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All-Region 2018: New England (D-I Men’s)

Who are the best players in the New England region? This is an open thread to discuss All-Region nominations, All-Freshman nominations, coaching awards, and more. Stay positive and keep it civil.

All-Region Team
Mac Hecht- Brown
Eli Motycka- Brown
Tannor Johnson- UMASS
Brett Gramann- UMASS
Pat Barron- UMASS
I haven’t seen enough of Tufts play this year but I’m sure they have someone who deserves to be on this list.
Matthew Cook from Northeastern is also good, but I haven’t seen any Northeastern film this year
For Freshman considerations
John Randolph- Brown, Ryan Dinger- UVM, Jared Sheinberg- UMASS

I think you have to include Ben Field in the discussion for Freshman considerations as well, the kid is a monster

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Ben Field is the clear frontrunner for FOTY in my eyes. If you have followed Northeastern’s season either directly or through twitter, you would know how impactful this young man has been in such a short period of time. In addition to having a massive impact on Northeastern’s season, this individual is clearly the most well rounded ultimate player in contention to win FOTY. Full field hucks on both the flick and backhand size, consistently breaks the mark with ease, and can literally embarrass you downfield with his cutting abilities. Not to mention this player can lock down ANYONE in the region. No, not just any freshman… any player. Most importantly however, is Ben Fields sheer beauty. Try and name a better looking freshman in the region, ill wait.