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All-Region 2019: New England (D-I Men's)

(Charlie Eisenhood) #1

Who are the best players in the New England region? This is an open thread to discuss All-Region nominations, All-Freshman nominations, coaching awards, and more. Stay positive and keep it civil.

(unbiasedperson) #2

Got a couple hot takes for this one. Not the biggest names but they just do WORK for less talented teams to keep them relevant. I understand if you disagree, but these guys deserve more recognition.

-Tannor Johnson (UMass) : One of the best players in the air in the region. Pretty good thrower, I think he made a worlds team while back? Not totally sure, don’t really hear his praises sung that often.

-Mac Hecht (Brown) : Super solid thrower, some people probably remember him for the YCC title he won with the aforementioned Tannor, but people haven’t seemed to notice how good he’s gotten in college. Total. Baller.

-John Randolph (Brown) : Pretty unheralded coming in to the college scene, but to those who’ve been closely following Brown’s success, John is key to what they do. Look for John, Mac, and the rest of Brown to make a surprise push in the late season. Dark horse nationals contender.

-Nikhil Bhatia-Lin (Tufts): Good dude who I went to high school with.

-Eddie Scott (UMass): Seems pretty fast. Catches goals a lot of the time

(ColbyClarkson) #3

Few players to note:

  • Rocco Linehan (UNH) - U24 mixed player. Boston Dig workhorse. Backbone of UNH Ultimate. When he actually tries, he’s an amazing player to watch.

  • Jake Radack (UMass) - Great handler for Umass core. Very sneaky/quick.

  • Tanner Johnson (UMass) - Unstoppable cutter. Very intimidating to go against on D as well.

  • Mac Hecht (Brown) - Everyone knows him.

  • John Randolph (Brown) - Everyone knows him.

  • Eric Chen (Tufts) - Very solid downfield cutter. Very smart player.

(genebuonaccorsi) #4

Wanted to shout out a couple of players whose names haven’t come up on here yet, but stood out when we (Tufts) played them.

Pablo Reimers, Harvard - Very skilled thrower and dynamic backfield presence

Ryan Dinger, Vermont - Integral part of UVM’s offense, will punish you downfield but also comfortable distributing the disc

Ben Field, Northeastern - Big playmaker, deep threat

Matt Cook, Northeastern - Jumps into pretty much every role and does them all well

Dylan Villeneuve, Brown - Quick with the disc, will beat you deep, huge pulls give their D line an advantage every point

- Gene Buonaccorsi, Tufts E-Men co-coach

(t.ed2000) #5

All region nominations:

Ryan Dinger (UVM): incredible athlete, makes outrageous plays. Great thrower and can always get open. U20 worlds player and plays for DiG.

Ben Field (Northeastern): menace on defense, freak athlete who can also make any play. Extraordinary in the air and not afraid to hit the ground. DiG D-line player.

All freshman nominations:

Caleb Seamon (Tufts): dynamic handler, able cutter, super solid and reliable with the disc. Rarely turns it over and gets open frequently in dominator sets and resets. U20 worlds player.

Thomas Griffin (Northeastern): tall and quick cutter, big deep threat, reliable deep shooter. Plays smart help defense. O-line starter.

(liam) #6

Here are the players that come to mind for me. BC didn’t play some of the teams in the region, so that obviously affects this list a bit. But for the teams we didn’t play, I’ve mentioned players I’ve seen either in past years or just by watching games at regionals.

  • Mac Hecht, Brown
  • John Randolph, Brown
  • Tannor Johnson, UMass
  • Ben Field, Northeastern
  • Rocco Linehan, UNH
  • Jac Carreiro, Tufts
  • Dylan Villeneuve, Brown
  • Nikhil Bhatia-Lin, Tufts
  • Pablo Reimers, Harvard
  • Brendan Chambers, BC (gotta shout out this man. Former BUDA YCC player, has been the rock of our program for the past few years)
  • Jake Radack, UMass
  • Ilya Yudkovich, Northeastern

Freshman: would like to shout out Zach Hahn-Dupont of BC. Also a former BUDA YCC player, Zach was pretty much our starting center handler on O-line as a freshman. Incredibly solid player.

Coach: Micah Flynn has kept BC afloat forever, and this season was likely his last. One of the best coaches I’ve ever had. Incredibly smart, motivating, and good at taking very little talent/experience (we have like 2 guys who play any club ultimate) and making a solid team out of it.

(icandoallthings) #7

Anybody who knows anything :wink: is voting for:

Tannor Johnson - UMass
Mac Hecht - Brown
John Randolph - Brown
Jac Carreiro - Tufts
Rocco Linehan - UNH
Ben Field - Northeastern
Eric Chen - Tufts
Ryan Dinger - UVM
Dylan Villeneuve - Brown
Nikhil Bhatia-Lin - Tufts
Chris Bartoli - UMass
Solomon Rueschemeyer-Bailey - Brown
Anthony Goss - Tufts
Ken Noh - Brown

FOTY is pretty obviously Caleb Seamon. Was dominant.

(aaron.epstein@tufts.edu) #8

All region:

People who haven’t gotten props yet:
Jacob Kaplan (Northeastern)
Oliver Newland (Tufts)

All Frosh:

Thomas Griffin (Northeastern) - Quite a shooter for a freshman. Pretty good deep threat.
Caleb Seamon (Tufts) - MY BOI

(griffin.th@husky.neu.edu) #9

All Region nominations

Jacob Kaplan (Northeastern) - fantastic leader, great composure, rock solid with disc
Aaron Epstein (Tufts) - highest on field IQ of any player I’ve played with and against, no turnovers ever, great teacher, also a great leader, proud Lincoln-Sudbury alumni
Benjamin Field (Northeastern) - crazy plays, good skills, only a sophomore. Nothing else needs to be said. :galaxybrain: