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All-Region 2019: Northwest (D-I Men's)

(Charlie Eisenhood) #1

Who are the best players in the Northwest region? This is an open thread to discuss All-Region nominations, All-Freshman nominations, coaching awards, and more. Stay positive and keep it civil.

(bergerking) #2

All-region: Garrett Martin, Utah State - He can take over a game like nobody else I’ve seen. His drive and desire to win pushes the whole team to be better. He can get open with ease and drop dime hucks. His defense is stellar as well.

All-freshman: Tony Mounga, Utah State - He was a late addition to the team, and once he joined, our team immediately improved. Our D-line was struggling with scoring off of turnovers, but he came in and took us to a new level. He is a beast in the air, skying players for D’s and goals. And he is so poised when he has the disc. He makes the right decisions and adds a really good hucking game as well.

(Lynch81) #3

All-Region: Casey Brandon from University of Montana. Casey can step onto a field and immediately impact the outcome. He can play O-line or D-line, handler or cutter, and any position in a zone. He is always asked to guard the best player on the opposite team and consistently wins the matchup. His layout D game is second to none. Casey is also the most spirited and fun player I have had the pleasure of playing with. No matter what happens, he always makes a point to smile and lift the spirits of those around him and he always befriends the other team.
Casey’s consistently monstrous play, amazing spirit, and incredible leadership are key to Montana’s gameplan day in and day out.

I’d also like to nominate Josh Rudolph from Idaho. I know Idaho didn’t make it and they are always an underdog, but I think that Josh single handedly got them to the game-to-go. He can put a disc to any spot on the field from any distance, even upwind or against a crosswind. He is also a great defender and cuts like a beast. Josh is possibly one of the nicest and most humble players I have played against. 130 assists?! The next closest is 31… That is absolutely bonkers. There are plenty of great players in the region, but I have not seen anyone else dominate a game almost by himself like Josh does. And when his team gets down? He stays positive and creative and continues to push Red Scare to their peak.

(garrmar15) #4

Casey is a stud. He’s definitely been my favorite matchup of the season. Not only is he extremely talented, but he’s a really great dude.

(Lynch81) #5

I definitely second Tony as a stud freshman. We had to gameplan just for him alone. He is out there making our seniors look bad. He also has some of the best spirit I have seen.

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(Ugotlo) #6

From what I got to see at Sectionals -
1st Team All Region Considerations:

Xander Cuizon-Tice: One of the fastest guys in the region with reliable throws and a do it all guy
Leandro Marx: Great thrower and is a lock down defender when they need him to be
Ted Sither: Center handler for Oregon seems to have stepped into his bigger role with no issues

Manny Eckert: Dude has every throw in the book and didn’t seem to be affected by the wind this weekend at all
Jeff Zhao: Similarly had amazing throws this weekend and helped lead the offense
Derek Mourad: A do it all guy for UW who can beat you with his legs or his throws
Jake Steen: Absolute monster in the air and almost impossible to cover downfield
Lucas Chen: Maybe the best isolation cutter in the country can take whatever he wants with his first step

Jordan Kerr: Great handler with a crazy lefty flick

Dawson Pasin: Seemed to be the only threat for UVic this weekend, has improved his throws and is very hard to cover downfield

Oregon State:
Drew Peterschmidt: Another guy who can beat you with his throws and his legs seemed to be doing most of the work for his team

2nd Team All Region Considerations:

Duncan Fitzgerald: Great defender and sparkplug for their offense or defense
Colby Chuck: Quick player with great throws and defense
Noah Coolman: Solid D line player

Michael Buyco: Incredible lockdown defender who is an extremely dangerous deep threat
Noah Kregenow: Great handler defender and absolute shooter on a turn
Spencer Lofink: Solid deep defender who is a dangerous cutter on a turn
Max Landa: Great defender and workhorse

Don’t know too many but Gabe Port on UW is a standout for sure. This kid doens’t play like a freshman at all, great decision making with the legs to get open anytime and the throws to hit any spot on the field.

(Dannygdurham) #7

I agree that Garrett Martin deserves to be all-region. He the best player on Utah State and helped lead the team to a conference championship. His athleticism makes him near impossible to guard and his throws are possibly the best you will see from a player in Utah.

Tony Mounga should be all-freshman as well. He contantly takes the toughest matchups on defense and shuts them down and is the most reliable player in the air I have seen this year.

Also Casey on Montana is a stud as well as Josh from Idaho.

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(dyrryc17) #8

I will stick to people I’ve seen play this year, so only Cascadia players.

1st team considerations:
Lucas Chen (UW): He’s too quick, can’t be guarded
Manny Eckert (UW): Lanky thrower who can put it anywhere on the field
Derek Mourad (UW): Does a lot of things very well
Jeff Zhao (UW): Saucy thrower, also quite quick
Xander Cuizon Tice (Oregon): Blindingly fast
Leandro Marx (Oregon): Hey look, another crazy fast Oregon guy
Ted Sither (Oregon): Great throws, shifty in the backfield
Dawson Pasin (UVic): Very tall and lanky, good in the air and as a thrower too

2nd team considerations:
Michael Buyco (UW): Lockdown, speedy defender
Jake Steen (UW): Monster in the air
Noah Kregenow (UW): Tight handler defender, good throws on a turn
Duncan Fitzgerald (Oregon): Good all around player
Colby Chuck (Oregon): Super quick handler with good throws
Noah Coolman (Oregon): Speedy and bouncy defender
Quinn Buermeyer (Oregon St): Athletic shooter, good all around player, him and below do 99% of everything for Oregon St
Drew Peterschmidt (Oregon St): Tall shooter, good all around player

Ty Barbieri (UBC): 1st team talent easily, but hasn’t seen the field in a long time
Devon Thompson (UVic): Has the talent to be a borderline 1st team consideration but has been hurt a lot this season
Patrick Church (UVic): Good, solid player, Canada U24. Can do a bit of everything, but doesn’t excel in one area
Sean Bennett (UVic): Shooter for the D line, good athleticism too.
Spencer Lofink (UW): Tall defender, good cutter on a turn
Max Landa (UW): fast, physical defender, good cutter on a turn

Maybe it’s because I’ve played UVic 8 times in the past year and a half, but they’ve got some fringe players who could jump into the 2nd team if one stands out at regionals.

Don’t know a ton about the freshmen so I’ll shout some UW guys out:

Gabe Port: Rock, versatile O line guy, great decision maker with good throws
Dante Lopez-Escarez: Athletic block generator, good throws on a turn
Kenny Tong: Saucy throws that were extremely noticeable in the wind, underrated defender

(clinch10) #9

Lucas Chen- When he has space to work with, it is so hard to guard him. Fantastic footwork with great acceleration makes him one of the best cutters in the region.

Derek Mourad- He’s an amazing two-way player. Can get open and make plays when he has the disc. And if a turn happens with the o-line, he plays really tight defense to get it back.

Xander Cuizon-Tice- An athletic cutter who can run down any disc. Oregon throws it to any space deep and he can nearly run it down each time.

Ted Sither- Fantastic handler. Makes great cuts in the backfield to get resets and then makes the right throws to work it up the field.

Jordan Kerr- He is one of the best offensive players in the region. He always gets to his spots and can break any mark. Also his hucks are so accurate.

Joe Merrill- For BYU, he seems to be everywhere. Be it on offense or defense. He’s really fast, like he can burn you deep, or get an easy under with his foot speed. He is one of the toughest players to guard in the region, and also one of the best defenders in the region.

(dyrryc17) #10

So I forgot that I’ve played BYU this year.

1st team consideration:
Jordan Kerr: athletic, great hucks especially his around lefty flick

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(Tyler Bugden) #11

I coach ZCU (University of Utah), so I won’t hype my own guys or my own coaching staff. That being said, here are some nominations from the Big Sky Section:

1st Team:
Jordan Kerr (BYU) - he should be a shoe-in for all region. Best statistical player on one of the best teams in the country. Go take a look at the statistics BYU has published and see how many goals, assists, and Ds this dude gets against top-tier teams.
Joe Merrill (BYU) - all-region baller
Devon Terry (BYU) - all-region baller
Garrett Martin (Utah State) - If you don’t have a game-plan for how to deal with Garrett, he will take over the game.

2nd Team:
Jacob Miller (BYU)
Taylor Barton (BYU)
Blake Jordan (USU)
Josh Rudolph (Idaho)
Casey Brandon (Montana)

Luke Yorgason (BYU)
Logan Clarke (BYU)
Tony Mounga (USU)

Bryce Merrill (BYU)

Best Spirit:
Montana State Rum Runners - these guys love the sport. they play super spirited, and they make sure you are also having a good time, even if you are beating them.


Everyone I would talk about has pretty much been mentioned above so I’m just gonna shout out some freshmen who haven’t been recognized.
Cylas Schooley: reliable handler. He runs the handler space for Oregon’s D line and pretty much plays field general despite being a first year. Played amazing at Easterns and has been consistent all year
Kuochuan Ponzio: first man down on every pull, plays lock down handler D and even manages to get layout D’s in the handler set. Reliable cutter when Ego has the disc

Oregon State:
Cole Eustis: Quinn and Drew do pretty much everything for the Beavers but if there was one guy who noticeably helps them out it is Cole. Good all around player, shows good intuition despite being so young

(colbrio) #13

Let’s throw Kai Fuji from Ego nto the All Freshman discussion too. Speedster with great field sense, tight marks and consistency.

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(dabr8155@colorado.edu) #14

#2 Jack Lokowich in Montana state is a big playmaker with layout Ds and great throws, and a big competitor.

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(dyrryc17) #15

Here are my votes, I’ll only elaborate on the players I didn’t mention previously

First team:
Leandro Marx (Oregon) - POTY
Derek Mourad (UW)
Xander Cuizon Tice (Oregon)
Lucas Chen (UW)
Jordan Kerr (BYU)
Ted Sither (Oregon)
Manny Eckert (UW)

Jeff Zhao (UW)
Robbie Farwell (Whitman) - The only reason Whitman is anything. Great thrower and defender, very quick and has good speed. Held back by the weight he carries on back
Jake Steen (UW)
Drew Peterschmidt (OSU)
Connor McFayden (UBC) - Fast, good thrower. Great bounce and the highlight of a tough weekend for UBC
Dawson Pasin (UVic)
Colby Chuck (Oregon)

(dyrryc17) #16

All Freshman:
Gabe Port (UW) - FOTY
Kai Fuji (Oregon) - Very impressed with his defense this weekend
Dante Lopez-Escarez (UW)
Cylas Schooley (Oregon) - Good thrower, helps lead the D-line O for Ego
Cole Eustis (OSU) - Solid all around player
Kenny Tong (UW)
Kuochuan Ponzio (Oregon) - Fast, gritty defender

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(The__Toe) #17

Chiming in to say Utah’s O Line was lead by a freshman (Austin Hasbrook). At the very least, he should be in the mix for All Freshman team.

Nathan Huff (Utah): Might not get much mention this year, but he’s right on the verge of all-region. Made the ever difficult transition from freshman D Line Cutter to sophomore O Line Handler and performed very well this season.

Joe Merrill (BYU): Goals
Jordan Kerr (BYU): Assists
Ben Guthrie (BYU): Heart and attitude

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(GarrettMartin10) #18

Garrett Martin (Utah State) is an absolute baller and should be not only be first team all region, but should be first team all american! It looks like he picked his team up from an IM game and carried them all the way to regionals all by himself. If the rules allowed him to throw the disc to himself he’d probably win every game he played. This guy is like a combination of Dylan Freechild and Jimmy Mickle and is the next big thing in ultimate. He is so dedicated to the game he moved to Oregon for a whole summer to be a practice player for the elite club team Portland Rhino Slam. Watching Garrett Martin play is truly a thing of beauty and I hope that someday he will get to play with a real team instead of the bunch of bums on Utah State. I didn’t realize I could be sexually attracted to a man until I got to see that sexy man hunk Garrett Martin run around in those tight little team USA shorts and tank tops he loves so much. Garrett Martin is probably the greatest ultimate player of our generation and its about time he gets the recognition he deserves.

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(garrmar15) #19

@GarrettMartin10 While I really appreciate all of that, I wish you would have chosen a different username because people probably think I wrote it about myself LOL

(GarrettMartin10) #20