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All-Region 2018: Southeast (D-I Men’s)

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Who are the best players in the Southeast region? This is an open thread to discuss All-Region nominations, All-Freshman nominations, coaching awards, and more. Stay positive and keep it civil.

Anders Olsen and Daniel Sperling should undoubtedly be All-Region nominees. TJ Martin (and to a lesser extent Fairley this year) also deserves recognition for turning Emory into a serious team over the last 4/5 years.

Chris Walls from Mississippi State for All-Freshman. As a rookie he has been a solid edition who can play both ways. He’s athletic enough to guard top tier athletes and creative enough with his throws, cuts and fakes to make your most disciplined defender spin. Has a lot of upside and should be a force in the region for years to come.

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I’d say there are a few notable names from the ever improving LSU team. Clearly their top defensive player, Tom Echols, making explosive plays on the field. They have a big threat down field with Jeff Oravic to go along with the clear potential FOTY nominees in Dylan Reviere and Matthew freeburgh in the handler slots. This is a team to watch out for come regionals.

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Although LSU had a disappointing Easterns, there are reasons to believe they’ll be a contender on Day 2 at Regionals. 3 of those reasons are impact freshmen Dylan Reviere, Matt Freeburgh, and Preston Nelson. Nelson is far less widely known compared to Reviere and Freeburgh, but deserves an All-Freshman Nominee. When healthy, the freshman may be LSU’s best defender in terms of playing the position smartly and fundamentally well. As far as Reviere and Freeburgh, they deserve to be in the FOTY conversation at the national level, not just regional.

In terms of All-Region, Reviere and Freeburgh deserve a nomination. Both are essential to the success of their respective lines. Reviere, as a freshman, has taken the reigns of the offense, which is not an easy task with an O-line of veteran players. On the D-line, Freeburgh brings a completely different weapon than LSU has had in the past. His ability as an offensive player on D-line gives LSU a far easier road to get breaks.

Thomas Echols also deserves a nomination due to his unquestioned talent and leadership. A large reason behind the success of LSU is Echols using his knowledge and leadership on and off the field to help the coaches as well as making his teammates better.

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Matt Freeburgh and Dylan Reviere both have become must have handlers for LSU’s D-line and O-Line respectively. They came from Catholic High, and instantly proved themselves at MLC and continue to show great talent throughout the season. I’m salty, as a senior, that these freshmen were given so such leading roles so early, but they deserve it FOTYs for sure. Tom Echols is just, Tom. He’s been a vital playmaker for LSU all year, playing both lines in tight game scenarios. His ability to take over a game and also lead a team in the right direction for victory has been vital for LSU. His ultimate IQ is so helpful for the coaches and captains, people often forget he isn’t even a captain… Jeff Ovaric has been a great talent for LSU, skying all of your teams deep men. He scores per tourney definitely leads the team as he is near impossible to guard in the red zone with his ability to get to the disc in the infield and ability to get above most defenders.

Haven’t gotten to play Auburn, Georgia, Emory, or FSU this year (GOD BLESS!!) so it’s hard to say for sure, but…

First team:
Billy O’Bryan (UF)
Martin Newman (AUB)
Ryan Hiser (UF)
Anders Olsen (Emory)
Tom Echols (LSU)
Eric Sjostrom (AUB)
John Langstaff (UGA)

Rookie of the Year:
Josh Layton (UF) - if he counts as a rookie he has to win this award, if not then he should probably be on first team. He can have my spot.

Coach of the Year:
It’s gotta be Roca.

Rookie of the Year:
GT’s Tyler French should have this locked up. Not only does he probably have the most two way talent of any rookie, he has the composure and patience of a veteran. Huge playmaker for Tech’s D line and crosses over to O for big points.

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Haven’t gotten to play all the teams and there’s a lot of questions in the region but if i had to give a 7

Eric S. (AUB)
Martin N. (AUB)
Thomas E. (LSU)
John L. (UGA)
Anders O. (Emory)
Will L. (KSU)
Sam B. (UGA)

Mike B. (Emory)
Billy O. (UF)
Kellen G (DUF)
Daniel S. (Emory)
Madison H. (KSU)
Volz (UAH)
Chance C. (Tulane)

Definitely a little biased but…

John Langstaff (UGA)
Eric S…??.. (Auburn)
Billy O Bobby Ley (Florida)
Hunter Cutts(UGA)
Sam Batson(UGA)
Anders Olsen (Emory)
Daniel Sperling(Emory)

Without question, Rookie of the year has to go to Josh layton from UF. That kid is one of the best players in the region and is literally uncoverable.

I’m gonna put Kody Cotton up for coach of the year. It was definitely a close call between him and Roca, but I think he just edged Roca out.