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All-Region 2019: Atlantic Coast (D-I Women's)

(Charlie Eisenhood) #1

Who are the best players in the Atlantic Coast region? This is an open thread to discuss All-Region nominations, All-Freshman nominations, coaching awards, and more. Stay positive and keep it civil.

(chc) #2

Kat Sanz (Umd Helpful Corn) is the best freshman in the region. She leads the team’s cutters on the field and has some amazing throws to the end zone. She also lays out for everything. She has a lot of grit and will be a force to be reckoned throughout her college career.

(Fred Wolf) #3

Disclaimer: I haven’t really seen any games from most of these teams this year but I’m pretty familiar with a lot of them. Plus this region needs more discussion!

Lets be real you could probably make a whole first team out of UNC players but thats boring so I’ll leave that to somebody else.

Sydney Kane - She’s gotta be the face of JMU at this point right? She can definitely carry a team into regionals. Unfortunately for the rest of the region you have two more years of her.

Katie Cubrilovic (NC State) - She took a year off during their nationals run last year but if she’d been there she’d be a household name. Been a sick player for years

Natalie Bova (Delaware) - Don’t forget there’s an AMP player in the northern corner of your region

Allison Hahn (UVA) - Lifetime achievement award. Really seems like she’s been in college for like 10 years right? Ask her about squirrels

Kat Sanz - Give her the Foty for sure but also give her some consideration on the all region ballot. Youngest player at club nationals last year. She’s dope

I’m sure Clemson, UNCW, South Carolina have some legit players. I just don’t know them

All Freshman Team Cheat Sheet

Kat Sanz(UMD)
Maya Nir (UVA)
Kirsten Knisely (WM)
Dawn Culton (UNC)
Sydney Rehder (UNC)
Ella Juengst (UNC)

These 6 players were all in the same game at YCC last summer it was sweet. All deserving

(alourie) #4

Scorch fanboy here but just wanna shout out Scorch Ultimate (South Carolina) for an incredible season. This year’s senior leaders deserve some recognition. To name a few, Kaitlyn Ramey, Hannah Wilks, Grace Engle, Julianna Madigan and grad student Abby Takacs are all fantastic players who in four years have led scorch from reaching to make regionals to losing only two games all season, including a respectable loss to UNC, and missing out on a second bid for the AC by one ranking.

Thanks for reading!

(manaqueen) #5

I am biased because I have had the privilege of coaching the Duke team. Rachel Rubin has been playing for less years than some of her peers due to injury (currently a senior), but has become a vital centerpiece in our teams defense. She will get you a block, be a cutter, be a deep defender, be a handler. She is spirited on and off the field and cares deeply about her teammates but also her opponents. Embodies the sport to the t.
Peyton Schafer is also a player that does it on all areas of the field, handler defender, cutter defender, huck, d, empower teammates. She lights our offense on fire. She will handblock you whether you like it or not.
Madee Shade - incredible all around player. Possession oriented O, gets huge deep D’s, unstoppable on offense
Elizabeth Nowlin - great hands on both sides of the disc, leading top scorer for Duke at multiple tournaments, and racked up many D’s
True rookie Darcy Cook – don’t be sleepin on this one, incredible speed and hands, shutting down UNC’s best players. She will be an exciting one to watch!

Sorry I dont know some of the other players, but at regionals Rachel Conway was leading Clemson with bailout huck catches, and Natalie Bova was carrying Delaware with D’s.

(kphil) #6

Two words: Nat. Bova. She is an absolute beast. She had 200 total Ds and played 420 points in the spring. That’s roughly 9 Ds per game. Not to mention she is probably the best deep deep in the region. She’s is like 5’2 but can jump to 6 foot to D a disc. She can throw it deep perfectly and as beautiful OI flicks. Although this season for Delaware she was a primary handler and not a cutter, she never stopped using her speed to her advantage always getting open and busting upline/deep for a score. She’s not only a great opponent but incredibly fun to watch.