am pretty surprised there have not been more posts and conversation. First it looks like the Carolina Conference is going to have the top 5 to 6 seeds at Regionals so that is where I will focus.

JWei is what makes that team go and is who they look to in any high stall situation. She has won games for UNC by herself.
Elisabeth Parker is the handler they run their offense through and prepared to take the big risk big reward throws.
Rebecca Fagan is a great athlete and has started to round out her game to be more of a threat all over the field
Anne Worth is a consistent cutter with great athleticism. If they did not concentrate on JWei so much she would have more opportunities to shine.

NC State
Ashley Powell is the catalyst for their whole team and even when she is not throwing their scores she makes the whole offense work. I think she is the top overall handler in the Region! She is also a great defender with club level footwork though she gets less chances to show that when their offense is not being stopped
Bri Campbell shows flashes of being the best defender in the region and is a monster in the air. Her throws and athleticism make her dangerous no matter where she is on the field so teams have to account for her
Alix Robbins is a huge target that consistently skies the crowd or grinds under for huge yards based on how she is being played. She uses her height and length on D to cause trouble for the best throwers and deep threats on the other team
Carmen Tormey is probably one of the most underrated cutters in the region who never stops running while always taking the best cutter on the other team on D (her footwork is amazing). She has started to expand her throws and has the ability to handle to take advantage of any match up.

Amanda Murphy is an amazing cutter not only because of her athleticism but her frisbee IQ. She has started to expand her throws so you can not just force her under. I have not seen anyone else consistently catch deep throws regardless of the size or athleticism of the defender despite her small stature.

They are mainly consisting of 2 cutters that constantly open up the field until they can throw it deep. Bad with names but pretty sure it is Kerry Younts and Rachel Conway (please correct me if I am wrong) . Without these 2 Clemson would have a really hard time generating blocks or scores.

Sammy has great throws and always comes up with a layout out of no where.
Hannah #24 is a fast cutter with great timing deep. Also gets lots of D’s because of her speed.

Disclaimer that I have played Carolina Conference players (I play on NC State) the most so I might not have the full picture.

1st Team:
Jenny Wei (UNC) - Obvious choice, nuff said
Anne Worth (UNC) - Workhorse, really fast
Mary Rippe (UNC) - Great defender, major D line cutter for UNC
Alix Robbins (NC State) - Huge deep threat, skys crowds on the reg, good defender
Amanda Murphy (Duke) - Also a workhorse, always the bail out for the offense
One of UNCW main cutter (I can’t member her name sorry…) - She’s blonde, real fast, great hops, really smart defender

2nd Team:
Rebecca Fagan (UNC) - really athletic cutter
Elisabeth Parker (UNC) - Huge throws, loves to bomb it to JWei
Briana Campbell (NC State) - Monster athlete, has huge throws
Carmen Tormey (NC State) - Super consistent cutter. Always open and plays really smart solid D.
Hannah Samuelson (UNCW) - Great throws
Jianna Torre (UVA) - Very fast, smart defender

Coach of the Year:

Eric Martin (NC State) - Eric has helped bring the NC State team from 6 players on the team at regionals to a competitor in the region with a very disciplined offense and aggressive D. His passion for the game and energy on the sidelines the entire tournament are crucial to the team.

Were you thinking of #22 or #24 on UNCW? Name is Kristin Reed (did some stalking, sorry!)? I regularly matched up against her at CC and she is extremely fast, aggressive in the air, and makes smart choices. Super athletic and deserving of an all-region nod. :slight_smile:

I’m sure others with talk about my teammates (UNC Pleaides!) but I do want to highlight one of our rookies for the all-freshman team consideration. Alex Barnett was the only new athlete on the team who had not previously played Ultimate yet managed to pick up the game fast because of her natural athleticism, impressive can-do attitude, and commendable effort on and off the field to improve.

Going into the series, she’s throwing half field flick and backhand hucks, breaking good marks, and is growing into an aggressive defender. Alex has the BEST attitude and would be a stellar addition to any team.

Yes! Thanks :slight_smile:

Disclaimer: current assistant coach for UNC, previous Wake forest/unc player.

Jenny Wei - Duh, everyone knows she’s amazing.
Anne Worth - crazy athletic, can run her defenders ragged with her endurance and gritty play
Rebecca Fagan - smart, athletic cutter with truly incredible bids
Elisabeth Parker - probably has the best crossfield flick blades in the country, great arsenal of deep throws

Amanda Murphy - crazy fast cutter, very smart in the air (especially given her stature) and on the field, incredibly dependable

NC State
Ashley Powell - cool as a cucumber at all times, buttery smooth throws and very smart handler
Brianna Campbell - dominant in the air, smart player

Disclaimer: I’m a senior on NC State Jaga Monsta.

I came here specifically to express two specific thoughts. Ashley Powell (NCSU) walks on water. Also, Eric Martin (NCSU, coach) has taken a small State program with 6 players at regionals to a team with subs for both lines (!!!). Seriously though, he has been key in creating a culture of hard work and winning and has built strong fundamental skills to primarily brand new ultimate players.

Hey all!

I coach the Georgetown women’s team, and wanted to make sure a few deserving Foyas get into the conversation!

As a young team (12 rookies!!), they’ve really had to step up this year. Two of our rookies in particular should definitely be considered for all-freshman:

Hannah Hanson: Tall cutter who is by far the best deep deep on our team this year. She consistently makes difficult deep-Ds look super easy, and comes out of nowhere to rip the disc out of the sky. She also gets open consistently on offense, helping to drive our offense forward with really good field vision.
Yasmine Bouachri: Plays starting D-line as a handler. Yasmine is extremely consistent with the disc and I trust her to catch all of our scary-looking dump throws. My favorite thing about Yas is that she’ll totally take over a point by throwing and going and making dump/strike cuts that push the pace of our offense. She also plays incredible shut-down dump defense.

All-region consideration should also be given to:

Casey Skapek: Casey is a super fast and athletic o-line cutter, who gets up in the air, and lays out like a boss. Casey truly drives our offense and is always open.
Sarah Wright: Our puller and D-line handler. Sarah does it all- fantastic mark, great deep-deep, and awesome hucks.
Delana Sobhani: D-line cutter who generates our most turnovers with relentless downfield D. Delana’s intensity translates directly to layout Ds and insane grabs on offense. She’s SUPER fast and does work on offense after she’s gotten the turnover.
Cat Ragonese: Has been a bit injured, but is our most consistent and creative O-line handler. Shreds zones with scoobers and tight but great throws through cups.

I’m a rookie on UVA Hydra and I want to nominate Jianna Torre (UVA) because she has incredibly fast on offense is always able to get open and on defense she completely shuts her girl down with amazing D’s.