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All-Region 2019: Northwest (D-III Men's)

(Charlie Eisenhood) #1

Who are the best players in the Northwest region? This is an open thread to discuss All-Region nominations, All-Freshman nominations, coaching awards, and more. Stay positive and keep it civil.

(Dregm) #2

In my games against the UP, UPS, PLU and the other teams in the Northwest heres my list of top players in the NW this year:
1.Phil Sanfilippo: Very good player all round, he is consistent handling and a big downfield threat as well. All round nicest player in the NW.
2. Jack Padon: UP’s best cutter.
3. CarlJustin “CJ” Hermosura: Super quick handler with good throws.

Lewis and Clark

  1. Azen Jaffe: Clearly the most dominant player in the region while he had his moustache, without it???
    2T. Jonas Miller-Stockie: Big defender for Lewis and Clark, good throws and huge bids.
    2T. Peter Huizenga: Another Leader on L&C D line, He has amazing pulls, hucks and defense.

Honorable mention:
UPS: The short handler with a beard (don’t know his name): UPS’s most important handler, he really holds their O line together.

(grumps) #3

Despite only receiving one bid, the DIII Northwest is strong this year.
UPS: Forgive me because I don’t know the names of anyone on UPS, but they have two tall bearded guys (one with long hair) who essentially run the downfield offense. They are real threats in the air. They have a shorter bearded guy who has great hands and lethal give-and-goes who is real good at putting it up to his taller bearded compatriots.
UP: Jack Padon, CJ Hermosura, Phil Sanfilippo are all super solid. Jack is fast, great cutter. Phil is a good all around player, who is also quite tall. CJ is a very hard to guard guy.
LC: Jonas Miller-Stockie, brings intensity and fire to the LC defense. Also he’s not bad on offense. Peter Huizenga flies. He’s got crazy D’s, great pulls, and is a beast in the air. Without a doubt, Marco Dregni controls the Northwest. He impacts any line he steps on with solid disc skills, hard to guard cuts, and big ups. Oliver Boal skies people twice his size, and like CJ is very annoying to play defense against. Azen Jaffe is missing his mustache. Caleb DiNino-Childers is an all around excellent player ho holds it down for LC on offense with amazing break throws.

(skeller5) #4

The tall bearded guy with long hair is John Leslie, the other tall bearded guy is Destin Newfont. The handler is Cameron Waugh.