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All-Region 2018: South Central (D-I Men’s)

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Who are the best players in the South Central region? This is an open thread to discuss All-Region nominations, All-Freshman nominations, coaching awards, and more. Stay positive and keep it civil.


Cody Spicer - In his fifth and final year he’s rounding out as an all-around top player in the country. His effort, energy, smarts and playmaking ability are spectacular.

Will McDonald - The 2017 South Central Freshman of the Year is back in year two and continues to being the driving force behind the CSU offense. With immaculate fundamentals across both offense and defense, Will makes it all look easy.

David Miller - Big man (#24) David Miller has consistently been one of CSU’s quiet playmakers, but in his fourth year he’s become one of the top all around players on the team. You won’t find someone more featured in a team highlight video than Dave at NWC - whether it’s a layout catch block vs Oregon, a score saving effort play vs Cal or a trailing edge layout catch for the game winner vs Oregon State, he can do it all.


JJ Olavarria - Small in size but makes never shies away from contact and is near the top of the team in layout blocks for the year.

Sam Goldstein Big man Sam boasts some of all best all-around fundamentals of any player on the team. He’s got crisp throws, great defense and displays a field sense well beyond his years.

Ren Pretkelis Ren boasts a cannon forehand combines a non-stop motor on defense. Leading the team in layout blocks (by a pretty significant margin) isn’t by chance. Ren’s effort and blazing straight line speed combine for a brutal defender.

Dylan Latham McGraw Dylan has spent much of the year injured, missing out on being able to showcase his skills at the U20 Worlds tryout but he’s finally getting back up to speed and is ready to showcase his brutally effective skillset for the series.

Other Squads (admittedly haven’t played the SC much this year - only players I know/have seen)


Erik Hotaling - A very strong player.

Quin Finer - All-around threat.

They’ve got a bevy of talented youngins who I’m not familiar with.

Texas A&M

Connor Ughetta seemed like the every other for A&M at Centex


Sam “Suds” Ward - Good things come in small packages. He’s without a doubt one of the best in the region.


Kaplan Maurer came back for a fifth I had heard. Great defender.


UT-Dallas had some very strong players at Centex but I’m ignorant as to their names! Someone educate me, I was very impressed with their squad!


Outside my team (Colorado State), I’ve gotta give two major shout-outs.

First one goes to Connor Ughetta of Texas A&M. This dude is sick nasty, but what impresses me most is his embodiment of spirit of the game. Legitimately one of the nicest dudes in the SC. Additionally, he bolsters quite a workload.

Second shout-out is for my personal underrated player of the year: Alex Tatum of Colorado. The dude balls out alongside being crazy consistent. Playing host to a large batch of new players, I think his influence on mamabird is taken for granted.

I am a senior on the HorrorZontals(University of Kansas). After competing in conferences and regionals this past month here are some players I think deserve all-region consideration. I am only going to talk to the players on teams I played against this season and will probably miss out on some other deserving players.

#21 Brooks Hidaka - Brooks is a first year captain on the team and is an elite level defender that consistently takes the opposing teams fastest cutter or best handler and delivers in crunch time. For example, in semis against Texas this year with the score 8-11, he had three layout ds, one on the goal line, that led to an upwind break to keep us in the game. He is a great player that leads by example and is deserving of on All-Region selection.

#11 Chris Schreiber - I’m not going to write about myself so you can decide.

#91 - I don’t know his name but he was Baylor’s biggest and most effective deep threat on a team full of good deep cutters. He played practically every point against us at regionals and tested us throughout.

Texas Tech
#23 Kyle Henke - Do everything player for Tech. Their best cutter and thrower, their offense revolved around his play making ability both as an initiation cutter and as a handler to move the offense down the field.

Colorado State
Cody Spicer. He’s really good.

#24 - Their big man. He is an excellent defender both downfield and in the handler space as he got both deep blocks and a couple handmacks, one on a layout, in their game against us.

#19? - Their main handler. Has all the break throws and was crucial to their offenses’ success at moving the disc. Also super quick and a real pain in the ass to guard and consistently went every other in their endzone sets, either scoring or assisting on the goal.

Texas is a very well rounded team and had a bunch of contributors but there are a few who stood out.
#12 - I don’t know his name but he was a beast for Texas in our semis game. He matched up on our best cutters and got multiple layout d’s and possession saving grabs. He also displayed some really nice touch on some upwind and downwind hucks that were important for Texas.

#96 Left handler - Also don’t know his name but he was every other for Texas and opened up every portion of the field and was really important for Texas to run their system effectively. He also played like a perfect game against us, as I don’t think he had a single turnover. Really solid player.

Wash U
#77 - One of their o-line handlers. Has really nice and consistent break throws that moves Wash U’s offense and is dangerous in the reset space. Matched up on him at conferences and was really impressed by his all around game.

Kaplan Mauer - He is also really good.

Oklahoma State
They have a curly red-headed handler who is really good.



#12 for Texas is Sophomore, Noah Chambers
#96 for Texas is Senior, Keivaun Waugh (will be returning for a 5th year)

I couldn’t remember his number, and only knew him from the constant “Hell yes Brooks!” from Kansas’ side line. Dude was everywhere during the semi final, and definitely caused us (Texas) some trouble.

Red Headed Handler from Oklahoma State is Simon Vickers. Very good is correct.


I’m Noah Chambers, a sophomore on TUFF (The University of Texas), and while I’d love to talk about all my teammates I will keep to the few that I feel are really deserving of all region positions.

Luke Simerly - senior, and 2nd year captain. Luke spent the fall season, and a majority of the spring season out with an injury. This however has not stopped him from being a leader, and coming alive as a player during our post season run. Luke is an integral part of our offense and an incredible player. He has the size, speed, and athleticism to burn you if you give him the deep space, and all the throws to pick a part a defense if you let him come under. This past weekend in our regional final Luke was unbeaten in the air, capping off his dominance by practically sitting on his 6’2’ defender for a goal, and a huge momentum swing.

Henry Furuta- senior, captain, Roughnecks 2018, Doublewide 2018. Henry has been the definition of a leader for TUFF this year. As a player, all parts of his game are well rounded. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Henry not open when I’m holding the disc, and his calm demeanor leads him to make all the right choices with the disc in his hand. He can launch hucks, break marks, roast his defender, and shut down just about anyone when he’s fired up. His performance over the course of the season has been inspiring and has elevated the over all play of our team.

All Freshmen

Shane Heath - The champagne of freshmen. Kid is crazy fast and crazy athletic. He cuts on our O-line and does not hesitate to drop dime hucks after roasting his man under. Still in his first year of competitive ultimate Shane plays with the confidence of a multi year vet. One time I slightly over threw him on a huck and made him bid, he proceeded to come up to me and say, “throw that all day, my defender can’t keep up and I have the legs to do that all weekend.”

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If Brooks Hidaka does not receive a First Team All Region selection, this is entire thing is a sham. Everyone you know, everyone you love, every person you care about has been D’d by Brooks Hidaka. Witness this man. He is Chop Daka. Say his name.

Chris Schrieber is also really good, I guess :smirk:

Also, Clarence Alex Dennis should be the only player ever to receive All Freshman Team honors 2x. The kid is a GoonDawg Saint. He’s Dr. Strange - He literally turns back time.


Noah Chambers - Really just an unstoppable force on the field. Strong throws, relentless cutter, and huge layout Ds.

Matthew Armour - Best cuts in the region. Once got called a “shooter” by an opposing teams sideline this Spring, but was beat in a righty flick huck contest by a lefty last year.

Henry Furuta - A very strong offensive player. Intelligent thrower with a deadly flick huck. Looks to control the field and keep pressure on the defense. Was the best player on the field in the region final against Colorado.

Luke Simerly - This is the guy you look to in big moments, thrives under pressure. Will always come down with a floaty disc, absolutely sits on people for sky balls. Huge throws, and has the veteran experience to lead a team through challenges.


Shane Heath - Already one of the most impactful players on the field. Crazy athletic and a well-developed thrower.


One of the Connors is pretty good.


I coach OSU. Shameless plugs for our guys:

All 4 of these guys are true freshmen that start on our DGP lines and will continue to do so for the next 3 years. Won’t go into too much detail but definitely worth mentioning for the final list of 7.

Caleb Dixon: Most points played for OSU this season. Initiates the D-line offense and likely to put a huge flick into the back of the endzone for a goal. Great “denial” defender that keeps the disc away from his man.

Jonathan Costello: U20 invitee/snub(?). Team leader in goals. Goal participation in 50% of his points played in our first tournament this season. One of the best young threats in deep space in the country.

Simon Vickers: Pure thrower (mentioned above), incredible break throws. The low-release around backhand is a thing of beauty. One of the most skilled throwers in all of Dallas ultimate and he’s only 19.

Alex McNiel: Great 2-way player, constantly around the disc. Possession player that can get our offense moving.

Connor Olson: Dallas Roughnecks, Public Enemy. Put him at any position on O or D and he changes the threat of that line. Super high +/-. Made some monster grabs and blocks all season, including last Saturday.

I’m a senior for CSU and these are my all region teams for this season. I’m going off of who I’ve either played this season or in previous seasons.

1st Team
Cody Spicer - CSU
David Miller - CSU
Erik Hotaling - CU
Alex Tatum - CU
Sam Ward - OU
Luke Simerly - Texas
Connor Ughetta - TA&M

2nd Team
Jake Servaty - CSU
Kaplan Mauer - Arkansas
#91 on Baylor
#77 on WashU
Brooks Hidaka - Kansas
Keivaun Waugh - Texas
Kyle Henke - Texas Tech


I’m one of Baylor’s captains. #91 is David Roper. Guy is relatively unknown outside of north texas section and it’s a shame. Specializes in shaming people on updiscs. When backed he’s just as threatening sending hucks to other deep cutters or continuing disc movement with any breakthrow necessary. He typically takes other top cutters and is no slouch on defense. From any objective approach, he’s definitely a worthy player to be included with the other top talents in this region.

I play for Colorado State and want to throw some other names out there.
Jack Hinchsliff- Also known as the “flying squirrel” he can fill any role on the field you need him to. He is one of CSU’s main playmakers and is a nightmare to cover because he is a quick handler and also a deep threat.
Saeed Semrin- from mamabird is a beast of a cutter. I think he cut on their O line and was a force to be reckoned with and is only a freshman.
Noah Chambers- Big boy Noah from TUFF always making plays in the air, but also now settling behind the disc comfortably. Scary skillset.
Casey Aldridge- Dozen’s captain and takes on the big match ups. On O he’s a rock for the team.
Jake Reindhart- U20 Worlds, Austin Sol, main guy on Texas State.

Sam Ward did not play for OU this year, just a heads up for your ballots.

I’m one of Wash U Contra’s Captains. Two of our guys have really stepped up this year, Sam Fisher #77 and Yuval Pearl #16. Fisher is a young gun with a really bright future, just a sophomore taking the toughest match-ups and holding his own. Yuval has been a steady playmaker for years-- check out his senior highlights here:

My name is Kyle Henke, I’m a graduated sophomore for Texas Tech and I wanted to shoutout one of our own for FOTY, Jansen Ivie. The reason I think he hasn’t been talked about is because he looks a lot like me, and my guess is that he’s just been making me look twice as good. This guy came in as an ex-baseball player/track star and has looked like a natural since Day 1. He was called upon to be an O line cutter this season and has been none other than an asset. Not only was he a great continuation cutter on the offensive side of the disc, but he was even better getting it back on a turn with insane layout blocks. His throws have come SUCH a long way since the fall, and I’m excited to see the disturbance he’s going to make in the South Central in the years to come.