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All-Region 2018: Northwest (D-III Men’s)

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Who are the best players in the Northwest region? This is an open thread to discuss All-Region nominations, All-Freshman nominations, coaching awards, and more. Stay positive and keep it civil.

From what I have seen, some of the players worth looking at for POTY are as follows:

Bryant Stone - Pacific Lutheran player, he is really annoying to guard and seems to be one of the team;s main components on defense and offense. He has throws and can sky most people which is even more impressive since he is not the tallest guy.

Daniel Gimbel - He is Whitworth’s best guy and he goes 150% all the time. He is borderline unguardable and is usually the largest threat on any field he is on.

Robbie Farwell - I haven’t played him, but there is something to be said about being a Cascades player and from the film I have seen of him at the DIII Midwestern invite, he is the real deal.

Overall my All-Region 1st team would be:
Ben Acord
Daniel Gimbel
Bryant Stone
Robbie Farwell
(Really tall skinny handler for UP, don’t know his name)
Chris Roach
The guy with Lunchmeat on the back of his jersey.

I would agree with Bryant Stone, as well as Robbie Farwell and Chris Roach. I haven’t seen Gimbel play, so I cannot make a call regarding him.

This year there were a number of talented players in the Northwest Region…

Chris Roach: He is by far one of UPS’ best players. It is very annoying to have to play against him. He is a solid player in almost every aspect but his best skill that he has in his arsenal has to be his flick hucks. They are always a threat and I can specifically remember one moment last year when he was in the back of our endzone and hucked it all the way for the score. I have never seen anything like it before. He is always ready to layout and comes up big in a lot of situations. It is easy to see his summer club experience come in out in college play.

Ben Acord: He is a very athletic player and this year he was one of PLU’s key players. In previous years PLU hasn’t been at their best but it was clear to me that Honda was a huge part in this years transition. I would say he is one of the foundations to their team. An all around reliable player.

Daniel Gimbel: Daniel is such a unique and special type of player, I have yet to see someone quite like him. His first step is the quickest I have ever seen, he has such a low center of gravity that he can change directions on a dime and get two quick steps off before you can get one. This makes him extremely dangerous when he goes up the field getting the disc every other throw. He’s a nightmare to guard. His size also allows him to throw the disc so low to the ground that he routinely throws under the mark’s foot block attempt which again catapults him into running toward where he threw the disc to get it back. He also makes up for his lack of height by having a very impressive vertical and always being willing to dive for the disc. Additionally, Daniel has about every throw that you can think of and will pull them out in game when he needs to.

Bryant Stone: Additionally, Bryant Stone has been a large role in PLU’s success this year. He is one of their go to guys and somehow always comes up with the disc. He is also a large part of their O-Line.

Scott Maxa: Scott has quickly become an essential player for Whitworth. In the air he is almost unmatched, I can’t tell you how many times he has bailed the team out in a tight spot by coming up big in the air. Even though he is not the tallest guy, his athleticism and vertical almost always prevails. Additionally, he is a machine when it comes to defense. He is almost always playing rabbit in the zone and never complains. His mark has forced so many turnovers which have been the turning point in games. I have yet to find someone who can keep up with his speed when he decides to make a deep cut. Additionally, Scott throws are always on point, specifically his hucks. Upwind or downwind, it doesn’t matter he makes it happen. Not to mention his pulls are beyond amazing, every single one is perfectly floaty and in the back of their end zone.

Robbie Farwell: I can not say much on him since I have never really seen him play in person but from the footage I have seen he seems like a great player.

Nathan Adams: Nathan along with Bryant is their foundation for offense. The two of them create a create handler set. Nathan himself comes up with the weirdest catches. I’m not sure how to exactly describe it, it is impressive to say the least. I have seen a number of throws get catch by him that shouldn’t be caught.

James Robin: James Robin is a very talented player and has been playing for almost 5 years on a college level. When he catches fire there is no one who can stop him. This year he played a huge role at Regionals and came up big on a lot of different plays. He is a great player all around.

Lukie Crowley: Lukie has been annoying to play against ever since he came to UPS. He is what I would say one of their main handlers and he plays a huge role in their offense. His throws are always precise and executed well. He and Chris always made UPS a tough team to play against.

Portlands Number 22: I don’t know his name but we played against a few times over the years. He is a well rounded player and a very good cutter.

Whitman Dude: There was also a guy on Whitman that had longer hair and his hucks we’re always on point. I don’t know his name though.

Lastly, for Freshman of the year I would like to nominate Thomas Symons. He came into Whitworth as one of the best freshmen we have ever had and it definitely showed this season. Thomas came from a high school Ultimate background and used those skills on the college level. I lost count in how many guys Thomas skied this year and I think he has as well. He is one of our best cutters and this year at Regionals he scored about a third of our points. Additionally, he is an extremely hard worker and puts in some of the most effort on the team. By his senior year, I don’t think there is anyone out there who will be able to stop him.

Overall this would be my All-Region 1st Team:

  • Chris Roach
  • Scott Maxa
  • Robbie Farwell
  • Ben Acord
  • Daniel Gimbel
  • Bryant Stone
  • James Robin

Freshman of the year: Thomas Symons

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