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All-Region 2018: South Central (D-I Women's)

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Who are the best players in the South Central region? This is an open thread to discuss All-Region nominations, All-Freshman nominations, coaching awards, and more. Stay positive and keep it civil.

I coach the University of Arkansas ladies, and I would certainly nominate one of our seniors Brittany Stettmeier. Every team we’ve played this year is constantly aware of where she is on the field because she continuously throughout the game makes highlight plays and defends any throw on us deep. She’s not just arguably one of the best athletes on the field, but she’s greatly improved her throws this season and is a threat to break the mark at any point. She passionate, super competitive, and plays her best games against the best teams we’ve played this season (KU, JBU, etc.). I hope she gets consideration from the other teams that we’ve played this year.

I’m also a coach for the University of Arkansas Women’s team and I’d like to bring up Callie Zane as an All-Freshman candidate. Her skillset and maturity on the field separates her from other freshmen. She was able to seamlessly step into the middle-middle role in our zone defense, directing the cup and leading the team with an average of 2 D’s per game. Her outstanding play doesn’t stop on the defensive side of the disc. She leads the team in goals, with an average of 3 per game and also leads the team in pass completion percentage with 87% (only considering players who had at least 25 touches per game). Her versatility, both on Offense and Defense, makes her stand out among other 1-dimensional players and I hope she gets consideration from the other teams in our region.

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Wash U

  • Sylvia Snyderman - playmaker, really quick in middle of the zone. She stuck out on the field at Sectionals with her play, as WUWU went undefeated.


  • Lizzie Stierwalt - one of the best handlers in Region, great field awareness and has every throw.

I coach Wash U so I will definitely mention our players that I feel are deserving of the recognition as well as the impressive women we faced this past weekend at Regionals.

Wash U:
It’s hard for me not to list them all, but for starters -
#9 Stephenie Wang - she is a reliable handler, moving the disc with great give n go’s and solid break throws. She has saved countless points with her huge flying lay outs on O and D. She has been a huge contributor on both sides of the disc for us all season, picking up big match ups and taking on difficult upwind break points.
#37 Mary Hermann - we were so fortunate to pick up Mary for her 5th year. She is an absolute play maker on defense. She contests and comes down with the majority of deep throws put up against us and has had countless seemingly impossible layout Ds. On top of that she was one of our most reliable handlers - consistent throws and ability to get open.
#17 Sylvia Snyderman - She is a powerhouse cutter. Sylv is able to get open on any defender and is very good at using her body to make the most heavily contested grabs. She plays with so much grit and passion, and is the driving force behind the team’s intensity.

I can’t remember her number, but based on the previous comments from coaches, my guess is I am thinking of Brittany Stettmeier? Her throws were noteworthy as she tore apart many of our different zone sets, finding the holes through our cup and wall and effortlessly completing the difficult swings.

Texas Christian:
Honestly, I am so impressed with every player on that team. They came to Regionals with 8 women and still managed to give every opponent they faced a hard fought battle. #3 Zoey Clark was a particular stand out in our game. Despite a full day of play under her belt she showed up Sunday morning and cut like she was fresh, getting open even against our best defenders.

#10 Malaina Piyassaphan - she plays with so much grit and made some incredible plays in every match up we had against them this season. A very well rounded player.

#3 Domenica Sutherland - she sets the pace for their team on both sides of the disc. Incredible throws and defensive skills. Just a pure athlete.
#23 Laura Gerencser - She utilizes her height so well, making impossible grabs and shutting down the offense with her hand blocks. She also seems to be a very versatile player on offense.

Colorado State:
#9 Kiera Lindgren - her defense is incredible. She knows how to bait so well and force turn overs. Her bids on O and D were the most impressive I saw all weekend. She also sets the pace of their offense - moving the disc quickly with tons of give n go’s and really nice inside breaks. Also, I’m pretty sure she played every single point in our game without looking even slightly fatigued.

Colorado Kali:
#10 Katiana Hutchinson - a very consistent and dominant cutter, pushed us to get smart with our match ups against her
#13 Jessica Chestnut - she has a great arsenal of throws that propelled their offense on upwind points

I coach the TCU Women, and I’ll try and only list people I saw this season. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to see any of the Colorado schools in person this season, but I’m sure they’re chock full of well deserving ladies.

Wash U:
#9 Steph Wang- Just an all-around beast when I saw her. She impressed me with her athleticism, throws, and poise last year when I saw her at a club tourney and those skills just shined even brighter for Wash U when I watched.

#10 Malaina Piyassaphan- Her ability to push the pace on offense, I believe was a key for that team. She had great throws and decision making with the disc, on top of some very solid defense.

#23 Laura Gerencser- There’s a ton to be impressed with her game here, but to me her marks were incredible. She is able to take away huge chunks of the field with her mark, and make everyone on her team’s life easier; on top of being a composed rock for their offense.
#3 Domenica Sutherland- Flys around the field on defense, trying to be everywhere at once and succeeding more often than not. Her pulls are outstanding as well and really help the UT D-line set the tone by forcing teams to go 70+ yards every time. Great deep shots with disc, just an all around exciting player to watch.
#17? Marissa Land- The downfield cutter that makes their offense tick. From what I’ve watched she’s consistently their initiation cutter, looking to get the disc in her hands, knowing she has the speed to beat defenders and the throws once she gets the disc. Another just all around solid player.
I want to throw in #6 Ivy Harrison, but I unfortunately didn’t get to see her play much this season, just saw the ultiworld shout outs.

UT- Dallas:
Jamie Eriksson- Leader on this team for their first appearance at Regionals as far as I can remember. A dominant cutter in the air, with throws to back it up. Excited to see how much she keeps growing.

Texas State:
Mindy xxxxxxx- Didn’t ever catch her last name, but was the Texas State team. Excellent thrower, and looked to go every other for her team on offense. Rarely sat points and always drew the toughest matchups.

TCU: (I’m going to be selfish here and throw in the names of the three seniors we had. I don’t think they’ve sat a point in the series, but that’s what happens when you start regionals with 8 healthy girls.)
#3 Zoey Clark- Two year captain and do everything player. Forced to handle more this year because of numbers and was able to make that transition with ease, while still being player the team turned to when they needed a play downfield and consistently made those plays.
#2 Marianne Damian- A consistent two way player. Picked up the disc on offense, and was the lynchpin of our zone on defense. A smooth thrower with confident breaks, lead the team in D’s at every tourney, as well as no look break throws through the cup.
#7 Madi Garrett- After missing all spring 2017 with a broken collarbone, came back and didn’t miss a beat this season. And endless motor, that would catch defenders flat-footed as she would leak out from the handle position for a deep shot to the end zone. The motor also consistently meant she took the toughest matchups on defense and won more often than not in the games we played this season.

Just wanted to note that Texas State’s Mindy Radike is a freshman out of Neuqua Valley.

I am the co captain for the University of Arkansas Women’s team, and I would like to recognize Brynna Egge for an All-Freshman candidate. As we graduated a lot of play-makers last year, she became one of our main handlers from the first practice out. Her confidence with the disc allows her to be able to break through zones easily, as well as most any mark you put on her. The amount of effort she puts into her cuts on offense is remarkable, and makes her an easy target to throw to as is seems like she is always open. Her effort and confidence does not stop there, as her defense is aggressive, quick, and effective. She often plays the deep deep in our zone, and will attack anything put in the air. She is not afraid to put her body on the line, offense or defense, making her an even bigger threat and stand out in our region.