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All-Region 2018: Atlantic Coast (D-III Men's)

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Who are the best players in the Atlantic Coast region? This is an open thread to discuss All-Region nominations, All-Freshman nominations, coaching awards, and more. Stay positive and keep it civil.

Ben Weinstein is a fire handler
Norbom obviously is up there
Joe Richards too

Spencer Cobb deserves an all-region nod this year. He’s put so much work into the Navy program over the last 4 years and is a legitimately good player in a place where its hard to play.

Also give Zach the goddamn Donovan


After sectionals just want to give a couple shoutouts to non teammates

#10 on navy (kid with the headband) is their best player and a good cutter. Could see him on an all region team.

Zach is a force. Definitely should be a Donovan finalist.

For all freshman I want to give a shoutout to that dude #14 on Mary Wash. Kid is a good cutter and talented defender too.

Joe is also just a game breaker.

More complete list (hopefully with some names) will come out after regionals. See you guys there.

It probably goes without saying, but Chris Johnson has been both the offensive and defensive rock of Davidson this year - definite Donovan contender.


#14 on Mary Washington is Beau De Konnick- comes out of Arlington VA youth scene, played Foggy with him last year on O-Line and he lit it up (especially in the quarters vs. Triforce)

Cullen from Davidson.
Norbombs obviously.
Jacob Warshauer and Ethan Cole from UNCA.


I think I’m pretty good. Just sayin’.


We haven’t played anyone from Elon from the other section and it is sometimes hard to recognize who is a freshmen on the other team. I’ll do a bigger post after regionals but I’m wondering who the freshmen to keep an eye on are: I know beau from MW is a really solid player. Great bids, solid throws, fast and a solid player all around. Keep an eye on him for an all region or all freshmen nomination. Hunter Lang plays on the Richmond D line as a handler cutter combo. He is pretty lanky with a great mark and solid throws. His decision making is also way better than most freshmen’s (or at least most of our freshmen in past years) and he’s definitely worth keeping an eye on at regionals. He’s number 4.

You’re so right, but I think I am also pretty good, perhaps better than you. Though I guess it depends on which frisbee epistemology you’re in.

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Reactions from regionals:

Spencer Cobb and #10 JP for navy are both fantastic players.
29 and 99 on Davidson are both skilled on offense and defense.
Norbom and Joe Richards are game changers.
I think 55 on Asheville is their best player. Will layout for anything and has great throws.

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55 on Asheville in Dean Merritt, hes an absolute baller (I’m biased as his teammate though).
29 on Davidson is Cullen MacDowell, he is easily Davidson’s best player. Great D, good in the air, great throws.

Also Wibbelsman, you honestly should be up there too. A challenging defender and very useful on offense, you’re a great player and Elon is lucky to have you.


Bringing back the big long regionals posts of old Honestly no idea what account I’m on. Ultiworld accounts confuse me but hi it’s Chris Selwood from Richmond. Apologies for whatever typos I have. Wrote this up on my phone:

Didn’t play anyone besides Mary Wash a lot this year so most of this is just coming from one game vs each team. I’m definitely open to other votes but I know the most about Mary wash and obviously Richmond and both teams only lost to each other at regionals so most of my team at the moment is going to be UR and MW. I definitely am more proximate to them though and if I am missing anyone major from other teams should shout them out and I will most likely add to/change my votes.

Ethan Cole: he really handled a lot of the load for UNCA in terms of moving the disc. He worked the backfield with his movement and had some nice break throws. He had more endurance than most people in that game and was still running like crazy at the end of the game which went to universe. Definitely on one of these two teams for me.
Hunter scaggs: UNCA has a couple of solid cutters but he stood out to me for his defense. I think he had four Ds on one point two of which were layouts. He is a very consistent cutter and can work the unders and go deep. He definitely is top 14.
Jeremy: you all have seen him over the past four years. He is a really solid lanky handler with great break throws and good handler movement. Elon seemed to run through him when we played at EastUR.
#29 on Davidson: I need help with a name here but Davidson definitely ran through him similarly to Elon with Jeremy. He is a tall handler with some really good break throws and hucks. Davidson lost a lot of people last year but he definitely pushed them in our game at least and Davidson still made the game to go which is really impressive and probably should have more than one person on these two teams, but only playing them once, 29 stood out.

#10, JP (?), on navy: basically what Xavier said. He is an athlete with throws who is probably the toughest person to guard on navy.

Mary wash was really impressive this year. The jump y’all made was awesome and I’m excited to see what you do at nationals.

Harper- when Zach isn’t on, Harper drives the MW offense. He often does this while taking the other teams center handler. Harper is an all around solid player with good hucks, breaks, cuts, defense and aerial ability. He should have a spot on these two teams as well.
Joe- probably the most game breaking player in the region especially in terms of being a raw athlete. He made some ridiculous plays and improved his throws this year as well. He is a matchup nightmare and a first team player for sure.
Zach- this one is obvious by now. I don’t know if there is anyone who does more for his team. He goes every other when he is on and has a nasty backhand huck with some great inside flick hucks as well. He can and will throw every break throw in game and is also a solid defender and incredibly shifty. First team for sure.
Beau: I’m gonna give my last nod to a player that deserves all the recognition he is getting for the all freshmen team. However, I think he also should have a spot on the all region teams as well. The first time we played MW, beau had two or three layout Ds before we realized we shouldn’t throw it where he can layout for it. He plays the best cutter D on MW, has sick layouts, good cutting ability himself and smart throws.

Richmond is the hardest for me to do. We depend a lot on having solid players 1-7 on the line at all times, meaning I am gonna leave several people off this if I don’t give everyone a nod.

That being said the first name on my list from Richmond is Justin Keller. I have been singing his praises on these forums for a while, and I’m going to continue to do so. When we pick teams in practice, he’s the first one picked most of the time. The observers at one of our tournaments said his handler defense was the best they had seen in a long time. He is incredibly shifty and can get open for unders and deeps and he is doing this all with a broken left hand right now that means he has a big cast which severely limits the mobility of his left arm in terms of both marking and catching. Despite the cast he still makes plays like the layout greatest in the finals. He is first team for sure. If you put anyone from UR in the top seven, make it him.

Couple more shoutouts. Ty Englert and Pat Murray are incredibly well rounded threats in their own right. Ty is the red head with huge hucks, good defense on 50-50s and a super long active mark. Pat is the lefty with the break throws and hucks of a handler who consistently skies people downfield and has a bunch of key layout blocks. Both are combo players and should be Top 14.

I’d also give a nod to Harris cannon and Xavier McCormick. Xavier has some of he best cuts in the region and plays incredible tight defense. Both his and Harris’s throws have improved a lot from last year and both are only sophomores. Harris plays incredible defense in the air and throws his body around like crazy.

Honestly who you pick probably depends on the game you played us in. Probably the same for MW too. Ben W played some great handler D. Abe and Evan are super consistent cutters. Guys like mike and Cassella step up big when asked to. I am gonna stick with my top 5 from Richmond, and again I play with Richmond and have played MW four times in the past three weeks so I know these teams better so most of my all region team comes from these two teams. I’m definitely open to changing it up hearing about other guys.

Coach of the year: Matt graves. Richmond loses Henry plus our other two captains and two other starters and battled back to two universe point wins in the finals at sectionals and regionals. The depth that Graves has built is definitely a testament to his coaching ability and has helped keep Richmond competitive no matter who is on the team. Also shout out to Keys for building depth on Mary Wash. This is the deepest Mary Wash team I have seen and some of that has to go to Keys. Last coaching shoutout goes to Davidson’s coach. Davidson lost ~8 out of their top 10 guys and still made the game to go. We played you all in the fall and at regionals and the improvement you all made was incredible. Definite tip of the cap to those guys but my vote is going to go to Graves.

All freshmen team: my votes could change or at least have some additions depending on which players other teams have that are freshmen. I still think Hunter (UR) and Beau (MW) are the best two I have seen and know are freshmen. I already mentioned them but beau has some incredible layouts and great cuts down field. Hunter was a steadying presence all regionals in the backfield and caught some nice goals on deep cuts as well.

Well I could be studying for my spanish final at 2pm but I’m a big fan of irresponsible procrastination so I’m going to prioritize my All-Region post jawns real quick.

First-team all Jawns:

Zach Norrbom, Mary Wash - Best player in the region, backhand jawns are unreal. Handler movement is not fun to guard, sneaky good at coming down with Jawns in the air too.

Chris Selwood, Richmond - Our best handler. Has all the jawns (scoober, hammer, backhand, flick), good with finding space when he wants to cut.

Joe Richards, Mary Wash - This kid can jump to the moon. His decision making jawns could use some work but when you’re as talented as him who’s gonna tell u no, ya know?

Hunter Scaggs, UNCA - I think that’s his name, and also that he’s the best player on UNCA. Their team isn’t who they were last year but this dude is just very good at everything. We almost dropped a jawn to them and his ability to go up and get the disc was undoubtedly the main reason.

Patrick “Murph” Murray, Richmond - This dude can do anything u ask. His jawns have gotten better across the board and he’s a good cutter, deep threat, and thrower.

Cullen MacDowell, Davidson - This kid ran Davidson, taking over the Ben Whitfield role. Not the fastest kid, but his throws are exactly what you’re looking for in a center jawn and his wingspan makes marking him pretty much impossible.

Jeremy Lonman, Elon - I feel like Elon should have someone on here and after talking to a couple jawns on their jawn they said he’s their best jawn. So here he is.

Second Jawns All-Jawns (this runs long because there’s a bunch of people who deserve shoutouts)

Dean Merrit, UNCA - My fellow sophomore. Good spirit, good throws, layout jawns are next level. Also pretty fast. Could make the argument for first jawns but i arbitrarily did it like this.

Justin Keller, Richmond - Hard to evaluate him right now since he’s been playing with a broken hand for the last couple tournaments, but this dude is hard as fuck. Unbelievably good cutter, throws are good, top 5 defensive player in the region. Also had an unreal greatest in the finals of regionals: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=26&v=dx3FIqlswaw

Ethan Cole, UNCA - He’s good. Nothing really stands out about him other than the fact that he’s just good at frisbee.

Xavier McCormick, Richmond - You guys knew I had to do it. Good defensive player, good cutter, solid thrower. Head case.

Beau De Konnick, Mary Wash - Beau is my nominee for freshman of the region. He could very well be freshman of the year (depending on how he plays at nationals). This kid is tough as hell with really good cuts, really solid throws, and awareness beyond his years. Expect big things from this kid.

Tynan Englert, Richmond - Arguably Richmond’s best player, Ty has finally stepped up and taken the role as a leader on this team. His hucks are unreal, he rarely messes up on any other jawns, and he’s a solid presence as a deep defender too.

The kid with the cowboy hat, Elon - He’s my homie, would feel incredibly disrespectful if I didn’t shout him out. Good cutter, good jawns, and just a fun dude to play with.

Harris Cannon - Other than Joe, the best deep defender in the region. He’s strong as hell, with great jawns, though his throwing jawns could use some work.

JP, Navy - Their best player. Not sure how they beat Mary Wash at sectionals but I assume he was a big part. Really good cutter and has good throws too.

Harper, Mary Wash - Selwood said it but this kid runs the offense when Zach isn’t on the field. Really solid player and has good jawns across the board.

Jacob Warshauer - Good cutter who lays out. Looks kinda like a goat, which i respect. Nominated for Donovan so like, he’s probably really good?


Beau is the best freshman in the region. #94 (Jamie?) on mary wash is good too. Hunter Lang is Richmond’s best freshman. I don’t know any others but I think I’ve outstayed my welcome on this post. Please tell me every single thing I’ve gotten wrong, thanks.


Cowboy Hat on Elon is named Ethan Gould. Great jawn

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Criminally underrated players from just reading this thread briefly:
Paul Brennan has the biggest hands in D3, and was responsible for much of their offensive motion this weekend too. Also wears #69.

As the no. 99 on Davidson he shouted out, Wibbs on Elon shut me down a fair amount whenever he guarded me at both sectionals and regionals, it was easily the most impressive defense I faced at both tournaments.

On the note of good handler defenders, Mac Harris is one of the best handler defenders in the region.

Hunter Scaggs deserves even more credit than he’s been given.
Beau on Mary Wash really impressed me with his cutting, especially since he’s just a freshman.

Matt Singleton on Davidson also did a good job stepping up into a more prominent handler role on the O-Line over the past few weeks and deserves a mention for being a freshman.

My username is also a lie. But also hate to see the lack of mention for Paul Sonkin in here, it needed to be brought up.

Howdy howdy. Friendly cowboy hat guy here, also known as Ethan Gould from Elon. I appreciate the shoutouts all year I have been getting about the hat. It cost me 10 bucks off of Amazon so you can’t go wrong there.

First off, great year. The AC always fights hard and never disappoints. I just wanted to give my thoughts on first and second all region with some honorable mentions at the end.

Big dawgs-

Jeremy Lonnman (Elon)- no bias here at all (honestly). I really think he is one of the best throwers in the region. A lot of the offense does run through him at Elon because the man knows how to throw plastic. It is a huge shame he had strep throat and wasn’t 100% at regionals because he can slice any zone he wants. He puts his heart and soul into Big Fat Bomb. As somebody who has known him before Elon (shoutout camp Eagles Nest), he is an amazing friend, great role model, and a chill dude to just hang with. Incredible honor being captain with you Jeremy.

Zach Norrbom.com (MOG)- Not much needs to be said. You should be looking at the 2018 Donovan winner or Mike Ball I am coming for you. Incredible thrower, super shifty and speedy out of the reset area, and quite the guy. Still wish he didn’t take that fifth year though…

Joe Richards (MOG)- If you have to constantly think about him in the deep space as a defender, you’ve set quite the impression on people. So fast and so athletic. Definitely a lock for all region.

Spencer Cobb (Navy)- Such an athlete. Also the heart and sole of the seamen. He has great throws and fakes and truly keeps them afloat (I had to sorry).

Chris Selwood (Richmond)- We only played against them once this year. But his throws are so crisp and clean my goodness. It is remarkable to see Richmond still be this strong and still dominant after a championship run and he has a big part in that.

Paul Brennan (Davidson)- This man catches anything and everything thrown at him in form. He has incredible layouts and plays great defense. Always a pleasure to play against DUFF.

Dean Merritt (Asheville)- Dean is a homie. Also somebody I knew before Elon (another shoutout Camp Eagles Nest). When at camp, he had incredible throws and great speed in frisbee “class” and was also just a good guy to be around in the cabin. I knew this kid was going to be a stud in the future and he didn’t fail me. Maybe sometimes he takes questionable deep looks, but the good ones he just puts them on an absolute rope. Great layouts and will be the heart and sole of UNCA along with Ethan Cole next year.

Somewhat smaller dawgs-

Cullen MacDowell (Davidson)- The fire and fuel for Davidson. He also has great throws and keeps Davidson churning through every tournament with some rowdy speeches.

Jacob Warshauer (Asheville)- great cutter. Has great layouts (like on UP against High Point at sectionals) and always maintains good spirit.

Sellers (High Point)- I have no idea what his first name is, but Sellers is one of the best cutters in the region easily. He is so quick and just so annoying to guard. You always know what he is doing but somehow manages to still get the disc.

JP (Navy)- incredible athlete as well. Will seem to catch any throw near him and him and Spencer work effortlessly to make Navy better.

Xavier McCormick (Richmond)- also a homie. Has such passion when he plays and it really shows. He can lockdown any dude he wants including myself, has incredible cuts and has some bunnies inside of his shoes. I appreciate the shoutout X.

Connor Whiffen (Elon)- My good friend, pal, and roommate. Has impeccable throws and gives it his literal all on the field every game. Seems to come back from tournaments with new cuts and scrapes every time. Excited to be captain with him next year.

Harper James (MOG)- I believe this is #21 on MOG, but if not it is going towards whoever wears that number. He really is the second option behind norrbom.com. as mentioned before

Dance with my dawgs in the nighttime-
Some people who definitely leave a mark in the region:
Garret Wibbs (Elon)
Sam Alston (Elon)
Ethan Cole (UNCA)
Harris Cannon (Richmond)
Beau De Konnick (MOG)- definitely frosh of the year
CJ (Davidson)

Great year again. Excited to see you all next year. Good luck to Richmond and MOG at natties.


Sorry one more thing.

As for some other frosh’s who deserve some mention, Ben Helpin for Elon has done some work and deserves a mention. He has a lot of room for improvement, but definitely is a lock for one of the best freshman in the region. Rotated through starting O line quite a bit for us.

I think Pete from High Point is only a freshman? If so, he deserved a nod as well. Main handler for High Point.

Thats all for now,
Your friendly cowboy

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Justin Keller: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vh8-CNCY93s&feature=youtu.be

Zach Norrbom: https://youtu.be/RpUAs8gp2S4

Jacob Warshauer: https://youtu.be/pO1GpX-f1jg

Edit to add Spencer Cobb: https://youtu.be/YoEw4K8HFxg

Let me know if I missed anyone but these are the Donovan videos from our region

A more refined post, post-regionals

Zach Norrbom- In our game against him in the Semi-Finals he threw the craziest double handed lefty backhand forehand whatever he fuck it was over like 2 of our defenders to Joe Richards for the most casual score. By far the most talented player in the region; he can tell you what throw he’s about to throw and then when you try to defend it, throw it perfectly anyway. Definitely the most challenging D3 player I’ve guarded all year.

Joe Richards- if Norbom is Region Player of the year, Joe is #2. The dude can give you 10 yards on a deep cut and still d the crap outta you. Also, he has made huge improvements in the last year. Last year our game plan was to force him under and make him throw, and it largely worked. This year if any team tried to do that he would just step out and throw dimes. Also this dude plays for Breeze so yeah.

Justin on Richmond- Played against this astoundingly handsome young man this summer and he crushed it for Floodwall. I distinctly remember him getting a fat layout D in the second place game at club sectionals against us. Only got to play them once this year, but even so I could tell the impact that he has had on the team. Even when playing with a broken hand the last couple months of the season he still seemed to have a large impact on the game.

Ben Weinstein- My teammate from high school, he was always down to run trackworkouts and throw at any point this summer, and that work ethic clearly carried over for the season. He was on the Universe line for Richmond this year and he played really good defense against the best player in the division.

Cullen #29 on Davidson- Was a pleasure to guard this guy at Conferences and Regionals. Super spirited dude, best throws on his team and a good defender as well. Also has super high frisbee IQ that enabled him to make effective adjustments for his team.

Spencer Cobb- really a great dude and aa player, he had big shoes to fill to replace Sam Weaver as the face of Navy Ultimate. He is a rock solid handler that’s got every throw. Also gets fat layout D’s. Can’t wait to see this guy around the club circuit.

JP- the kid has some thick legs and is by far the hardest cover on Navy. He is very explosive and I had a ton of fun guarding him this year. Really hoping he continues his career in the club circuit as well.

(Mike?) Sellers- the dude has far and away the best hands of anyone I have ever played against. After playing with him for 3 years, not once have I ever seen him drop anything. He’s basically High Points only guy.

The Migos:
Jeremy Lonnman (Takeoff)- Proud to call this guy my Captain and one of my mentors. Watching him finesse a zone is one of the most fun and also funny things to watch. He consistently messes with people on the field by throwing impressive fakes that get them looking the wrong way. He also has great vision when it comes to setting up his handler cuts, throwing cutters open, etc. That’s my guy.

Connor Whiffen (Offset)- The dude is the definition of ‘chilly’. A rock for our O-line, the master of the dump swing, this man is always a calming presence out there on the field. He also crosses over to D-line to get fat layout D’s for the boys.

Ethan Gould (Quavo)- My Guy with the cowboy hat, he is the heart and soul of Big Fat Bomb. Despite the fact that he makes at least 3 grammatical mistakes in every single huddle, he still manages to be a great leader that can always bring the team together. He has some of the most unguardable reset cuts in the region, will shoulder shimmy and inside break you to death, and comes down with anything he can get his hands on.

Garrett Wibblesman- My son, I am so proud to see him grow. During this spring season he stepped up into a big role as my partner in the D line handler set as our three others went down with various injuries. He also is pretty good at defense as you can see in the thread above. Really looking forward to seeing what Garrett is going to do for us over the next two years.

Sam Alston- I played the whole season with a torn shoulder labrum and I still balled. I counted 7 layout D’s I could have at at regionals had I been able to layout. Always the first guy in and the last guy out.


Josh Straus: One of the aforementioned D line handlers that got injured, the kid loves ultimate. He came in for us this year and immediately was one of the best throwers on the team. He consistently raised the bar in practice by always being one of the first to hit the dirt to make a play on the disc.

Mikey Golaski- Another injured guy you might not have seen at regionals, he came in as the main handler for his high school team yet quickly and effectively transitioned into his role as a d line hybrid. He often facilitated dump swing action as the front of the stack and has great continuation throws as well.

Ben ‘Sloppy Ben’ Helpin- if this kid can every become less of a sloppy Joe and more of a Chili Dog then he will truly be a force to be reckoned with in our region. This season he served as one of the better O line cutters on our team. Always wants the disc in his hand to make the big play and I am looking forward to seeing him make strides over the next three years.

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