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All-Region 2018: Great Lakes (D-I Women's)

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(Charlie Eisenhood) #1

Who are the best players in the Great Lakes region? This is an open thread to discuss All-Region nominations, All-Freshman nominations, coaching awards, and more. Stay positive and keep it civil.

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Here are all the players returning from last year’s all-region teams:

Jenny Wang – Chicago
Sarah Kim – Northwestern
Brittany Wright – Michigan
Lena Goren – Northwestern
Sarah Lipscomb – Notre Dame

Here are all the players I could find who played for either Nemesis or Rival last year:

Nina Janjic - Michigan
Sarah Kim – Northwestern

From my personal observations at the windy mudpit that was Illinois Women’s D-1 sectionals, Northwestern’s handler group (I’d love to give you some names, but basically everyone was wearing jackets and not jerseys with numbers) and Jenny Wang were the only people who could actually throw well in the wind . It was tough to say much about people who were good downfield because the game was so windy.

(Layne Scherer) #3

Chiming in here as a Michigan alum- I will share my respect and appreciate for Brittany Wright and Nina Janjic mentioned above, and also put in Grace Denney as well. I admire the work ethic, team spirit, and commitment to the game that these women show, and I’ll be cheering for them when they appear in Milwaukee for Nationals.

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Hi Everybody,

I’m one of the coaches of Michigan Flywheel and I wanted to chime in regarding All-Region candidates with notes from our games this weekend.

We played Illinois, Kentucky, Northwestern on Saturday and Michigan State, Notre Dame and Northwestern on Sunday. The players I will mention are all from these teams, but not because other teams don’t have exceptional players also, only because I didn’t get to watch them.

Before we get to the All-Region stuff, I just wanted to send best wishes for a speedy recovery to the Kentucky players that had to leave the field on Sunday for medical attention. I saw the collision from a ways away at the water cooler and it looked scary. We hope you heal up quickly!

The following players are definitely in the All-Region discussion for me:

Sarah Lipscomb - Notre Dame #84 - she’s a lock for All-Region in my opinion; the best player on both sides of the disc for ND and the biggest match up issue for us all weekend; we built our defensive strategy around trying to contain her; on top of her skill, she’s an awesome competitor, consistently makes fair-minded calls and has calm engaging discussions when others make calls; she is a player that everybody in the region should look up to

Sarah Kim - Northwestern #16 - the one thing that popped up in my notes over and over that I hadn’t heard about before is her ability to snag discs that are tipped; I think there were 3 discs that were D’d or tipped that she was clearly looking to catch and ready to grab; that’s in addition to all the other things she does well, of course – strong flicks, solid person defender, and good field vision

Hindeke Tewodros - Northwestern #25 - I believe her nickname is “Ducky”; she made plays all over the field for GungHo this weekend; on defense to get a big block, on offense to get a sweet layout grab…over and over she did things that make you think “ooh I wonder if somebody got a picture of that”

Lena Goren - Northwestern #24 - as a lefty in the wind, Lena kind of put a wrench in several of our defensive schemes by consistently breaking the mark regardless of which direction GungHo was going (upwind or downwind) or what we forced; we tried a variety of our best handler defenders on her trying to contain those break throws; she was almost single handedly responsible for several of their upwind goals in the game to go

Some players that haven’t gotten mentioned yet that might be in the discussion or at least justify honorable mention for their teams:

Colleen Scott - Notre Dame #17 - she made so many athletic grabs downfield for Notre Dame, both this weekend and last weekend at conferences, that I think everybody knew her name from hearing the sidelines erupt with “yeah Colleen!!”; she’s also a very good defender and made several nice D’s both weekends

Grace Young - Northwestern #44; Julia Wilkins - Northwestern #88 - I’m putting them together because they both came down with huge grabs and were huge on the mark; they’re both pretty tall and in some of those really long points, they had grabs that kept possession alive or were key catches in the end zone

Anna McClurkan - Michigan State #9 - as a lefty handler, her throws were a big part of how Infamoose got moving on offense; she had strong throws upwind and was a key matchup for us at conferences and regionals

Amanda Decker - Michigan State #22 - super speedy cutter; she was at conferences but not at regionals, which was too bad because she’s a fun player to watch and tons of folks missed out on seeing her play

Natalie Stephan - Illinois #55 - dynamic player around the disc and also downfield when needed; made several big plays and poach blocks with savvy heads up defense and good field vision; showcased some strong throws in some crummy weather on Saturday

If you watched Flywheel, you may have seen some players make plays that haven’t been discussed in this thread. Depending on which game you watched, you may have seen a different player step up and do something awesome – which is something we love about this year’s squad. I’d love to hear from other teams about which players impressed them.

I can’t wait to see how the All-Region voting shakes out. There will be some tough decisions!


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I am a senior on Northwestern GungHo, as a result, this post is is mostly focused on GungHo. Also, we did not play Notre Dame so I can’t speak for their players.


Brittany Wright (#10): “you had to bite on every move because any of them could have been real” - one of my teammates about guarding Brit. She never failed to get the around swing off and was able to use the break side extremely well. Her execution was also excellent.

Grace Denny #44
Athletic, did a lot of work as a cutter for flywheel who runs most of their offense through the handlers

Megan Campano #14?: Lefty, fastest flick breaks I’ve seen (coming from a lefty who loves the flick break), got the around off every time.

Player to watch:
21 was her number I think?? Tina?? Tia?? (Blonde with crazy grabs)
Not sure if this number is right and couldn’t quite catch her name, but this girl made some incredibly athletic grabs.


Jenny Wang: One of the best throwers in the region and has put in a lot of work to get there. Her height allows her to throw over zones and around marks with ease, and her hucks are pinpoint. She is also an extremely spirited player and I always enjoy playing against her. She has shouldered an enormous burden for her team these last two years in a very impressive way. Mad respect for her.


I’m confident that others will bring up Skim (#16) and No Mentions (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hXXW_zgAyS0), so I’m going to focus this comment on the members of Gungho who people don’t know as much about.

Hindeke (Ducky) Tewodros (#25): Looks like she’s never going to move until she roasts you in any direction she wants. The most casual athlete you’ve ever seen, and catches everything. She had multiple clutch layout scores and D’s this weekend and nothing got past her in the deep space of the zone. I would write more, but like if you’ve played with or against her, you know.

Grace Young (#44): All freshman 2017, is always open, huge bids (see friction gloves catch of the month from Centex 2018), and chilly with the disc. She stepped up in a big way this year and consistently comes up with the big plays we need. Look out for her to be taking names for two more years.

Abby Mathier (#11): Made huge strides as a player between last year and this year. She’s always been consistent and a strong defender, but this season she added standstill hucks to her arsenal and it brought her game to the next level. I tend to take her for granted, because I haven’t played a lot of frisbee that she wasn’t there for. She was the anchor of the downwind line this season, directing on offense and getting run-throughs left and right on defense when we needed them most.

Morgan Walker (#9): One of the best defenders in the region. No one who she was guarding this weekend was getting open. She doesn’t get as many D’s as some other players but it’s because the person she is guarding never looks open to begin with. She can run literally forever, taking some of the toughest matchups and then consistently getting open under and deep on offense.

Julia Wilkins (#88): Julia started out as a freshman on B team who had never played a land sport before. After not making the team her sophomore year, she got some experience playing club before junior year. After not getting much playing time her junior year, she decided that maybe she should be a cutter, not a handler, played on a new women’s team in NYC where she had to do everything, and returned to us as an offensive force to be reckoned with. She’s 6 feet tall, with a (probably) 6’5” wingspan, and can throw with an incredible amount of touch. Her upline completion rate is probably the highest on the team. This weekend she had some of the most disrespectful skies I’ve ever seen. Oh, also, good luck breaking her mark. She had many clutch hand blocks this season and could consistently stop anyone from throwing the around. She has come incredibly far in her career and pushed us to be better at every practice.

Player to watch: Corinne (Corn) Burger (#20), sophomore handler with big dunks and big throws. Played big minutes this weekend even though it was her first year on A team. Don’t sleep on her.

(gskif) #6

Hi! UChicago player here. Here are my thoughts on the all-region discussion, based on the teams we played this season:

Sarah Helding (DePaul) - I always enjoy playing against Sarah at Sectionals, and it’s unfortunate more teams in the region didn’t get to see her in action. She has great throws and killer defense, and is an important member of her team both upfield and downfield. She is a challenging matchup, but is always super spirited and deserves some credit for sure. Definitely one of the best players in the region. (She also practiced with Nemesis last season, if that contributes to anyone’s voting process)

Rachel Hildebrand (UChicago) - Probably one of the more understated players in the region, Rachel is a solid, consistent handler for Supersnatch. She has stellar handler d and consistently generates turns, has a good IO break throw, and a dangerous flick huck. She is also very frisbee-smart.

Jenny Wang (UChicago) - A seasoned, hardworking handler. Has amazing throws regardless of weather, and an unbeatable low release break. Probably the prettiest throws I’ve seen all season have come from the hands of JWang.

Madison Moore (UChicago) - Madison is a speedy, athletic cutter with great defensive instincts. She has become a playmaker for Supersnatch over the years, and is dangerous downfield with her continuation throws.

Caitlyn Tien (UChicago) - Maybe the most athletic player in the Region, Caitlyn is a freshman who can run down anything. She has solid defensive instincts and has potential to be a great ultimate player.

Ryan Watson (UChicago) - This was Watson’s first year with Supersnatch, but he has been instrumental to our team’s success this year, and in my opinion, is an indisputable nominee for COTY. He added depth to our team and helped our mental game tremendously. He trained rookies with strong fundamentals while simultaneously developing smarter returners. Watson is great.

Hindeke (Ducky) Tewodros (Northwestern) - A super speedy cutter and a fun matchup. She gets open a lot.

Sarah Kim (Skim) (Northwestern) - A playmaker both on offense and defense, Sarah is always a challenging markup for us and is really fun to watch and play against.

Blonde Handler (Purdue) - Solid handler, sorry I don’t know your name/number. I think she was a captain? And she was wearing a hat and pigtails(?) at regionals.

Amy Copper (Illinois) -Solid handler all around, super spirited player.

Michigan State cutter - blonde cutter with braces (sorry, didn’t catch your name/number) She was definitely a playmaker for State, both on offense and defense.

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Didn’t get to play Michigan at regionals, so I can’t speak for players on Flywheel this year, but:

Notre Dame
Sarah Lipscomb is very fast and will catch anything. Really heads up defender.

We’ve played against these gals quite a few times this year - but besides the more talked about players on their team (Skim and Ducky!!), I wanted to more broadly recognize their core group of downfield cutters. They’re disciplined and all so tall (wtf) – have put a ton of pressure on our offense in their zone looks. The names that come to mind are Julia and Grace (both so spirited) but there are definitely a few more I’m missing.

Her team didn’t end up going to regionals, but I want to give a huge shoutout to Sarah Helding. She’s been a speedy, terrifying presence on the field since my first year and has since then developed some big hucks and sweet inside breaks. Athletic, smart, spirited, and picturesque bids. Clearly a really important part of the Laserchains on both offense and defense

I want to recognize Rachel Hildebrand for being a v sneaky, v smart and reliable defender - her field sense and ability to recognize other teams’ strengths/weaknesses have been invaluable to our team strategy time and time again. On offense, she puts up big throws when we need them and her around breaks have generated us many an easy score on the endzone.

No one is better in zone O that Gabby Skifstad. Also she’s fast, never drops the disc, and is an absolute monster on defense - she made some huge plays for us in really important points, putting up huge IO backhand hucks for upwind breaks and got so many layout D’s that it’s hard to keep track of all of them. Bids for everything and is speedy as heck.

Players to watch out for:

I want to shout out Annie Yang and Gianna Sparks who have gradually become the hardest workers on the field this season. They’ve developed solid, disciplined swings on offense and relentless, tight handler D on defense. Be wary of Cassie Brown’s big ole hucks, especially that ginormous backhand of hers.

Also keep an eye on Madison Moore and Daisy Barbanel – both fast, smart cutters who will toast you both under and deep but are also starting to develop some bold upfield throws. They’ll be an integral part of UChicago’s offense and are already starting to handle the bigger matchups on defense.

(dracomalfoy24) #8

Disclaimer: MSU coach.

First off, shout out to all the coaches out here. Ya’ll are the best.

As far as all-region contenders,

Michigan: Brittany Wright (#10) is a monster on the field.
Notre Dame: Sarah Lipscomb (#84), while she didn’t play in the game we had against ND, she was crushing it every other time I watched her play this weekend!
Purdue: Darien Rodriguez (#34 I believe) has been a rock for the team every year, and always gives us a great, spirited game. I believe she is also “blonde handler” that gskif shouted out.

I would like to selfishly shout out Amanda Decker (MSU #22) aka ‘blonde cutter with braces’. She’s a rookie for us this year but is easily one of the fastest players in the region and has been one of our most-played and most spirited players all year. Sadly she got injured on Saturday so she wasn’t able to play Sunday.

I didn’t keep many more notes, but the rest of ya’ll are dope too!


UChicago player here! Wanted to comment on some players based on who we’ve played throughout the season (sry this is so long, I’m procrastinating my schoolwork):

DePaul: Sarah Helding has some of the prettiest throws in the region imo. The illinois Sectional was a bit of a weather disaster this year with 20+mph crosswinds and cold, rainy conditions, but that did not stop Sarah from having super consistent throws, no matter the conditions. Also, very fun player to watch just absolutely dominate on the field. Even though DePaul didn’t make regionals, I still think she should be in the all-region discussion.

Illinois: Amy Copper is a handler that really does so much for her team on and off the field. She’s contributed well to their leadership and is also a very spirited player as well as a great handler.

Notre Dame: Sarah Lipscomb is one of those players that just brings her team up just being on the field. You could see a large difference in Notre Dames game from Saturday (when she was out) to Sunday when she was playing almost every point. Very sneaky player (you don’t realize she’s in the lane until you release the disc) who goes for every disc and is smart about positioning. Very fun player watch and figure out what she’s doing.


I guess I’m just reiterating what everyone else is saying, but Skim’s got a lot of versatility on the field. She’s a great cutter who has consistent throws and is one of Northwestern’s biggest deep threats. Super athletic player who plays both ways and can always get open.

Same thing for Ducky, lots already said about her, but she has really improved since playing against her last year. Now she’s one of their more dominant cutters who gets open a lot and has some pretty cool bids with great grabs

Lena Goren’s got that flick around huck that really pushes us to work on our mark, especially when she’s facing a flat mark on the sideline. She’s very speedy with her resets and gets the disc off as soon as something is viable. Also a very competitive person who is fun to play against, then high five after the point.

Now that the objective part of this discussion is done, here comes my more biased opinions:


Jenny Wang has been a force on this team for the past two years (since I’ve been one it) who always looks to learn. Her leadership is something that I look up to every single day and it has made playing on Supersnatch the best thing ever. I am confident to say that Jenny is one of the best throwers in the region (in any weather) and is very much POTR material. She’s work so hard so contribute to her team is every capacity and this year she focused a lot on defense and jumping in particular from what I understood. Finally using that 6’ height of hers she’s able to sky opponents like nobody’s business while keeping a lower center of gravity to guard against the quicker handlers. She’s able to look at a defense, and figure out ways to beat it by directing the cutters and the other handlers to where she wants them to go, even if it’s something we’re not used to.

Rachel Hildebrand is one of the more underrated players in the region. She’s frisbee smart and has great positioning on defense so that even when a player is faster than her, she can still guard them becuase she knows exactly what they’re going to do. She’s able to pinpoint an opponent’s weaknesses, and generate a defensive strategy in between points to shut them down. Also she’s got flick pulls for days

Madison Moore, another rather underrated player who gets open quite a lot. She’s mastered going up with two hands and will absolutely sky you with her aggressiveness in the air if you don’t watch out. Huge offensive cutter who’s got a great deep look and has some pretty sick hand-blocks

Gabby Skifstad has conquered one of the toughest things to go through as an athlete (ACL tear) and still manages to take over on the field. She’s got crazy layouts and has that sense of physicality where she’ll out muscle her girl with run through D’s. Also, very helpful in the zone, and is very good at finding all those holes to keep our offense running.

Player to watch out for: Daisy Barbanel- a never ending workhorse, who still manages to find the energy to cut deep after playing for so long. Has great grabs in the air and reads the handler motions very well to figure out what her next cut is. Also just one of the more casual amazing players (tbt to when she was cool enough to take off her hat and catch the disc with one hand while staying calm)

Freshman: Caitlyn Tien is by far the fastest girl in the region. She’s literally only played frisbee for like 5 months and she’s already one of the biggest deep threats on our O-line. She’ll roast you deep and then roast you again coming under and it’s very hard to keep up with her pure athleticism. Should be a strong contender for the All-Freshman team.

Last, but certainly not least, I think our coach, Ryan Watson should be in contention for COTY. This is only his first year coaching Supersnatch, but he’s already made us a much more fundamentally sound team that doesn’t just rely on pure athleticism. So many of our cutters can throw around consistently and not just jam it up the sideline, which allows us to actually run our offense. the system he is creating, is setting our team up for success, no matter who is playing on the field.

(glspectator) #10

From the eyes of a Great Lakes spectator:

It’s borderline criminal that only one person in this thread (her own teammate!) has mentioned Sara Gnolek from Northwestern. Nemesis practice player this past summer, but that’s not why you should vote for her.

Sara fits the mold of a typical power thrower and center handler (read: bomber), with big hucks, breaks from a variety of release points (+ a strangely effective backhand pump-fake spin move), and zone-breaking flick blades and overheads (if that blade is green-lighted and connecting, you should probably abandon your zone.) Fluid athleticism combined with solid size and great timing allows her to own the reset space, piling up around continuations and upline power position at will while allowing her to survey the field to deliver huge, field-chunking breaks from her arsenal. Also a savvy downfield cutter and strong in the air but doesn’t hang around there too much.

On the other end, plays an efficient and effective brand of defense, intelligently hunting for poach blocks and playing help defense while erasing one of the other team’s top players from the field. Sara took big matchups all year for Northwestern and thrived, demonstrating her competitive drive and will to dominate.

She is undoubtedly one of GungHo’s top players and deserves more recognition than she’s been getting for All-Region.

(kyngve) #12

Hello, I am the Northwestern Men’s Coach.

Sara Gnolek has the best backhand in the region and it isn’t remotely close. Sara is also the best puller in the region. Sara is an obvious candidate for 1st team all-region and should be in the discussion for POTR.

Other great players from Northwestern include Sarah Kim, Lena Goren, and Julia Wilkins.

Thank you,

(ericrbens) #13

I’m the Notre Dame Womb coach so here’s some very biased, and not at all objective thoughts on All Region Awards!

Sarah Lipscomb - Easily our best player, and potentially the Regional POTY. She was injured at Regionals, missing all of Saturday, and was at less than 100% on Sunday. An easy way to see her impact is to compare our results against Chicago from when she wasn’t playing (11-8 loss) to when she was (13-7 win). There’s obviously some caveats there since the second game was in consolation play, but Sarah was probably a bigger factor.

Celena Guerrero - Our best handler defender, and blazing fast downfield cutter. She also took on a much bigger throwing load this season from previous ones.

Colleen Scott - She made a huge jump as a thrower from last year to this one, and remained a great downfield target and defender. She was also a vocal leader for our squad and will be a captain next year.

Erin “Baby Star” DiDonato - With Sarah injured on Saturday at Regionals, Erin probably led our team in goals. She had no ultimate experience before college, but stepped up into a big role before the fall season was finished. She’s a super athlete, and by the end of the season, she had no problems ripping 40 yard forehands in games at Sectionals and Regionals.

Katarina “KJ” Jamsek - Another big time athlete with no prior ultimate experience. She’s an awesome defender, and makes at least one “how did she catch that?” play each game.

Assorted thoughts about other teams:

Chicago - Jenny Wang is one of the top throwers in the region and should be on the All Region First Team

Illinois - Amy Copper stood out in our game against them as a really good handler and defender.

Michigan - They were much more of a faceless army this year which says a lot after losing Hank and T-Lo and not missing a beat. This says really good things about their coaches. Brittany Wright and Nina Nanjic both stood out in our games with them, but there’s definitely more players that deserve recognition.

Northwestern - We somehow haven’t played Gung-Ho in the spring the last three years, but from watching a bit of their games at Regionals and on film this year, their handler core along with Sarah Kim downfield stood out.

(ashure) #14

Hi! I’m one of the Northwestern coaches. Abby Mathier, Morgan Walker, and Julia Wilkins are Northwestern seniors who should be in the All-Region discussion. Other posters have mentioned a number of our players and they are all wonderful athletes deserving of recognition. The three below also deserve serious consideration for their contributions on the field this season and over the course of their Northwestern careers.

Abby Mathier (#11) is a strong handler who takes big shots downfield that pay off. She’s happy to play successful small ball and will take opportunities to throw really nice hucks with excellent edge in the wind. She’s a fearless defender and came up with some of our team’s biggest Ds of the season. She is one of our go-to players in tough situations: funky wind, pinned on the sideline, needing a D. You name it, she can handle it.

Morgan Walker (#9) is one of the top defenders in the region. She shut down every handler or cutter she marked and made offense a nightmare in both person and zone D. She is a great receiver and came up with key grabs in the endzone for our team all season. Her hands are excellent and she stays fast and sharp for an entire tournament. Rumor has it she somehow likes playing tired (although she doesn’t actually seem to get tired so… hard to say if that’s true).

Julia Wilkins (#88) is an absolute force. She’ll sky you because she’s 6 ft tall, then she’ll release the most gorgeous touch flick into space for a handler upline, and you’ll be helpless against it. She is a relentless cutter, tough defender, beautiful thrower, and the longest mark in the Great Lakes. She was absolutely critical for Northwestern’s success this season.

(njanjic) #15

Player from the Flywheel squad here. Loved reading all the comments so far, especially about the players I didn’t get a chance to see this season. Here are my thoughts from regionals on players I saw, along with some shoutouts to my own teammates:

Sarah Lipscomb (Notre Dame): Great athletic player on both sides of the disc, potent downfield threat and makes smart decisions with the disc. Clearly the rock of this year’s Notre Dame team, and really fun to play against her the past few years.

Celena Guerrero (Notre Dame): Consistent cutting movement, great speed, explosive on defense.

Sarah Kim (Northwestern): Quick, smart and heads-up player. Hustles all over the field, can make the big plays when the team needs her, does all the little things right on both sides of the disc.

Lena Goren (Northwestern): Lefty handler with big throws and smart movement. Tough to contain her break throws.

Ducky (Northwestern): Also a huge hustler for Northwestern. Never afraid to leave her feet, but also composed with the disc.

Julia Wilkens (Northwestern): Great defender who can cover a scary amount of space on the mark and with her legs. Hard worker on offense and a big downfield threat.

Amanda Decker (Michigan State): Absurdly athletic player, even in her first year of playing. Huge range of release points made breaking the mark a piece of cake. Excited to see where she progresses in the next few seasons.

Natalie Stephan (Illinois): So composed and comfortable with the disc in her hands, and able to distribute anywhere on the field. A rock for the Illinois offense and a tough defender to shake.

I also can’t help but give some names to Flywheel’s “faceless army”:

Brittany Wright #10: Definite POTR candidate, our Callahan nominee, and huge leader on the field. Dangerous anywhere on offense, makes absurd grabs and can convert from first-look downfield receiver to give-go handler from point to point. Lights out handler defender, smart defensive positioning, great field vision. #BritforPizzahan

Amy Stoddard #46: Huge downfield target with the throws to match. She can come down with any disc and deliver the continue deep. Tenacious on D and uses her field awareness to her advantage.

Grace Denney #44: Seasoned Flywheel veteran and workhorse of a cutter, Grace will catch absolutely anything that comes her way with 100% effort. Dangerous flick hucks and great speed, plus a relentlessly positive spirit. Truly embodies the culture of Flywheel and ultimate as a whole.

Phoebe Hopp #77: Another big downfield target for Flywheel, and able to make some absurd catches under pressure. Scary on the mark, great defensive fundamentals, and great in the air.

Hannah Gannon #48: Great distributor with the disc, she can put the right throws to the right spots with the perfect touch. She can play small ball and deliver the deep shot as a handler, or gain big yards as a cutter.

Mary Boyd #13 and Laura Soter #11 both embody the motto “Flywheel Hustles Harder” - they are consistent offensive threats as cutters who will win their match-up every time with their effort, and put in the work with their legs to deny on defense.

Watch out for Christina “Tina” Hanson #21, Megan Gordon #27 and Nicole Kleinsorge #17 - all speedy, athletic second year players who put in good work for the Flywheel offensive system and make big plays on defense.

A pitch for our two freshmen, Claire Blazewicz #3 and Annie Mei #34: Claire brings great field vision and a willingness to make big throws that can dismantle any zone defense. Annie is speedy all over the field, and has picked up offensive movement beautifully in only a few short months.

I can say so much more about our whole squad. I want to make a final shoutout to our coaches, T-Lo and Joe, but more specifically to Ben Murphy as COTY contender - Ben is committed in every way possible to making Flywheel a better team. He has been involved with the program as a coach for the past four years, and his consistency and dedication shows through players who have strong fundamentals and ultimate IQs that allow them to to succeed within the Flywheel program and beyond it. We’re lucky to have such a great coaching group this year.