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All-Region 2018: Atlantic Coast (D-III Men's)

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(cwhiff24) #22

Hey y’all,

Whiff from Elon here.

I don’t know a ton of names or numbers and also only played Richmond once so sorry for that but I’ll try my best.

First team nods:

Zach Norrbom (Mary Wash) - This one’s pretty obvious at this point. Kid’s a helluva frisbee player, great leader, and teacher for his team. Also a really nice guy to be around. Finger’s crossed this kid snags the Donovan.

Joe Richards (Mary Wash) - Kid’s a beast in the air and essentially takes away any deep option you might think you have. Add in his solid throws and you got a scary man.

Jeremy Lonnman (Elon) - My boi, friend, mentor, The String Bean himself. I feel like if you’ve been playing in the region for any of the last four years you’ve seen this mans can throw. Like anywhere he wants. On a dime. Also a solid defender - can sky when he wants to.

Chris Selwood (Richmond) - Kid’s got throws. Like, a lot of 'em. Annoying as hell to guard cuz when you think you’ve got a solid mark on him he finds a way to move the disc. Solid facilitator for the Spidermonkeys.

Cullen MacDowell (Davidson) - Holy lank. Easily the most frustrating mark I’ve had to play against in the region, he’s a great defender and has really solid throws for when they get turns. Also just a really nice kid.

Paul Brennan (Davidson) - Saw a lot of DUFF’s offense run through this mans when we played against them. Kid can rip the disc but also isn’t afraid to bust deep and beat you in the air when you least expect it.

Ethan Cole (UNCA) - All-around solid frisbee player. Kids speedy as hell in the reset space and has some nice ass break throws. Always a challenge to contain.

Second Team nods:

Ethan Gould (Elon) - My roommate, pal, and cowboy hat aficionado. Holy hell do I love this kid. Not only is he a fantastic frisbee player but he’s the biggest goon I’ve met and always provides the spark BFB needs.

Sam Alston (Elon) - You all know him for one reason or another lmao. Kids a freak athlete and a huge part of why BFB’s D-line was successful this year. Also played the whole season with one arm basically, no doubt he would’ve been first team had he been healthy.

Dean Merritt (UNCA) - The yung stud. This mans is quick, he’s fast, his throws are nice. Gonna be even more of a key player for Asheville in the next few years.

54 (JP I think?) (Navy) - A little ball of goddamn energy. This kid has clean throws and bids for literally anything remotely close to him and manages to get it. Helluva player.

21 on MOG, sorry I don’t know your name dawg. - Matched up on this kid in semi’s this weekend and it was fun but also not fun cuz he’s a challenge to play against. Another really nice kid too. (love this community guys way to go).

Spencer (Navy) - Wow is this man athletic. and when I say man I mean man. freakish athlete, he and JP were pretty lethal together.

Jacob Warshauer (UNCA) - Hoo-boy this kid can cut. A pain in the ass to defend because no matter what he seems to be able to come up with anything thrown at him. Lays out for absolutely everything.

Honorable Mentions

Garrett Wibbelsman (Elon)
Hunter Scaggs (UNCA)
Mac (Davidson)
Pete Isler (HPU)
99 on DUFF

Freshman bois - really only know who’s a frosh on Elon so I’ll shoutout the youngins I think deserve some recognition:

Josh Strauss - got hurt in the spring but hes got great throws and bids and I’m so damn excited to have him back.

Ben Helpin - Yung Sloppy. He’s got great potential to be a really good O-line cutter. Got some starting O reps for us down the stretch. Still has a lot of room for growth, but I’m excited to see how he improves.

Mikey Golaski - stepped into one of our captain’s and then strauss’s shoes as a D-line handler after they both got hurt and showed a lot of growth in that spot.

(xaviermccormick) #23

Just to recap, with standings included @cwhiff24 :

  1. Richmond (1 player)

  2. Mary Washington (3 players)

  3. Davidson (4)

  4. UNCA (4)

  5. Elon (4)

  6. Navy (2)

  7. Catholic

  8. High Point (1)

More players from the 5th place team than the top two combined? More players from the 6th place team than the first place team?

Kermit sips tea

(cwhiff24) #24

Thought I prefaced my lack of Richmond knowledge in the beginning of my post, sir. Not at all a dig at your team or your players haha simply going with what/who I know and remember. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

(finbark) #25

Would just like to establish that Catholic placed 7th, not 8th. We take what we can.

(xaviermccormick) #26

Sorry, was referencing the USAU blog which has High Point highlighted. Not meant to slight you guys at all:


(finbark) #27

No problem! Guess we’ll just have to wait until they update to get our dues…

While I’m at it I want to call out #21 on High Point. We played an awesome 7th place game against them and I covered him most of the time. He was their main handler for the whole game, had awesome throws in tough wind, and really great handler cuts that made our zone obsolete. It was great to play against him.

(speedy1997) #28

@xaviermccormick yo just concentrate on studying my dude!

(supermancobb) #29

#10 on Navy is JP Faucher

(supermancobb) #30

I said this last year too, Dean is super underrated for UNCA. Didn’t play them at all this year, but I remember being really impressed with him last year. Pretty sure he’s only a Sophomore too?

(supermancobb) #31

Thanks for the shoutouts Whiff. Just wanted to clarify that I’m 54 and JP is #10!

(supermancobb) #32

Also Navy finished 5th over Elon (sorry guys, it was a fun game tho!)

(10fromnavy) #33

Hey, y’all. Thanks for the shoutouts. The rumors are true. My name is JP.

I wanna shout out Spencer a little more. He’s a great captain, and he really saved our program from certain death after losing 9 seniors last year. Y’all might not have noticed because we have so much swagger, but our team was over half freshmen.

And since the it looks like we need more shoutouts for freshmen…
Jake Lunn (#11) and Caleb Vargo (#2) were huge contributors to our team. They’re gonna be better than me by the time they’re seniors. They’re both really athletic, have a good intuition about the game, and have a knack for getting open and catching disks.

Also Larry Wineman (#17) and Tommy Brophy (#0 ?) both shouldered a big load as O-line handlers. These kids can throw and always seem to stay calm under pressure. I’m forever thankful because they allowed me to cut instead of having to handle (y’all know I love to go deep).

(10fromnavy) #34

That’s an honest mistake though. We look exactly alike.

(supermancobb) #35

Totally unrelated to on-field presence, but shoutout to Roscoe Gillum. I’m pretty sure literally all of you know him at this point. He’s the freshman on our team who made it a point this year to introduce himself to every player on every other team. I think he might know more of you than he does his own team at this point. But for real, I love that our region is so close, and it’s been an incredible pleasure playing against most of you over the last four years.

(xaviermccormick) #36

Sorry Spencer - not trying to slight you guys at all. Just went off the USAU post from above and made the same mistake with Catholic.


Also, want to echo the shoutout to Roscoe Gillum. One of the nicest and friendliest kids I’ve met while playing ultimate and fun to play against. Always great to have high quality people on the opposite line.

(cullen.macdowell@outlook.com) #37

Hey y’all,
Cullen from DUFF here. To be honest, I’ve always been a critic of this thread for a couple of reasons. First, we play each other ~2-3 times a year and have a tiny sample size to be making judgments on opposing players’ merit. Second, I think people tend to associate opposing players as being good due to things other than skill such as their distinctive appearance (such as my luscious locks), their vocal-ness on the sidelines, or the degree to which they talk to opposing players. Most importantly, Ultimate’s a team sport, so individual accolades seem pretty secondary to why I play. Nevertheless, in spite of the fact that I know it’s underinformed, I still find myself craving personal recognition on here and team recognition in Ultiworld articles year after year. I suppose making All Region might be a healthy motivator for some players to work hard and improve, but speaking personally, these threads have almost done nothing more than unjustifiably reinforce my ego (when I am mentioned) and make me feel inadequate (when I’m not mentioned).
That all said, I do think this forum is a cool way to get to know other teams and forge connections with opposing players. I certainly value the relationships that I’ve made with other AC players, especially in the past year or two. But, if I don’t mention your name, understand that I have a very limited impression of other players’ work ethic, spirit, and merit. So, please don’t rely on USAU, Ultiworld, or me to validate your value as a player. Rant over. Here are some of my shout-outs in no particular order from last weekend and from my past four years.

Justin Keller: Outstanding competitor and outstanding Ultimate player. I’m impressed by how versatile of a player he’s turned into after playing him freshman year. Offense or defense, handling or cutting, I feel like he can do it all. That greatest is insane and puts the Georgetown one to shame.
Harris: Super impressed by his intensity last weekend. He had to have bid at least 5 times in our game (none of which were gratuitous I should add).
Abe and Evan I think are their names? (One is the one who I had a contested strip call with and one is who I matched up against at Natties last year): Both of them play some physical and gritty handler D that’s really fun to play against.
Everybody else on Richmond: I’ve been super impressed by the depth that Richmond always has. I really respect how much of a full team effort it takes from them. Selwood, Patrick, Ty, Xavier, the curly haired guy whose name I don’t know, etc. The whole team plays physical and is always super competitive. They’ve also really stepped up their cheer game over the past couple years. Although it could still use some work…

Norbomm is obviously really good. Richards as well—I remember from last year, although he didn’t play a ton in our game this year. I honestly didn’t pay super close attention to specific guys when we played at Regionals. But I was surprised and impressed by the depth they ran with. Their D line cutter defenders were working really hard and laying out on unders (Shorts is one guy I remember with a big layout). Best of luck at Natties. You’re not the two-person team that I was kind of expecting. Also shout-out to High Tide Raj for embarrassing Pasha over Spring Break.

Warsh: It’s been awesome playing against him for the past 4 years. Always a blast to see him on the sideline being goofy and infiltrating our stretching circles. Also just a really well rounded player with some dope layouts.
Hunter Scaggs: I thought he was pretty underrated among the region until this year. He’s an absolute workhorse. He had a crazy layout D in our 3rd place game that sent it to UP.
Ethan Cole: Bummed he didn’t play in our game, but I still think he’s really good at frisbee. Really strong Ultimate IQ and a really hard worker on the field on both sides of the disc.

J-Dog Lonnman: Another fellow senior who it’s been great to play against. I’ve always kind of considered him to kind of be my rival, so he’s been a big motivator to improve over the years. Just when I thought I was winning the matchup at Regionals, he stuffed me with a handblock on our own goal line. He seems like the heart of BOMB.
Whiff: Whiff is a super well-rounded player, as demonstrated by an absurd layout in the corner of the endzone in our game. But what impresses me the most are his inside breaks, especially in the wind. I think he’s one of the best throwers in the region.
Wibbs: I was super impressed by this kid. Gritty defender, high ultimate IQ and super sure hands.
JC I think is his name: He’s an excellent cutter, super speedy, and puts his body on the line frequently.
Sam: We butt heads a couple times with him at Sectionals. But I thought he had better spirit at Regionals. He’s a great player and sounds like a hard worker, so I hope he has a good senior year.

Echo the stuff about JP and Spencer. Spencer always gives his all no matter how close the game is which is super impressive. He’s incredibly competitive and incredibly spirited. I’ll be excited to see the program grow following his time there. Also, I couldn’t help but think of Ben Sadok a little, watching his Donovan video.
Roscoe: I’m glad to see he was already mentioned. It seemed like there was nobody happier to be there than him. While some of my teammates might disagree, I hope people, especially younger players, start following his lead and forge other AC friendships (or rivalries if you’re into that instead).

High Point:
Pete is great. So is Sellers. But they were also deeper than I expected them to be.

Didn’t play y’all. sorry…

Mars Hill!!!:
Holy shit. These guys came to play at Sectionals this year. Their program has had crazy growth over the past 4 years, and it’s exciting to see them compete for their spot at Regionals now. Also a very intentionally spirited program (perhaps to a fault when it comes to conceding fouls honestly).

Another reason I’ve been averse to these threads is that it’s so tough to leave guys off your own list. Nevertheless, I’ll try to keep it brief:

Paul Brennan: Paul is the best cutter in the region. He can create separation from any defender, has the biggest hands in DIII, and bails me out constantly. He is a fiery competitor, a humble leader, and is probably having more fun than you.

Mac Harris: Mac is a lockdown defender who shut down the best opposing players all weekend long. His throws are becoming among the best in the region as well. I won’t say more.

Ryan Almeida: Ryan took the leap this year to becoming an elite handler defender in the region. His IQ is as good as anybody’s and he lays out for everything (perhaps too much…) He’s a leader on and off the field and deserves a ton of credit for DUFF’s success over the past 4 years.

Kevin Endersby: An absolute animal on the field. He’s an elite cutter and downfield defender. His willingness to layout as a defender combined with his size lets him match up with just about anybody.

Sam Lidsky: So much of DUFF’s growth and success comes on the back of Sam. He has worked as hard as anybody on our team over the past 4 years to become the player he is, and he’s brought up so many players in the process. Sam is one of DUFF’s most reliable handlers and is the heart of our sideline when he’s not on the field. You may not recognize him, but if you respect our team, you should.

Watch Out For:
“Hi, my name is Dusty” Smith: hardest worker on the team, intense as fuck, but thoughtful too (I think he’s single)
jpD: already a premier handler in the region
Aidan O’ Neill: easily the best sophomore on DUFF
Alex “Gunslinger” Berro: wishes he could cut, but he’s still a pretty darn good handler
Pasha “Nature Boy ;)” Sonkin: Puts in more work than any other freshman, and it shows on the field. He’s always looking for a way to improve the team on and off the field, and he’s always looking to show up the captains in one way or another… RIP me. He’s still got a lot to learn but will get there if he keeps on the trajectory that he’s on.

A reward for those of you who made it this far. It’s been a blast playing against y’all these past 4 years. Best of luck to Richmond and MOG at Natties.