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All-Region 2018: Developmental (Men's)

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Who are the best players in the Developmental Division? This is an open thread to discuss the top talent, best rookies, and more. Stay positive and keep it civil.

LSU B has some of the prettiest, jort-wearing, disc throwing, hoolagians this side of the Mississippi.

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University of Pennsylvania B has two studs on their team. They are the babbittz twins. Big contributors to the development of the team. Both have real talent and could be leaders on the A team but have been too stressed with school work to be able to make the commitment. Also, yes i am aware that their last name is one letter away from ZooDisc grad Jeff Babbitt. They are in fact Jeff’s younger siblings despite the last name difference. The only reason the z ends the twins name and not Jeff’s is simple. Jeff was always expected to do well but the twins were always slept on, zzzzzzzzzzzzzz, this being the reason they added a simple z to the end of their last name.

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I have to agree with Hugh here. LSU’s B team has a couple of athletes that really drive the success of their team, technicality and skill be damned. Namely, Thomas Ackman, who takes his name from his hero Echols (on LSU A). This young man has really been putting on a show in nearly all tournaments, consistently delivering swift and agile cuts, precise and fiery throws, and, of course, skying every defender who attempts to guard him. Oh, he’s also 16.


You really have to give it to ASU’s B team. They beat their own A team, what more needs to be said?


As a 69 year old man, I can say without a doubt that LSU B harbors some of the finest dev talent within the SouthEast region, or even, the nation. Notable talents on LSU include Thomas Ackman, Brock “The Lobster” Thibodeaux, and Omeed “Cheeks” Naraghi-pour:

Ackman is a straight up baller, dude hangs big dong when he plays out on the field. An absolute gym rat that lad is. Dude is straight up Black maba esque on offense and the silent assassin on defense. Oh, and he’s 16 and a freshman!

Lobster’s name doesn’t fall too short of the tree.Hard-working, scrappy on the field, the kid has it all on top of being a good freshman. Absolute wall on defense, cannot be tamed unless you put rubber-bands on those claws of his!

Naraghi-Pour is an absolute student of the game and the lad is one hell of a unit. The man knows the rule book in and out almost as if he was born in it. Touch his elbow in the air? FOUL. Breath on his neck during timeout? NO HOMO. He has earned the nickname cheeks because not only do girl break their necks when he’s wearin jorts, but guys do too.

Stellar players on a Stellar squad if I do say so myself.


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Kyle ‘Cyle’ Fray is the GOAT of all GOAT’s in the developmental division. He’s Florida-B’s rookie of the year, but only because he gave up on the A-team halfway through the year when he realized he was too good for them. In his own words “roasting nobody schools like Carleton, UNC and Minnesota gets old after a few months, I wanted to take my talents somewhere where they would be appreciated”.

Kyle’s advent on Floridb has made them a virtual lock for a Southeast developmental regional championship and a dark-horse nationals contender in the Southeast men’s division. No one in the country has had more of a profound impact on the direction of their team.

The best strategy to win when you have Kyle Fray on your team is ‘get him the disc and get out of the way’. Putting him in the constricting box of ‘handler’ or ‘cutter’ is simply silly, Kyle does it all, and he does it better than you. Finally, and perhaps most impressively, Kyle has never taken a sub in a game of Goaltimate, when a turnover occurs, the other person involved realizes it could not possibly have been Kyle’s fault.

I just wanted to second this. I once played with Kyle ‘Cyle’ Fray before in a hat tournament. When we went around the circle introducing ourselves and saying what we were (handler, cutter etc.), Kyle just said “the team”. It was not an exaggeration.

First of all, congratulations to everyone on a great season. You guys made it interesting for us here at Floridb, and we appreciate the fun along the way to developmental domination (which ironically is what scholars have dubbed my adolescence/puberty).

Obviously, the B team here at the University of Florida is full of studs. However, there is one stud elsewhere the shined brighter than any star before or above him. As a team, we officially nominate Joe from Pitt B as player of the year.

Joe B. Pitt was born into a modest family nestled along the Allegheny River. As a young boy, he spent most of his days reading the philosophies of the greatest minds before him, preparing to one day dominate the aristocracy. When he wanted to form his own opinions and musings, he walked out to the river for inspiration. Rivers are funny that way; free flowing yet constant, always changing while aesthetically making none but subtle progressions.

It was at this river that Joe would take his shoes off and roll the legs of his pants up. Walking out and feeling his feet sink into the soft mud of the river bed, Joe would find the smoothest of stones. Reaching far back, Joe would bring them straight forward with the highest of torque, sending them skipping across the river in front of him. Through this process, Joe hypothesized some of the novel ideas of the contemporary period, and developed one of the meanest flicks in B team history.

Instead of attending an already established school for the intellectually elite (i.e. Oxford, Cambridge, UF), Joe decided to attend Pitt and build the institution’s reputation from the ground up. He finished his undergraduate degree in the syllabus week of his first semester, and was still eligible to play after being named the first student emeritus ever.

Although he had never played ultimate before, Joe quickly learned the sport by watching Brodie Smith “how to” videos on YouTube. Joe went on to develop his own strategies in the game that have yet to be successfully countered.

In his ascension to the pinnacle (whipped is our favorite) of ultimate, Joe was merciful had the foresight experts now believe to be unearthly. He recognized that for the sport to truly grow, Pitt B could not be a tyrant in success: along the way he granted victories to those he deemed worthy to open a true competition of ultimate markets. We were honored to be the Southeast team that Joe chose to win the 2018 Florida Warm Up (although, if there had actually been merch credit for the victor, Joe might have had second thoughts).

If you do not pick Joe for player of the year, you will only be denying the one true savior and celebrating a pagan deity, thus sealing your eternal fate. Joe, we give you much deserved praise and hope to one day walk the same field as you, whether here or in Valhalla.

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