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All-Region 2019: New England (D-III Men's)

Who are the best players in the New England region? This is an open thread to discuss All-Region nominations, All-Freshman nominations, coaching awards, and more. Stay positive and keep it civil.

Bates: “Simba” (don’t know his real name) is a very athletic cutter, capable of making plays downfield and continuing motion when he receives the disc. Max Rein is probably their strongest player overall. High frisbee IQ and seems to have the most developed fundamentals.

Bentley: Joe Kane #80 is their guy. Pretty tough matchup in the handler space, excellent footwork, and is more than capable of finding yards downfield too. One of the most consistent throwers on Bentley. #0 is also very good, with the knee brace and ginger hair.

Bowdoin: Number 15 made some pretty great defensive plays against us, don’t know his name though.

Brandeis: #99 “Sonic” Jordan Kaufman is consistently the best at getting open as an initiation cutter. #21 “Jet” Ben Korman is an aggressive defender and super squirrelly in the handler space. #87 “Ice” Connor Chin has returned from Canada with his WJUC gold medal and it has proven to be an invaluable experience. He is the best all-around player on the team.

Bryant: Billy Gordenstein was their most consistent guy backfield and helped them to march the disc towards the endzone whether they received the pull or got a turn. Justin Kunkel was also very solid.

Colby: Despite being only a sophomore, I think Matt Sabin #10 is among the best if not the best player on Colby. He can cut well, has all sorts of throws, and can run forever. Alec Jacobson #17 and Bennett Allen #26 also helped to lead the team through Saturday’s pool to second place at regionals.

Middlebury: Kai obviously. I don’t know if Dylan has played a ton this year, but I still think he is the team’s rock and deserves credit for his accomplishments with the Pranksters. Leo Sovell-Fernandez was also a member of the WJUC team that won gold and deserves consideration for All Freshman. Also Asher Lantz was kinda nuts this weekend from what I saw. Looked pretty unstoppable cutting, and got so many run-through D’s that he baited with his speed and acceleration. All this after he injured his achilles (I think) earlier this year at FCS and I think he deserves at least some chatter.

Williams: Kees Humes #99 is their guy. #1 Kaizen is also a very athletic cutter and defender.

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So as a disclaimer, I am a senior at Bentley and I won’t talk about our guys, I’ll leave that to those who play us to give recognition to our players. Also I’m going to do my best with names or numbers but I’m not the best with that stuff.

Bates: Max Rein (I want to say #77) is in my opinion the best player on the team. He guarded me quite a bit and made me work pretty hard to get open. Guy was a force cutting off a turn as well. After playing them in the backdoor bracket, i stand by this statement.

Bowdoin: Jeeves (#18?) is great for Bowdoin, caused us alot of problems at Layout Pigout. I dont know his name but #15 is also a top region defender. Bison also deserves credit on this team.

Colby: we havent played them and i have no idea who to mention for them

Middlebury: Dylan wasn’t suited up for regionals either however i can see him still being recognized for his leadership on the team. Leo (#3) guarded me quite a bit and he was a challenging defender, real top talent. Kai typically guarded me any other point and was also a challenge for me to guard when i took him when play D-line. Asher also deserves credit, hes incredible in the deep space and in the air.

Bryant: To be honest, with their system that they run, its hard to see certain people standout, but i know from prior years that Justin Kunkel (#88) is their top cutter and likely the best player on their squad.

Williams: we have not played yet, but i know Kees from last year was nasty and i want to say Kaizen? he should be a sophomore this year, but he was solid last year too.

Brandeis: We see these goons all the time so i feel confident advocating here. Connor “Ice” Chin (#87) is a rock for them handling, and so is “Mango” (#9) (dont know his real name). However, I also don’t think this team would be as good as it is without “Sonic” (#99) (Jordan Kaufman), and “Jet” (#21) (Ben Korman)

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Disclaimer: Haven’t played most of the teams in the region yet this year but this is what I’ve seen so far.

William ‘Bill’ Gordenstein: By far the spookiest player in the region.

Jake ‘Nuts’ Roy: Does not have a job. Does not have a girlfriend. Is not tall enough to ride an average roller coaster. Wants people to call him a chihauhua (probably why he doesn’t have a girlfriend).

Ryan ‘OC’ O’Connor: Can do the most push-ups out of anyone in the region. Rumor has it he only lays out in games so he can do push-ups.

Dylan ‘Joey Wheeler’ Coppinger: Has never thrown a hammer before but still turns everyone with hammer fakes… Seriously he can’t throw a hammer.

Jake ‘Fontes’: Hates making unders and cannot throw flicks, just an all-around player. Has a job. Has a girlfriend. Can ride most roller coasters.

Brogan: Faster than your average desk.

Nick ‘Tron’ Mendoza: Missed the past 4 years from laying out once freshman year.

#99 Had nice throws, not sure his name but we called him ‘shoota’.

#80 Joe Kane is leading that sqaud; Legend has it he once did a tandom disc on top of an AC unit at high tide.

Skiest has an unstoppable up and under on the basketball courts.

We haven’t play them yet but they are always a class act.

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Bentley: Joe Kane #80 had some ridiculously athletic plays, the offense really runs through him. Christian #0 was a quick defender. Great guys to play against too

Bowdoin: Jeeves made some big defensive plays, but overall a very disciplined team. They play tough gritty defense.

Brandeis: Obviously Connor “Ice” Chin #87, he couples athleticism with incredible game knowledge. Steven “Mango” Chen #9 has big hucks and is a rock for them offensively. Jordon “Sonic” Kaufman #99 jumps really really high and gets open at will.

Bryant: There zone D should be up for all-region honors

Middlebury: Kai, Asher, and Leo (not sure about numbers) all deserve recognition. I know Dylan is also very very good but I don’t think he played in the regular season? Looking forward to seeing him play if he suits up at regionals.

Williams: Their game runs through Kees Humes #99. Big hucks, very consistent on offense, he’s been running this team for a while now.

Haven’t seen all the teams play yet, but the talent in this region is unreal. It’s a shame only four teams can go on to nationals from here.

Top scorers and top assists for each team
Post nationals I think these stats may be valuable, but do note that this is obviously only from one weekend

#13 Kevin Strenski (12 goals) #96 Asher Lantz (10 goals)
#14 Kai Delorenzo (17 assists) #72 Dylan Salzman (14 assists) #4 Walker Frankenburg (14 assists)

#36 Tomas Jones (11 goals) #2 Joseph Copeland (9 goals)
#18 Conor Belfield (31 assists!) #4 Nathan Blum (11 assists)

#33 Zeb Keith-Hardy (12 goals) #73 Ben Retik (9 goals)
#10 Matthew Sabin (16 assists) #26 Bennett Allen (8 assists)

#6 Zachary Tuxbury (15 goals) #7 Ryan O’Connor (9 goals)
#88 Justin Kunkel (21 assists) #78 Billy Gordenstein (13 assists)